A friend and assistant to Salvador Dali Enrique Sabater, presented in Paris, the exhibition presents the artist
ARTinvestment.RU   10 апреля 2012

The exhibition opened at the Museum Espace Dali in Montmartre
Enrique Sabater and Salvador Dali, 1970
Enrique Sabater and Salvador Dali, 1970
Source: Paris, Espace Dali Museum, Feb. 10 - May 10, 2012

Enrique Sabater (Enrique Sabater) for many years was the right hand of Salvador Dali (Salvador Dali), his secretary, adviser, accountant, driver, bodyguard, confidant and best friend. Sabater himself, who spent close to Dali 1968-1981 years, considers them among the best in his life. Dali at the time was at the peak of glory. His friend and assistant, he generously: he presents his sketches, photographs, engravings, watercolors and other works. Of these gifts there was a fairly large collection, of which these days can be seen in the Paris Museum Espace Dali (Espace Dali). The curator of the exhibition, which runs until May 10, declared himself to Enrique Sabater.

On display in a small museum on the hill of Montmartre in the first striking a variety of items that Dali signed and gave to his faithful servant and friend. This page manuscripts, and photographs, and restaurant menus, and postcards - they are all interesting components of narcissistic Dali Universe, which even his signature considered an independent work of art, almost Qabalistic symbol.

The most ordinary object into this bizarre world could suddenly turn into a work of art: Dali left the pictures on the pages of the Bible, the "Divine Comedy", the novels of Hemingway (Hemingway). The exhibition can also be found sketches of famous and important works of the artist, whose creation Sabater fortunate enough to observe directly. Among them - "Sketch of the sculpture of the god of the sun, the rising from the waters near the island of Okinawa." Dali created this sculpture for the World Expo 1975 in Okinawa, and Enrique Sabater was responsible for its delivery to Japan.

Obviously, the items presented in the exhibition - is not that extensive and ambitious Dali, to whom we are all accustomed to. However, it is this intimate tone of the exposition and interesting: it feels a real affection Sabater friendly to Dali and his grief for a lost friend. A small display also allows you to look behind the scenes life of an odious master. So, Enrique Sabater shares a story about how the artist met a journalist, he asked to remind him of their arrival for 5 minutes in time to put on his eccentric, "a suit for an interview" - a white tunic or something equally unusual, striking the imagination of the layman.

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