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What is it - the art of the future? The choice of Lexus, the concept of curators and comments Vladimir Bogdanov, AI

Design Center ARTPLAY, 18-29 July 2012
Mon - Fri, Sun: 12:00-24:00, Fri, Sat: 12:00-03:00
st. Lower Syromyatnicheskaya 10

yesterday at the Center for Design ARTPLAY opened Lexus Hybrid Art'2012 - Exhibition of hybrid artists from around the world. This year, three thousand meters of the official site of the project, the Center for Design ARTPLAY, displaying works by artists that define the development trends of science art - art of the future.

first brand, a hybrid drive vehicles in the creation of premium Class, Lexus sees the future of hybridity, and the future of not only car.

That is why the concept of the exhibition Lexus Hybrid Art'2012 built on the concept of "synergy" short formula which reads as follows: an integer greater than the sum of its parts. Synergy in the arts are increasingly occurs in the collision of artistic discourse with the latest technology tools. The result of these interactions are the works of science art, or a hybrid of art, the best examples of which Lexus is the third consecutive year.

sign installation in "Eden," an Australian artist John McCormack growing civilization of virtual creatures, survival which depends on the goodwill of the audience for their musical talents. "Eden" - a vivid example of a self-developing an interactive system that caused the current interest in artificial life research and the same reason.

American artist Ryan Wolfe implanting into the plants, artificial sources of light - emitting diodes, which during the day change the brightness, imitating the daily passage of the sun. The idea of ​​the work lies in the fact that the technology will not only protect the life, but also to become an innate part of it, creating a new form of existence.

Curators Daria Parkhomenko and Kate Bochavar note that the "invisible for a person creates and consumes more and more new industrial, biological, and multimedia hybrids, and they, in turn, enhance, deepen and widen the limits of its capabilities. The universal consciousness is able to translate ideas into the environment where a person with a mobile phone in their hands can be dissolved in the natural environment, and a car and driver are synergistic whole ».

Installation Hydrogeny Evelina and Dmitry Gelfand Domnich , the duo from the Netherlands shows hidden nature of the hydrogen atoms which constitute the fundamental principle of cosmic and biological matter. Electrical splitting of water produces a cloud of hydrogen bubbles, which at highlighting their produce whirlpools laser miniature galaxies.

members of the British Antarctic Reccontroire explore the region - an ecological "zone of zero», which is best tracked by global climate change. Video installation in real-time broadcasts an array of survey data in the Southern Ocean, which are converted into charming meditative picture. The dry language of the data and figures translated into sensory coordinates, which allows viewers to experience the life of involvement in the character of the entire planet.

German woman Agnes Meyer-Brandis - the ideal author of science art, constantly experimenting in collaboration with scientists. To install the "Laboratory of the troposphere," Meyer-Brandis gathering machine for the production of clouds, which appear in the spherical glass as a result of the laser printer. The artist has learned that on board the German Aerospace Center, and now what was previously available only to poets, materialized in the text of the sublime metaphor, it was possible even for those who have not yet became a regular jet aerospace laboratories.

Agnes Meyer-Brandis
Laboratory troposphere
Photo: Vladimir Bogdanov, AI

other half of the exhibitors Lexus Hybrid Art '2012 performs a dizzying eversion of internal and external properties of things and reveals the current contents of the "black box" technology, the existence of which mere mortals do not usually suspect.

German artist Ralf Becker is building ensembles of crystalline rocks, millions of times increasing the invisible contents of microprocessors. Crystal and mineral materials integrated circuits, which have been subject to very human needs for entertainment and work, suddenly begin to manage their own creative life, emitting a variety of sounds and lights.

Another outstanding representative of German science art, Julius Popp, in Bit Flow offers its own way of navigating the information space, which resembles a maze of the Minotaur from ancient mythology. For complicated system of tubes rapidly and randomly moving small red objects, representing the smallest bits of information. In some places they suddenly synchronized installation, adding to the symbols and letters. To navigate in the modern world, we must learn to distinguish the order in chaos, and the clue of Ariadne is now going out of hundreds of scattered elements.

Bit Flow
Photo: Vladimir Bogdanov, AI

American artist of Lithuanian origin Žilvinas Kempinas shows a visual puzzle, composed of two fans and constantly swirling in the air between the tape reel-to reel to reel tape. Machinery and decoding audio videoobrazov, tucked away under the cover of the player, was withdrawn outside, while the picture and sound are encoded on the film, is now given to ourselves and to the viewer's imagination.

In this by exhibitors Lexus Hybrid Art for the first time in three years will be the artists of Russia - the winners of the projects at the intersection of art, science and technology. Voices of the international advisory council of the thirteen finalists of the competition were selected work of the creative association "Where dogs run," Dmitry Morozov Dmitry Kawarga.

In the installation "Faces of the smell" of "Where dogs run" Numerous sensors snuff tube gazoanaliziruyuschih investigate aromatic portrait of the visitor, which is then visualized using the composite sketch. To do this, it took the unprecedented scale of the work of an international team of engineers and producers.

Dmitry Morozov has built a sound-installation DNA SA. It is a technological realization of human DNA and plays live shows for members Soundartist, while anyone can become an accomplice of musical performance.

DMITRY Dmitry Morozov
Photo: Vladimir Bogdanov, AI

Specialist biomorphic devices artist Dmitry Kawarga creates objects, robots that resemble pieces of natural debris that crawl out from the man at his approach. In the minds of a conflict: the robot performs illogical, but at the same time filled with interactive movement and tactile contact is accompanied by a desire to confusion. So unusual interpretations of the scheme designed to enrich and upgrade the mechanism of human perception.

