The Roerich Museum will open at VDNKH 27 APR
ARTinvestment.RU   18 апреля 2019

A branch of the Museum of East will open in the renovated pavilion No. 13. The permanent exhibition will see more than 400 works of Nicholas and Svetoslav Roerich

the visitors will see the permanent exhibition "Preserving the culture. The Roerich Museum at ENEA". Among the exhibits — paintings, works of Oriental sculptures and Tibetan icons collected by Roerich during the period of scientific-художественной expedition to India and Central Asia.

the Paintings of Nicholas Roerich, presented in the exhibition spans 45 years of his creative activity. At the exhibition you will see well-known paintings: "Building of rooks", "Idols", "the pigeon Book", "the Slavic Land", "Yaroslav the Wise", "Svyatogor" and so-called "architectural series". It includes 41 study, refers to the early work of the master and gives a glimpse of Russian architecture. Also on display are famous masterpieces "the last angel", "Miracle", "Armageddon" and many works from the series "Himalaya".

Son of Nicholas Roerich, Svyatoslav, his works turned to the East, he lived and worked in India. His paintings dedicated to the life of the Indian villages and the beauties of nature. One of the brightest talents of Svetoslav Roerich is portraiture, it is presented with portraits of his father, wife — famous actress Devika Rani Roerich, Indian celebrities, political figures of saints and ascetics. In addition, the exhibition shows rarely exhibited paintings from the Gospels. Among them: "Like old times", "the Good Samaritan", "the Christ with pupils", "Pieta".


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