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ARTinvestment.RU   09 апреля 2019

Traditional twenty lots of the Auction — is eleven paintings, four lots of original graphics, four leaf graphics printed and one porcelain sculpture

the fee from buyers is 18 %.

Catalog of the Auction № 273

Selected lots of the Auction No. 273

The largest section of our catalog — landscape. It presents the work carried out by the domestic masters for almost a century.

Canvas Alexei Matveevich Prokofiev a "Monument to Peter I in St. Petersburg", Dating expert 1-й quarter of the twentieth century. A graduate of the Academy of Arts, pupil of A. Kuindzhi, a recognized landscape painter of his time, whose works were repeatedly reproduced, an active member of the Petrograd exhibitions of the second half of 1910-х years, in 1920-м Prokofiev was invited to work in Chuvashia, and there spent the last years of his life. Our painting, in the expert's opinion, "is a variant of the painting "Monument to the Emperor Peter the Great", the artist, presumably in the early twentieth century and reproduced in pre-revolutionary postcard".

the Landscape section continues the view of the Crimean mountains, made in the tradition of the Cimmerian school — sheet V known (Voloshin called him "gorgeous") album autolithography Konstantin Fedorovich Bogaevsky, 1923 "Twenty drawings executed on stone by the author". Ancient Cimmeria with its majestic mountains, the folds of the hills, ancient cities and flood landscapes, dazzling sun — the main theme and the main source of inspiration of the artist. According to Voloshin, Bogayevsky art entirely out of the land where he was born. This accuracy in reproduction of details, appreciation of beauty, vast landscapes, complemented by a style of performance, which reflected the influence of the greatest masters of the Italian Quattrocento, and obvious in our landscape.

is Quite differently written one more Crimean landscape in our catalogue — is filled with color small oil "Chersonese" (early 1960-х) Andrei Borisovich Yumashev. The famous pilot, hero of theThe Soviet Union, a disciple of Falk, a friend of Voloshin, member of the Union of Artists. In 2012, the SRC Winzavod exhibition of A. B. Yumashev.

In 1962, written field study "Pestovo" George G. Nyssa. "the Dynamics of performance, reflecting the temperament of the author, major stroke, rhythm not neat, but just outlining clumps of trees, a slope, a path and a figure walking along it, correspond to the dynamic condition of a windy day with a ragged skies and swaying groups of trees", — said. In Pestovo on the shore of the Klyazma reservoir, where the artist was engaged in sailing, he wrote a group of works to reflect the different state of the changeable the suburban nature.

Landscape "summer lilac" (1972) Fyodor Pavlovich Reshetnikov — a picture of one of those flowering parts of the country, which, according to experts, liked to write the artist, making their lyrical note in the interpretation of the landscape. The expert notes in our landscape interesting dynamics of composition: "an acute angle, which shows a bench and a sharp corner cutting edge of the lilac Bush", a characteristic motif of bright bunches of flowers in the center, the typical "the color combinations of green, pink-фиолетовых, ochre and blue spots, large loose texture strokes".

the works of hyperrealism of Sergey Bazileva — large, bright, sun - — are not again successfully exhibited at our auctions. It is a completely different thing — early, unusual and extremely beautiful. Large (77 × 110,3) canvas "Alupka to the sea" was written in 1982 and produces no impression of the seaside landscape. Dark-изумрудная green trees, shaded white Park sculptures, individual sun spots in the background, light haze, a path running across the path, carried away into the depth of the Park the eye of the viewer, — picture gives the impression of a surreal landscape.

a Collector's acrylic on paper "Remember" (2011) contemporary artist Konstantin A. Batynkov represents the urban landscape the waterfront of new-Йорка. Bright, colourful, dynamic, in a recognizable manner and with his usual paraphernalia. And it is not immediately clear that it captured the tragedy on 9 September 2001. The artist crosses the sky in large letters, the call to remember. Here it is more important than to observe the beauty.

pattern 1961 through a complex combination of printing techniques made the graphic sheet " Vodka "Capital"" (2016) Oscar Yakovlevich Rabin. The artist masterfully combines small space urban landscape and still life — the result was a stylish, interesting recognizable thing.

In the work Dmitry Mikhailovich Krasnopevtsev still life was definitively established by the end of 1950-х years. And "60-х years — writes Inessa Merkurov, — objects of the still life Krasnopevtsev finally stop playing themselves. Directed by the will of the artist, they are arranged in compositions-символы". The creative process, described by the critic, we observed a small, graphic paintings of compositions for paintings, which were included in our catalog, combined into a single multi-window Mat.

From three works presented in the catalog of the Nude.

the First half of 1930-х years datesthe expert light and elegant shower cabin drawing "Reclining model" Alexander Alexandrovich Deineka and notes that the Museum's collection, the picture may "to be of interest as a typical example of the auxiliary graphic artist".

a Clear steady picture with a blue pencil on a sheet of notebook "Model" Anatoly T. Zverev, most likely related to a series similar to the pencil sketch and finished, presumably in 1965. Picture a quick, full-scale, however, after finishing it, the artist put his signature.

