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Horschelt Theodor


Pseudonyms,autonyms and aliases: Horschelt, Theodor


HORSCHELT (Herselt) Theodor (Fedor Fedorovich) (Theodor Horschelt)

16 марта 1829 (Munich) — 3 апреля 1871 (Munich)

Painter, draftsman

he Studied drawing and painting at М. Эхтера in the Munich Academy of fine arts (1847-1848) Г. Аншютца and А. Адама.

In the early 1850-х worked as an animal painter, genre painter, master of hunting scenes. In 1853 he completed the illustrations for the book Ч. Бонера about hunting in the mountains of Bavaria. Together with the writer Ф.-В. Гаклендером traveled to Spain and North Africa (1853), where he completed a large number of studies and household sketches, in particular captured scenes from the life of nomads in Algeria. They formed the basis for the paintings: "the Camp of the nomadic tribe of the plains El-Абра in Algeria", "Siesta Arabs from Algeria", "a Coffee shop in Oran", "Arab caravan-сарай in Medea", "Evening at the oasis of Alcantara" and others.

In 1858 went to the Caucasus with letters from the Russian Ambassador in Munich and artist-баталиста А. И. Коцебу. In 1858-1863 he состоял a volunteer at the headquarters of the commander-in-chief of the Russian troops in the Caucasus Prince А. И. Барятинского; was a participant in many campaigns. Awarded the order of St. Stanislaus 3-й degree and St. Anne 3rd-й extent, the commemorative cross in honor of the conquest of the Caucasus. Performed extensive "Caucasian cycle". In 1860 был awarded the title of academician of battle painting.

In 1861 сопровождал of Emperor Alexander II in the inspection detour of the Caucasian army and on a trip to Crimea; in 1862 by the Imperial order painted with the image of a military parade, including many portraits of historical persons. was Accompanied by Prince Albrecht of Prussia on his visit to Baku, on the Caspian sea and in Yerevan. In 1863 returned to Munich, where in the same year, by order of Baryatinsky created the painting "Captive Shamil to Prince А. И. Барятинским".

In 1870 was again supposed to go to the Caucasus, but from-за started Franco-прусской war do not; in 1870-1871 was the theater of military operations during the siege of Strasbourg. He completed many sketches and drafts. On his return to Munich he died suddenly from diphtheria.

he Exhibited his works at exhibitions of the Munich artists Society. For the painting "the Storming of the fortifications on mount Gunib" was awarded a gold medal at the world exhibition in Paris (1867), for the work of "the Cossacks are returning with prisoners after a RAID," and the figure "Russian artillery in Chechnya," — with an honorary gold medal at the International exhibition in Munich (1868).

the Author notes about the stay in the Caucasus (published in the journal "Bee", 1877, No. 7, 9-12, 15-25, 27-28, 30, 32).

Work is represented in many Museum collections, including the State Russian Museum, the Hermitage, Kursk Museum of local lore and others.

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