Among Russian participants can be seen in a St. Petersburg artist Michael Cross, who created bragoclock-klaxon NIHIL OCCULTUM - a device that functions on the basis of the process fermentation. The resulting carbon dioxide will fill a geodesic sphere, which inevitably would burst under its weight.

exhibits steel and the latest models of hybrid cars Lexus GS 450h and RX 450h, which was placed in the audio-visual installation by artist Patrick K. -H.

The exhibition shows multielektrodnaya matrix, which Neuromathematic Michael Burtsev uses experiments to build neyrogibridnyh systems. Neyrogibridnye system combined in a single unit cells of the brain and the body of the robot. As a result, the network of neurons acquire a new body and a robot - the brain. Such a hybrid synergistic tool used by scientists to study the self-organization processes occurring in the brain and generate awareness of each one of us. In this sense, the work of Michael Burtseva symbolically summarizes the content of works throughout the exhibition, pointing to a major source and purpose of scientific and artistic experiments - to understand the phenomenon of human life and uncover the mystery of consciousness.

members: Ralph Becker (Ralf Baecker), Michael Burtsev, Ryan Wolfe (Ryan Wolfe), Evelyn and Dmitry Gelfand Domnich (Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand), Zilvinas Kempinas (Zilvinas Kempinas), Dmitry Kawarga , Mikhail A Cross sator ArXeNeKrOHeN, creative association" Where dogs run, "Agnes Meyer-Brandis (Agnes Meyer-Brandis), John McCormack (Jon McCormack), Dmitry Morozov, Julius Popp (Julius Popp ), a group Reconnoitre: Gavin Bailey, Tom Corby, Jonathan McKenzie (Gavin Baily, Tom Corby, Jonathan Mackenzie), Patrick K.-H.

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Comment Editor : Docks on hybrid cars the Japanese once again decided to show off their high-tech in the right background - in an intellectual environment, with the assistance of Modern "scientific art», science art. The direction of hip and progressive, for it feels great future. But as a spectator povorchu: it was always difficult to keep his balance. Step right, step left - and already too much: the product risks becoming a timeline or a visual aid for electrical. Get too carried away by the scientific component - and now the idea is not read no papers and to the work of visual art should be of attaching a volunteer who can explain things at their own understanding. Conversely, if the author is too concentrated on the decorative side, it runs the risk to get caught up in the territory of modern design. At this time, too, the balance between art and science can not keep everything, even in the cool expensive calibrated curatorial project. I feel that almost half of the works urgently required "interpreters" in white coats, who famously treated the scientific meanings, physicists using the absence of visitors.

If you came to look, then listen to boring. Especially since there were spectacular things that are understandable without words. For example, like the "Study of inner light," American Ryan Wolfe. Inside the hollow stems of the living horsetails sewn LEDs support photosynthesis. Such an artificial sun inside the plant - the symbiosis and energy conversion.

Ryan Wolf
Studies of the inner light
Photo: Vladimir Bogdanov, AI

It looked surreal and floating in the air loop of the film, supported by two directional jet fans. "Sainz" (scientific) in an American facility Žilvinas Kempinasa 'On (among fans), "dragged in, but as a designer find something interesting. I remembered the hair dryer at a Moscow exhibition "Dada," which flew through the air on his own jet-powered. Simple and attractive.

O (between fans)
Photo: Vladimir Bogdanov, AI

Among the leaders of the People's Choice can be identified, perhaps, the two works. For example, a group of gas analyzers "Where dogs run" really going to turn. Their automatic "Face smell" like sniffing the audience approached and generates on-screen portrait of him - a sort of composite picture of the smell. As a result, the object turned into a fun ride: perfect representative of the audience squealed with delight and photographed on their iPhones scented portraits. And the Japanese are the masters of the ball, too, were delighted. Although, I think there is hardly done without trickery: Automatic hurt famously featured a bespectacled man from those who does not wear glasses. And as the similarity score attached to any portraits.

Group" Where dogs run. " Persons smell
Photo: Vladimir Bogdanov, AI

second artifact -catching everyone's attention - "Unidentified animating objects" Dmitry Kawarga. Two shy biomorphic robot "breathe", move, rotate nostrils, react to the approach of others. In a stationary object Kawarga older have a small cell counterpart. He moved awkwardly around the room and tries to pull up all the attention. Mobile biomorphic robot - a guarantee of "stop-effect." About the same impression the dog with the appearance of which all throw their intellectual conversation and pulled her stroke. However, here the reaction is reversed: the biomorphic object do not like when his stroke. He tries to avoid contact with the public.

Dmitry Kawarga resurgent unidentified object 1 Dmitry Kawarga
An unidentified object is a resurgent
Photo: Vladimir Bogdanov, AI
DMITRY Dmitry Kawarga
resurgent unidentified object 2
Photo: Vladimir Bogdanov, AI

exhibition possible, when it at least for a while "does not let go", makes the identification and development of meanings. Hybrid Art - is talk about the future, not technical, but rather in a philosophical sense. It is in the process of adjusting to a changing world, the convergence of technology and biology, the synergy of new worlds. What yesterday seemed frightened and unthinkable, today is perceived with interest. And the Lexus Hybrid Art tact helps to overcome the discomfort of radical innovations.

watched Vladimir Bogdanov, AI

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