Выдача займов под залог картин и скульптур XIX-XXI веков

Первый профессиональный сервис по выдаче займов под залог произведений искусства

"Russian Enamel" solemnly closes the season goes on vacation
ARTinvestment.RU   24 июля 2018

At the final auction July 14 "Russian enamel" has pleased participants of Kandinsky, a collection of netsuke and works of a Friend

Saturday July 14, the auction house "Russian enamel" held a regular monthly auction of Russian and Western European art, which had been closed for the season.The auction was held cheerfully and well: despite the summer and the holiday season, gathered in the hall more than fifteen members, and the Network is traded and watched about forty. The trade started in a little over two hours a day ended at half past five.

560 lots catalog distributed across the sections is not quite usual. Opening the directory block painting and drawing unexpectedly contained only 200 lots, instead of the usual 250; 28 lots made up block of religious art, 72 lots are gathered in a block of silver, 39 lots was submitted to jewellery, lots 114, the organizers took the porcelain and glass, and all other items DPI was 107 lots in the last block. That is, the total it turned out that blocks of fine art and icons consists of 228 items, while decorative-прикладное art could boast of 332 lots.

Sold 215 lots, or 38.3% of catalog. Auction auction house brought a decent 8.7 million RUB too more than a third of the total of the average estimate of 25.7 million rubles. the Greatest activity was shown by the phone, which was 32.5% of sales (70 lots), second was hall: 27.9 percent (60 lots), third place went online-покупатели won and 24.2 % (52 lots) were sold, the latter were players with absentee bids: 15,3 % (33 lots). Judging by the fact that the difference between groups of customers is not much, the summer has not prevented the most resistant to participate in the auction.

a Price leader in the auction was a tiny watercolor Vasily Kandinsky "Dragon", Dating from the second half of 1900-х — the first half of 1910-х years. To work to immediately eliminate any infringement known to have been made part-time rate at 800 thousand rubles., which became victorious.

the Second result showed a small painting by Valentin Alexandrovich Serov "Horses at the coaching Inn" 1880-х years. The auction began with absentee bids, but the party in the hall was insistent, so he got it for 650 thousand rubles.

But by the third number there is already a lot of unit of jewelry. Chic pearl earrings, created in 1945 by the Swiss firm "of W. A. Bolin" and published in the book "Bolin in Russia. The court jeweller late XIX — early XX centuries" was estimated at 410-450 thousand rubles party in the hall and the player on the phone were traded for long, but recklessly, and in the end the price of the pair stopped at 510 thousand rubles, and the winner is phone player.

In the section paintings and drawings from the 200 lots were sold 54 lots, or 27 %, while revenue amounted to RUB 2.9 million (21.3 per cent). But this should take into account that the revenue FROM the section is 33.6 % of total revenue of the auction.

the Three largest transactions of the section of fine arts, led by sales and Kandinsky, Serov, completes the sale of "still life with roses" (1900-10-е) Dvornikov tit Yakovlevich on the lower estimate for 300 thousand rubles.

the selection of icons was sold eleven lots (39,2 %), for a total amount of RUB 386 thousand (23.6% of the estimate section). Two icons of the second half of the XIX century — "Saint John the Warrior and Saint Martyr Ekaterina" and "the Holy apostles Peter and Paul" print of Andrew's Monastery on mount Athos in the ancient Kyoto — were sold in the room for the same price 95 thousand.

String of silver was sold for 44,4 % (32 lots) and brought to 34.1 % for the money (1,132 million from the average 3.3 million rubles)

Local leader after a long bargaining was the silver Cup Infantry regiment of the Imperial family, made in the Russian style by the firm of supplier to the Imperial court I. Sazikov in 1856. Decorated with chasing the subject attracted the attention of the party in the hall and on the phone, but the room was more stubborn: at a rate of 260 thousand rbl. the phone chose to give up.

the Results section of jewelry, as always, pleasing to the eye. Although he sold was slightly less than half (18 lots, or 46.1 per cent), however, the amount of revenue was 72.7% of the average of: 1.6 million with an average estimate of 2.2 million

the Rating section is headed by a familiar pair of earrings. Second place is not without reason a diamond pendant is a "Bouquet" made at the factory. GN V. Nemirova-Колодкина in the period from 1908 to 1917. This is a gorgeous piece of jewelry again-таки became the subject of controversy for the hall and the telephone, which once again won the hall, proposed for suspension, previously estimated at 153-157 thousand RUB, a tidy sum200 thousand rubles.

From the large Thong of porcelain and glass managed to sell for 52.6 % (60 lots) 64.5 % (1.8 million) of the total average of 2.9 million RUB Approach "take a number" is justified twice: first in the evaluation unit separately second — when compared with the total revenue of the auction, in which the division is responsible for the decent of 21.6 %.

Here, the first among equals became vase "Golden ears" 1981 painting artist V. zhbanova. Despite its relative youth, the vase has made a worthy competition to other objects from the top: estimated previously at 118-125 thousand, it was sold on the phone for 230K. and have taken a worthy 7-е place in the price ranking of the auction.

the Results of the final auction block, briefly referred to as "Other" remain, as before, consistently good and at the same — symmetric: sold out it was 37.3 % (40 lots) and its revenue amounted to 37.7 % (722 thousand rubles) the mean estimate section.

Here the main highlight of the program was not just one job but a whole collection under the number 558 was presented to the audience 12 netsuke in a special case. Different story and United only by the material of the figurines were perfect ending for auction and was sold to the Internet twice the lower estimate — for 140 thousand rubles.

Top of the price increase this time captures the volume rather than specific examples: according to the average estimate or higher has gone 99 lots, which is 46% of the total number sold.

However, the first place in the ranking of the price increase gets a lot of the memorable (in all respects) string works artist Alevtina Dmitriyevna Pyzhova. Her colorful work, thanks to which the auction easily you can put the mark "18 ", became not just a highlight of the program, but once a bag of nails. The last of them, mysteriously entitled "Waiting" (the painting itself clearly says the wait is what it is) and modestly priced at 1-2 thousand rubles, led to bargaining and hall, and the correspondence rate, and the Internet. The most persistent was the room that this painting went for 8.5 thousand RUB four Other of her work exhibited at the auction, went for 6.5 million each after active trading. Hall had a lot of fun.

at the beginning of the auction, it was announced that the auction of these finish the season. The following date is still open, but no doubt:I'll meet you next fall.

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