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Movies: "the Blurred boundaries of art-мира"
ARTinvestment.RU   22 мая 2020

A documentary about the art market in 2017, which refused to shoot Larry Gagosian

"Blurred boundaries of art-мира" (Original title: BlurredLines: InsidetheArtWorld)

Director: Barry Avrich
year: 2017
84 min.
film: GravitasVentures, Canada

the documentary film Scripts are of two types. In the first case, the Director (usually at the same time the author of the idea) prescribes drama to the smallest detail and faithfully follows the script, and what plans are unable to shoot in a documentary mode — shoots staged. In the second case, the Director keeps the overall image of the future movie in my head, and after it collects from interview history — in the end, the main creative process is included in installation. "The blurred boundaries of art-мира" referring to a documentary film of the second category: to predict what they will say about the art market, its players, was not possible. Do not forget the nursery rhyme about the Ogre and the Princess, which is "maybe it was the other way around?".

In the first frame of the picture — confused face stock brokers September 15, 2008, the day the stock market collapse due to the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States. And immediately, the joint — evening auction at Sotheby's in London 24 hours later presented 230 works of Damien Hirst. The contrast of ruin and luxury attracts attention and for a moment makes the viewer believe that now he will open your eyes to the truth. Expertly mounted a few catchy phrases figures of the art-рынка do not give attention to relax, and the viewer is immersed in what is happening on the screen completely. And then begins the Boxing match: some reprove the market (art-критики and columnists), others defend his florid phrases (dealers and collectors). Judging by the fact that the latter look more confident and much more presentable, I want to believe that.

the film is broken into logical subsections named "lots", — the course is reasonable and proper for understanding the market structure from scratch: artists, art-дилеры, collectors, auction houses and fairs received a separate description. Another thing is that from section to section don't change the interviewers: they say everything and in large quantities, sometimes making it difficult to put the pieces of the film in the overall picture. The history of patronage of the arts and the changing of the currents that would be interesting to develop in the scenario that is quickly replaced by modern picture and money. Word art-экономиста Donald Thompson, speaking admiringly about the art of Hirst, seem out of context to his interview: those who have read the book "a Stuffed shark for $12 million," remember dear canadian denounced the artist ten years earlier. The artist Taryn Simon, expressing outrage at the commercialization of her work, forgets to mention the recently signed contract with Gagosian gallery, and the new leader among young artists Rashid Johnson, denying collectors to sell their works, fails to mention that for him this work is done by Manuela Hauser and Iwan Wirth.

By the way, the Gagosian refused to shoot the picture — but supplied its creators unique archival photographs and three artists (in with Taryn Simon as characters in the film were added and sterling ruby, Jeff Koons). The rest of "Blurred lines of art-мира" fully correspond to its name: to learnwhat-то extremely difficult to fall in love with the art market — is very easy. Of practical use to professionals the picture can bring is that the set speaking of personalities, each of which is very useful to know in person in case of unexpected encounters in the corridors of various art-базелей. However, even after three years since the release of the tape, some of the people involved managed to change the working residence — say, Brett Gorvi from the head of the Department of contemporary art Christie's managed to become a gallery owner, creating a partnership with a dealer Dominique levy.

However, some quotes we found for you. They now use — is another question.

the art World — is a religion, a belief system. In order to make it, it is necessary to believe.

FloorsHobson, Director Modern Art Oxford

the Art created for anyone. But not for everyone.

Jerry Salz

the boundaries of art — whether it is printed, drawn or photographed — have long been blurred. Our only concern is whether or not art is a value and whether an effect on us.

Glenn Lowry, Director of MoMA

Art — it is only money. Although each of this business will try to convince you otherwise.

Vicky ward, a columnist for Vanity Fair

A buying art do not understand them, so they choose familiar names, without leaving the comfort zone.

Sarah Thornton, writer

Market is like the weather: they need to manage and understand. It will not be asked to leave and will not change.

Amy Cappellazzo, art-консультант

— What are you doing Saturday night?

— Commit suicide.

— And Friday night?

From the movie "Play it again, Sam"!

the art Market has never given perfect predictions, who will recognize in 20-30 years.

