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Memory of Mylnikov
ARTinvestment.RU   17 мая 2012

May 16, 2012 at 94 year of age after a severe, prolonged illness died Andrei Mylnikov

Andrei Mylnikov (1919-2012)

Native culture suffered a great loss. May 16, 2012 at 94 year of age after a severe, prolonged illness died Mylnikov - People's Artist the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, Laureate of Lenin and USSR State Prize and State Prize of the RSFSR. Repin, vice president of the Russian Academy of Arts, Professor.

Name AA Mylnikov long gone down in history of national art. The artist created his own world of images, marked by deep insight into the meaning of human existence and his purpose on earth. Diversity of talent allowed AA Mylnikov implement creative ideas in various forms and genres of art: he created a number of significant monumental works, thematic and genre paintings, portraits of the author of the beautiful and poetic landscapes, demonstrating his unique talent, individuality and masterly skill. Widely known for his monumental murals and mosaics in Leningrad - St. Petersburg, which are decorated with state and public buildings, interiors, theater for young audiences, subway stations. AA is the author of Hard Mylnikov curtain for the Kremlin Palace of Congresses in Moscow.

A. A. Mylnikov was born in 1919 in the Saratov region Pokrovsk. After moving to Leningrad entered the All-Russian Academy of Arts. During World War II AA Mylnikov was a volunteer militia, member of the defense of Leningrad and fully experienced the hardships of war. While studying at the Academy he studied with renowned artists B. Oreshnikov, B. Fogel , V. Obolensky, A. Savinov , N. Chernyshev , a meeting with Igor I. Grabar and post-graduate courses under his guidance have largely determined the fate of the creative artist.

main place in the work of AA Mylnikov is a man of his spiritual world, its joys and trouble. Diploma thesis, "The Oath of the Baltic Fleet" - a kind of requiem in honor of the fallen, the picture of "Farewell" is dedicated to the tragedy of war, and the painting "In the fields of peace" - a hymn of labor and flourishing land. Widely known for his paintings of the majestic Spanish Triptych "Crucifixion" - "Bullfighting in Cordoba," "The Crucifixion in Cordoba," "The Death of Garcia Lorca" - a complex dramatic composition, dedicated to the theme of the eternal conflict between good and evil. Being a master of composition, excellent colorist, he has made in this powerful work of the picturesque temperament amazing expressive imagery and color.

Other aspects of the great talents of AA Mylnikov heard in the works, glorifying beauty of the world where nature and people make up an indivisible whole.

A. A. Mylnikov created an extensive gallery of portraits of his contemporaries, which was trying to find answers to many exciting creative issues related to the understanding of the spiritual and aesthetic values ​​of human nature. An artist with a great inspiration, he painted portraits of their loved ones and friends. In these works seamlessly weaves philosophical and poetic vision of the world.

More than half a century of AA Mylnikov taught at the St. Petersburg Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after IE Repin, as permanent head of the studio of monumental painting, and the department of painting and composition on the scenic department. During this time he made an enormous contribution to the improvement of the national art education. His creative work and high authority as a teacher in his workshop attracted many talented students, with whom he developed independent thinking and stimulated the search for their own expressive language. His shop completed more than 500 students.

largest public figure, polymath artist, a man of brilliant erudition AA Mylnikov was a striking phenomenon of world art.

A. A. Mylnikov awarded the highest national awards - medals "In Defense of Leningrad," the Order "Badge of Honor" Order of Lenin, Order of Friendship of Peoples, Order "For merits before Fatherland» IV and III level.

The works included in major art collections of Russia - The State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, the collection of many museums of Russia, in domestic and foreign private collections. In 1966, the home of the artist in the city of Saratov region Pokrovsk (now Engels) a museum that holds many works by the author.

memory of the eminent master, brilliant teacher and a remarkable man will live forever in the hearts of his friends, colleagues, disciples, admirers of his talent.

Russian Academy of Fine Arts

Source : rah.ru

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