St. Petersburg Artel of Artists

1863-1871, St-Петербург

Parties: B. B. Wenig, A. K. Grigoriev, N. D. Dmitriev-Оренбургский, F. S. Zhuravlev, A. I. Korzukhin, . A. Koshelev, I. N. Archaeology, V. P. Creitan, P. A. Crusaders, F. K. Lemokh, A. D. Litovchenko, K. E. Makowski, A. I. Morozov, . Petrov, I. M. Sands, . S. Shustov.

Exhibitions: 1864 St-Петербург.

the First in the history of Russian art independent creative organization. Was founded on the initiative I. N. Kramskoy graduates of the Imperial Academy of arts — participated in the "Revolt of fourteen" after the failure of the Council of the Imperial Academy of arts to allow them to write the competitive picture for free story. On 9 June 1865 approved the Charter of the Cooperative. The purpose of the organization was making a profit from performing individual and collective orders, providing mutual support,;, a certain percentage of commercial activities (10 percent of the independently sold work; 25 percent from jointly conducted work) were received into the General Fund, the fees from execution of the collective work the participants were divided among themselves. A prefect first time was I. N. Archaeology, the Treasurer was appointed A. I. Korzukhin.

For the device of the scenic workshops of the members of the Cooperative rented an apartment in the apartment house Gudkov on Vasilievsky island. In the newspaper "St.-Петербургские statement" placed ads on various orders, and private lessons in drawing, painting and sculpture. The largest collective works was the painting of iconostases in the churches in Petrozavodsk, the Mining Institute in St. Petersburg, dome of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.

the Participants often avoided entering into the General Fund money from the sold works independently. In the mid 1860-х from the Farm consistently out A. D. Litovchenko and K. E. Makowski, who refused to pay a percentage of orders to the cashier of the Cooperative. Despite this, welfare enterprises increased to 1868 the capital has reached 100 000. For needs purchased the camera with which the artists painted portraits of members of the Imperial family, the nobility and merchants. Workshops were transferred to a more prestigious area of the city and was located on Admiralty Avenue.

Under the auspices of the Cooperative was held one exhibition in the spring of 1864 — exhibition-лотерея in favor of a seriously ill artist M. I. Peskov. In March 1865 the members of the Cooperative participated in the exhibition of modern and old masters in Nizhny Novgorod, organized St.-Петербургским collection of artists. Was published directories-альбомы "Art autograph" (1869, 1870-1871). The Farm has regularly conducted "Thursdays" which were held drawing sessions and presentations on issues of art.

Despite the opposition of the official exchange rate of the Imperial Academy of arts, members of the Cooperative actively participated in academic exhibitions and activities of the Academy of arts. In 1864 he was awarded the title of academician A. I. Morozov, in 1865 — . S. Shustov, 1867 — N. P. Petrov, 1868 — N. D. Dmitriev-Оренбургский and A. I. Korzukhin in 1869 — I. N. Archaeology. IN 1870 N. D. Dmitriev-Оренбургский, a secret from the other members, filed a petition in the Imperial Academy of arts to grant him a three-year pensioner trip abroad, which was granted by the Council of the iakh. Unhappy with this fact, I. N. Kramskoydemanded from the members of the Cooperative to publicly condemn the behavior N. D. Dmitriev-Оренбургского. However, at a General meeting of the members of the Association refused to satisfy the statement archaeology. The requirement to exclude the artist from among the members of the Cooperative the meeting also refused. In response archaeology he filed a statement of withdrawal from the Cooperative. In 1871 Artel officially ceased to exist.

some artists (seeN. D. Dmitriev-Оренбургский, A. I. Korzukhin, I. N. Kramskoy) took part in the organization of travelling art exhibitions in 1870. Later part of the Partnership also included F. K. Lemokh and A. D. Litovchenko.


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