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Hosiasson Filippe Osipovich
Pseudonyms,autonyms and aliases: Gozias-Germanovich 1898–1978  

HOZIASSON Philip Germanovich (Gozias-Germanovich; Osipovich)

February 15 (27), 1898 (Odessa) - July 13, 1978 (Paris)

painter, graphic artist, set designer

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Гозиасон, Филипп Германович


HOZIASSON Philip Germanovich (Gozias-Germanovich; Osipovich)

February 15 (27), 1898 (Odessa) - July 13, 1978 (Paris)

painter, graphic artist, set designer

From a Jewish family through the maternal line accounted grandnephew painter Leonid Pasternak. He graduated from high school with a silver medal. Perhaps a short time studied at the Odessa Art School (1910). Between 1910 and 1912 with his parents traveled to Berlin, where he became acquainted with the latest currents of European art. In 1916-1918 he participated in exhibitions of the Odessa Society of Independent Artists. At the same time (1916-1919, with interruptions) studied at the Novorossiysk University in Odessa, first on a natural branch of physics and mathematics, then - at the Faculty of Law, the course is not finished. In 1917 - 1918 he served in the army, the local artillery school held an accelerated six-month course.

In November 1919, together with his wife, OA Bilinkoy-Bilinkis, emigrated to Italy and settled in Rome. In 1922 he held a personal exhibition in gallery "Brogalya. In the same year he moved to Berlin, where he became friendly with the artists - originally from Russia - VA Bobermanom, L. Zach, PF Chelishchev, D . A. Pozhedaevym, with whom he joined the neo-romantic trend. Participated in the exhibition of Russian artists in the shop Russian publishing house "Zarya" (1923).

addition to easel paintings and graphics, book illustration and theatrical-decorative art. He performed the illustrations for the book, Gogol "Rome". Collaborated in the Russian Romantic Theater "VG Romanov. In 1924, together with the theater troupe came on tour to France and stayed in Paris. In 1928, took French citizenship.

participate in international exhibition in Dusseldorf (1924), Venice (1930), Rome (1938), New York and Chicago (1939); sent two works in the Russian section of the exhibition of contemporary French art in Moscow ( 1928). Exhibited works in the Salon d'Automne (1924, 1927), the salons Independent (1925, 1926) and the Tuileries (1939). In 1928 became a founding member and vice president of interior Supernezavisimyh which exhibited until 1939. Held solo exhibitions in Paris (1931), Milan (1932), Florence (1934).

in 1939-1945 participated in the French Resistance. Lived in the south of France. He performed the illustrations for the novel "The Idiot" Dostoevsky.

In 1945-1947 he taught art history at Marseilles.

After the war away from figurative art in the direction of abstraction. Exhibited abstract works in the salons of May (since 1948) and "new reality" (since 1957). Repeatedly arranged solo exhibitions in Paris (1955, 1956, 1961, 1973), New York (1957-1959, 1965), Los Angeles (1963).

author of "Life and work of El Greco" (Odessa, 1918).

Goziasona works are in many museum collections, among them - the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris, the Metropolitan Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Gallery of Modern Art in Rome and others.

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