Alan Schwartz, the art-консультант

We have become a well-oiled machine, able to create works of a high level.

Damien Hirst, artist

When my work is appreciated by the market, I began to have the ability to make more Autonomous decisions. So I can afford not to interfere money with creativity.

sterling ruby, artist

Artist needs to understand in what moment to stop and die. This means nothing less than to live.

Marina Abramovic, the artist

the World has come to this, when this <неоправданное appreciation of some art> is acceptable. It's crazy, but interesting.

don Thompson, art-экономист, writer

Galleries need to care about the museums, top-коллекционерах supporting the gallery, the collectors, supporting artist. This is a very difficult job because you cannot please everyone, and galleries are waiting for this.

Michael Ovitz, collector

Smart dealer will complicate your task. You will overpay simply because sat for that game.

Lisa Dennison, Director of Sotheby's in North and South America

it is Worth remembering that many artists have burned about sharp jump of the prices on their work because waking up in the morning, they realized that their market has disappeared.

Alan Schwartz, the art-консультант

Around it <Ларри Gagosian> speculate. Everyone wants to make a film about it, to write a book about it which will put an end. He never gave his consent to such. I think this story we will not be able to tell another half-century.

Lisa Denison,Director of Sotheby's in North and South America

If I thought about who buys my work, maybe everything would have ended in suicide.

Rashid Johnson, the artist

— when do you think the artist created it, he thought that the price would be ridiculous? It's just paint, brushes and canvas cheap. This shit. How much do you want?

— 3 million

— hands.

quote from the movie "the Expendables-3"

Today is very difficult to be a collector. And the reason, perhaps, is that easy to make a mistake.

Laurence Graff, the collector

My goal — to gather a collection that will be worth more than the value of all its items separately.

Valeria Napoleone, collector

Collector does not own my work, they always belong to the artist. So I always think. Collector only guardian, managing them. I always tell dealers that they are not sold to those who doesn't deserve them.

Adam Pendleton, artist

Art-консультант — is a shrink. He understands what exactly to the customer's liking, or learn to love him what to like.

Lisa Dennison, Director of Sotheby's in North and South America

One and the same product will have different meaning in different museums.

Glenn Lowry, Director of MoMA

If you take the cost of all the works in MoMA and divide by the number of visitors <за all the time since 1929>, you get about $50. And the entrance fee is high $20.

Donald Thompson, art-экономист, writer

tip of the IOM is not going to expertise, and to discuss the foundations funding individuals. And these are the realities of most of the major Western museums.

Donald Thompson, art-экономист, writer

Art-ярмарки began to resemble Parking lots of private jets.

Christian Viveros-Фауне, art-критик

I've never seen such a mass panic among the rich people, <которые afraid not to have time to buy any work>. It's an incredible sight!

Vicky ward, a columnist for Vanity Fair

Why it is so popular the shopping centres? Because they are convenient all in one place. And art fairs.

Ralph Rugoff, curator

Not every artist has the right to refuse the buyer. But as soon as such possibility will appear — use it.

Rashid Johnson, an artist

a Couple of years ago I worked with one government Committee in the United States, which sought regulation of the art market. And, like most such committees, in the end they just throw up their hands and surrendered.

Donald Thompson, art-экономист, writer

You can imagine to the New York Times wrote about the subject of art, not discussing the cost?

Frank Stella, artist

the New role of art — to hang on the wall and go up.

Robert Hughes, art-критик

the Story is violent and deals with those <художниками> that she doesn't need.

Glenn Lowry, Director of MoMA

At the end of "the Blurred boundaries of art-мира" lead us to where the film start, — mortgage crisis of 2008, thus closing the ring scenario. But Damien Hirst's we don't show. And for good reason. Perhaps the authors should have say about the end of the auction Sotheby's: £111 million for 218 items from 230 (95 % of lots sold). And the thing is that before thetrading in the Network got a video interview of the artist, in which he said that limits the market and will not return to create new works from the series that the auction was selected for the auction. For other viewers in the course of the artist and the auction house understanding the mechanics of art-рынка more than in the movie.

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