Quarenghi Giacomo

Quarenghi Giacomo (Quarenghi Giacomo)

September 20, 1744 (Roth fuori near Bergamo) - March 1, 1817 (St. Petersburg)

architect, draftsman

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Кваренги, Джакомо


Quarenghi Giacomo (Quarenghi Giacomo)

September 20, 1744 (Roth fuori near Bergamo) - March 1, 1817 (St. Petersburg)

architect, draftsman

Italian descent, from a family of hereditary painters. Original art education in college "Mercy" in Bergamo. In mid 1750 he studied drawing at the P. Bonomini and G. Raja in Bergamo. From 1763 he lived in Rome, studied painting at A.-R. Mengs and S. Pozzi. Since mid-1760-X began to study architecture, from 1766 to 1769 he worked under the guidance of architects PP Posey, N. Dzhansimoni, P. Saneze, A. Derize. He was fascinated by the works of A. Palladio. Many traveled to Italy. According to the draft modifications were made to the church of Santa Skolastika in Subiaco near Rome.

In 1779 he was invited to Russia. He worked at the imperial court and private orders. Developed architectural designs, sketches, furniture and lighting. He was engaged in the restructuring of the Catherine Palace at Yauza in Moscow (not preserved). A project of the English Palace at Peterhof (1791-1794, not preserved), the Academy of Sciences (1783-1785), the Assignation Bank (1783-1799), the Hermitage Theater (1783-1787), Horse Guards Manege (1804-1807), the Smolny Institute ( 1806-1808) in St. Petersburg, pavilion "Concert Hall" (1782-1786) and Alexander Palace (1792-1796) in Tsarskoe Selo. Performed a number of projects estates, in particular giving Bezborodko in Palyustrove, estates Zavadovsky in Lyalichah.

worked as a draftsman. Accomplished many of Moscow, St. Petersburg and its environs; turned to genre subjects. I tried to engage in engraving, etching Quarenghi know of one, as well as a number of prints made by Russian craftsmen in his drawings: albums projects Hermitage Theater (1787), the Assignation Bank (1791), "The Draft G. Quarenghi" (1810, etc. 1).

In 1794 and 1810 went to Bergamo. In 1796 he was elected a member of the Academy of Painting and Sculpture in Stockholm in 1805 - an honorary associate of the Academy IAH in St. Petersburg. In 1814 awarded the hereditary nobility of Russia, was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir of 1-st degree.

was buried in the Volkhov cemetery in 1967, reburied in the cemetery artists Alexander Nevsky Monastery.

Exhibitions graphic works by masters held in Bergamo (1967, 1994), Venice (1967), Leningrad - St. Petersburg (1967, 1994, 2003), Moscow (2003).

Quarengi - an acclaimed architect and designer era of neo-classicism, which had a significant impact on the development of "palladianstva" in Russia. His architectural projects inherent clarity of planning decisions, simplicity and clarity of bulk compositions, are often open to the surrounding space, monumental plasticity of form, harmonious proportions.

He left a significant legacy graphics (more than 1 500 sheets), the main part - Perov drawings, tinted watercolors, which are characterized by freedom of performance, ease, vitality stroke, subtle color nuances.

Quarengi works are in many museum collections: the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, State Hermitage, the Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin State Museum of Architecture. A . Shchusev, the State Museum of History of St. Petersburg, the Cabinet of Drawings of Milan, Bergamo Municipal Library and others.


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