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In honor of his 65-летнего anniversary of the fair BRAFA will hold a charity sale of five fragments of the Berlin wall
ARTinvestment.RU   08 ноября 2019

The proceeds from their sale will be equally distributed among the five recipients (associations and museums) who conducted research in cancer control, social integration of people with disabilities and preservation of the artistic heritage

At a charity auction of the Brussels art fair BRAFA, which will be held from January 26 to February 2, 2020, will put five fragments of the Berlin wall. They managed to acquire in 2018-м, on the eve of 30-й anniversary of the fall of the Wall, which is celebrated on 9 November 2019. All five fragments belong to the so-called Hinterlandmauer, that is 68-километровой "internal" wall that separated the city from the border zone. After the fall of the Wall fortifications were dismantled by the army of the GDR, and large fragments acquired one of the companies that used them in the construction of public buildings. Each segment is 3.8 m in height and 1.2 m in length with a weight of 3,6 tons. Concrete blocks on both sides painted graffiti in different years, inherited from the anonymous street artists.

the construction of the Berlin wall began the night of 12 August 1961. The leadership in East Germany was hoping thus stop the flow of refugees seeking to the West from East Berlin, East Germany and other Soviet bloc countries. By the time East Germany from the West had separated the iron curtain — so isolation policy in Central and Eastern Europe aptly christened Winston Churchill. The weakest link was in Berlin — hence the need for radical measures. However, the escape attempts continued, despite the Wall, so that the GDR government has tirelessly continued to strengthen and transform the border, adding new obstacles.

On their destruction took much less time. It all began in the turbulent days of November 1989 when the GDR government is not exactly formulated new rules of crossing the border and many thousands of Berliners rushed to the crossing points leading into the Western sector. Soon the strengthen came the so-called "wall woodpeckers" (Mauerspechte), which in the eyes of the admiring world dismantled a wall, armed with hammers, picks and Kyle. In the following days and weeks, thousands of people gathered in Berlin hoping to buy or cut a piece of the wall as a souvenir. Then to the orderly dismantling began of the national people's army of the GDR. The individual segments even managed to sell. Today, the ruins of the Walls can be found around the world, in iconic places and even in private collections. However, the massive segments, such as those that are put up for sale at BRAFA, are extremely rare.

All five segments will be exhibited in the Central hall of the fair, and then sold at a charity auction, where the bids will be able to do all visitors to BRAFA with the first to the last hour of her work. The amount received at auction will be divided equally between the five charities. In the field of research on cancer decided to support the Télévie — joint project of the Belgian TV station RTL-TVI and non-profit organizations Kom op tegen Kanker (stand up to cancer). In the field of social integration of people with disabilities selected initiative of the Belgian TV channel RTBF and the nonprofit organization Hart voor Handicap ("a Heart for limited capacity"). In the field of preservation of artistic heritage, decided to support two projects of the Museum of art and historyin the Park of the fiftieth anniversary — new halls of mummies of pre-Columbian civilizations, as well as, in the event the Museum will be able to collect enough funds, recreation halls ar-нуво the winter garden, which Victor Horta was designed by Jean Cousin.


BRAFA — Brussels Art Fair — 26/01–02/02/2020

Tour & Taxis, Avenue du Port 88 — 1000 Brussels


Cm. official accounts BRAFA in Facebook, Twitter Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Contact in Russia: Catherine de Rochambeau-Лимонад / 7 916 145 89 60 / k.limonad@mail.ru.

Source: press-релиз fair BRAFA-2020

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