Medium canvas "Girl" (1976) Elia Mikhailovich Belyutin's executed "worked out their unique plastic and color system", feature, "the expressiveness of linear pattern and bright bold decorative solution".

the Following section of the catalog — genre.

In the years 1923-1927 were performed (and in 1948 was published in the Paris publisher Tériade edition of 368 copies) 96 illustrations Marc Chagall to Gogol's "Dead souls", one of which is — "toilet Chichikov" (folio LXI 2-го volume edition) — included in our directory. Each of the 96 illustrations reflects a significant moment of the poem, it is not always the key, but it is always important for understanding Gogol's images and events. Exclusive attention to the main character of appearance — suit, toilet, facial expressions, etc. — Gogol emphasizes more than once. And when it came to the invitation to Governor's ball, the author had nothing to do, how to precede the detailed description of the charges: "may be, from the creation of light was not used so much time on the toilet". In the illustrations of Chagall's not interested in entourage, with the details, but the state of the hero every time reports accurately.

the Combination of local colors and delicate lines characterize the tempera one of the most famous masters of any other art, the artist-философа Igor G. Snegur "Two girls on the beach", written in 1983. Six years later, in 1989-м, the artist writes in her diary: "the Last decade has been marked by several stages, which added to my With-Бытийный method new material, where increasing importance is the line.

If we draw a parallel between the pictorial and the literary, the line — verb, geometry — subject, amorphous or expressive — epithet. Line in fine art — movement, speed, friend energy, pulsating form, but in contrast to geometry it is not moralise does not claim to eternal truth, it is her likeness and her image, her reflection... she's a brilliant energetic and infinitely free". Tempera "Two girls on the beach" was exhibited and published in the album "Snegur Igor : Painting, drawing, diaries, conversations, essays, reflections, papers" (Wiley, 2016).

the Following two minimalistic work, we decided to make a separate section.

Silkscreen "the Sun" (1992) Timur Petrovich Novikov, as well as other limited edition items that came out of his collages, the desire for signification of the image. "the Silhouettes very small — no signs, and icons; a little makes a huge resulting space, — wrote art Love Gurevich on the collages of Timur. — Artist comes to the limit of minimalism: one cloth oneicon: sun, Swan, fish. Dwarf image... replicate... the technique used by Malevich in his “red cavalry”. To Malevich, as well as the icon in salary sends the square in the square... In these works was the simplicity and elegance, with the approval of neoacademism lost". Here — and accurate description of our work and experiences produced by it: simplicity and elegance.

the Triptych "the Interior" (2005) Leonid N. Semeiko includes three different sizes of the canvas, inviting us into an almost monochrome, full of light and air, clean and somewhat hyperrealistic urban space.

a Small section of pure abstractions completes our catalogue.

One lot exhibited two small gouache paintings of the sixties Nicholas Evgenyevich Vechtomova. Both works are executed in a recognizable style and colors, and carry the author's palpable energy, one that is so appreciated by Amateurs and connoisseurs of the artist.

Porcelain sculpture "Dedication to Vladimir Chernetsov" (2007) made in Germany by sketches Vladimir Nikolaevich Nemukhin. His Hommage — for special and very important direction in the work. The complex original work it's always manufactured out of wood, putting them in the ideas that reflect the identity of the person in whose honor were done these ordinations (always — accurately and wholly regardless of personal relationships, and even personal acquaintance). Later, many years later, some songs were embodied in porcelain. Artist Vladimir S. Chernetsov in 1948-1968 he headed the Department of artistic design in the magazine "Around the world" and "fed up" of young artists, giving them job. Later close friends with the family and V. Nemukhin, L. Masterkova. "Dedication to Vladimir Chernetsov" — work, is filled with romance and love for life.

"Composition" (2010) Edward Arkadievich Steinberg undoubtedly one of our today's top-лотов. Responding to a question about finding your way in the art, the artist noted that an understanding of geometrical abstraction "came through the Russian avant-garde, primarily through the Suprematism of Kazimir Malevich. But I almost did not discover anything new, I just gave the Russian avant-garde a different perspective. What? Rather, religious. Their spatial geometric structures I base on the old catacomb wall painting and, of course, icon painting. My little achievement is that I almost-чуть turned Russian avant-garde. But, on the other hand, I develop in his works the traditions of Russian symbolism.... <...> the Internal concept of my works, therefore, is based on a synthesis of mystical ideas of Russian symbolism of Teens and plastic solutions to the Suprematism of Kazimir Malevich".

In 2014, made abstract", Potosnak" Sergei Mikhailovich Bordachev — is one of the best works of the author of those that appeared in our auction: a thing elegant, strong, clean.

Those who are going first to buy a painting or drawing, would be helpful to know that no monitor ever authentic will not give works of art. Color, texture, not to mention the aura of a particular work, the impression from the meeting with her, the monitor is not subject. Good thing he can do at least wishy-washy, and not very good, on the contrary,embellish (the last one we have, but it is fair to say it's worth). In addition, each person sees and feels by-своему. So come see all the work with my own eyes we have, Gorokhovsky, 7 (only need to call and make an appointment).

we Wish you all a good bargain and good shopping!

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