"The Portrait Miniature in Russia. The end of XVII - XIX centuries the middle. "At the State Historical Museum
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Represented a unique private collection SEPHEROT Foundation (Liechtenstein), numbering about 170 miniatures

The State Historical Museum opened an exhibition "The Portrait Miniature in Russia. The end of XVII - XIX centuries the middle. ". Represented a unique, unparalleled among private collections in size and artistic value, the collection SEPHEROT Foundation (Liechtenstein), comparable only to the collections of major national museums. Represented in the collection are typical of his time miniatures and works of the highest artistic level pass an objective picture of the origin, development, prosperity and gradual extinction of this refined art in Russia.

Portrait of Tsar Peter I. Around 1698 Gold, enamel
Source: museum.ru

Collection is the successor of many famous collections of miniatures. It is based on an extensive collection consisting abroad prominent figures of the national musical culture of Galina Vishnevskaya and Mstislav Rostropovich. A number of miniatures of the Fund at the beginning of XX century belonged to the historian of Russian culture to the Grand Duke Nikolai Mikhailovich, some are from family collections and collections of the Russian aristocracy.

Collection contains approximately 170 miniatures. Especially valuable collection of curiosities attached enamel, and other unique works. Portrait of a young Peter I Dzhosiasa Barbette, apparently, is the earliest miniature king and all the first image of Russian people in the portrait miniature. Portrait of Peter I by Charles Buata probably one of those miniatures that Peter ordered in London and brought to Russia and have become models for DIY enamel Armory. The collection is a unique work of enamel Serebrennikov - a portrait of Empress Anna Ivanovna, who opens up a new name in the art of portrait miniatures in Russia. Masterpiece collection is considered to be a big enamel miniature of Catherine II of PG Zharkov, 1791, depicting the empress of traveling suit.

PETER ZHARKOV Portrait of Empress Catherine II in traveling suit. 1791. Copper, enamel
Source: museum.ru

The collection reflects the great imperial iconography - from the earliest miniatures young Peter I of the Grand Embassy to Alexander II, portraits of members of the royal family, distinguished statesmen and military figures - Alexander Suvorov, GA Potemkin, AA Bezborodko, Stroganov, DP Troschinskogo and others, members of the Patriotic War of 1812 - Kutuzov, P. Wittgenstein, Bagration, and others, as well as prominent representatives of aristocratic society, including the Countess of EI Orlova, Princess T. Yusupova, Countess EK Vorontsova.

exhibition of portrait miniatures is a great project GIM "Russian historical portrait, which implies a different portrait shows such as the stocks of GIM, as well as from other museums and private collections. The exhibition will be presentations, conferences, theme parties and concerts. The exhibition is accompanied SEPHEROT Foundation published catalog of the collection.

exhibition will run until February 28, 2011.

Source: shm.ru

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