Auction ""Not all ruble": Paintings and drawings. Books and autographs. Archive of Henry Sapgir" in the "Antiquarium" 16 Feb
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In the directory — rare books, autographs, paintings, drawings, decorative-прикладное art and objects from the collection of Henry Sapgir

Publications of XVIII–XIX centuries and a lifetime collections of Sergei Yesenin, Boris Pasternak, Mikhail Kuzmin, Fyodor Sologub; engravings and lithographs of the XIX century, rare prints of the era of the First world war, the Soviet posters and children's books 1920-30-х years; Russian, European and Japanese porcelain; autographs of Nikolai Klyuev, Andrei Bitov, Andrei Voznesensky, Dmitry Prigov; unpublished letters of Paul Antokolsky, Stepana Schipacheva, Viktor Astafiev, Bulat Okudzhava, David Samoilov; paintings and drawings of non-conformists from the collection of Henry Sapgir — in the collection 52-го auction "Russian enamel".

Online-каталог auction.

Opens the directory section of decorative-прикладного art. In it the organizers of the auction say the statue "Hotei with a fan seated on a bag of happiness", pair of figures of actors of Japanese theatre, fine vases in the Satsuma style of Japanese porcelain of the XIX — early twentieth century French carriage clock and thermometer is truly jewelry in the form of a stele (XIX — beginning of XX century), porcelain seams with scenes from classical mythology and biblical history of Western European manufactories of the XIX century, as well as wine corks "Jew" and "Drunk", released on the famous factory Gardner, and a plate of the Imperial porcelain factory era of Nicholas I.

Section printed graphics offers etchings, engravings and lithographs XVIII–XIX centuries: views of the Palace parks, the leaves of the Botanical and Zoological atlases, views, and interiors, English castles, traditional Japanese motifs, etc. the Theme of "the Russian Empire and its inhabitants through the eyes of Europeans" is reflected in representing not only artistic but also ethnographic interest the engravings by Johann Gottlieb Georgi, Ivan Clark and John Atkinson. Russian military history is presented in the portraits of the heroes of the Crimean war from the album "portraits of the persons of distinguished merit and commander of the active parts in the war 1853-1854-1855-1856" (1858-1861). Particularly noteworthy are the prints (with watercolor hand-coloring) during the First world war caricature of the rulers of Germany and the Ottoman Empire, propaganda posters — from the harsh days "only Civil" before the era of space exploration. Interesting printed graphics of Soviet artists — Linden-Герша Roiter, Eugene Maciejewski, Vladimir Kitaev, Nikita Rodionov, Murtuz Magomedov, lyrical landscapes of St. Petersburg Vitaly Tambovtseva and Valentina Blinova.

In the section of paintings and graphics represented filigree drawings by Nikolay Klodt and road albums of Nikolay Dubovsky — kind of "creative laboratory" of the master. To the top-лотам auction is "town Hall" Mikhail Kikoin, one of the brightest representatives of the famous school of Paris. Soviet realistic painting presents the works of Peter Dobrynin, Nikolay Kochergin, Sergei Sokolov, Mikhail Esin, Konstantin Morozov, Rudolf Abramov, Mikhail Matorin, the art of nonconformity — works of Eugene Chubarova, George Kovenchuk, Eugene mihnova-Войтенко, Alexander Kostecki, Hyper-Пупера, Felix volosenkova, Vyacheslav Agalakova. Special attention of the organizers of the auction, I draw on three works by Anatoly slepysheva, originating from the collection of Elena Levina and Vladimir Esakova,close friends of the painter: "Portrait of Elena Levina", "Cart" finally, "Road ravens" — kind of roll with the last painting of Vincent van Gogh. Interesting costumes of the brush Russian artists, whose creative activity was connected with the theatre — Catherine Grain, Valery Levental, William Klementyev, Vadim Ryndin.

the Second part of the catalogue includes more than fifty signatures, including inskript composer and music critic Caesar Cui on the reprint of his article about Alexander Dargomyzhsky, a collection of stories of Viacheslav Shishkov "Fresh breeze" with a donative inscription of the author, the artist Kuzma Petrov-Водкину, one of the last signings of Alexei Kruchenykh, addressed to the poet@-"for those" Jan Stanovskomu, the letters of Paul Antokolsky, Boris Polevoy, Stepana Schipacheva, Bulat Okudzhava, Viktor Astaf'ev and David Samoilov. Undisputed top-лот — second collection of poetry of Nikolai Klyuev "Forest was" with a dedication to Nicephorus Kravchenko, father, intimate friend of the poet — artist Anatoly Yar-Кравченко.

Among the publications of XVIII–XIX centuries stand out "Rays of wisdom, or preachy and useful reasoning Seneca, and Plutarch..." (1785), separate volumes of "the Arabian nights" (including a rare edition of Smolensk, 1796) and the political bestseller of its era — essay of abbé Augustin of Barruera "Voltarians or the story of the Jacobins, opening all his sins against the Christian and the sacraments of the Masonic lodges that have an impact on all the European Powers" (1805-1809). Lifetime editions of the Silver age is represented by the names of Igor Severianin, Anatoly Kamensky, Fyodor Sologub, Mikhail Kuzmin, Sergei Yesenin, Ilya Ehrenburg, Sergei Rafalovich, Boris Pasternak, Sasha Cherny, Nikolai Klyuev. As indicated in a separate collection of children's books 1920-30-х years, among them such rare as "Tale-быль about Mary Brave nazarska Good Chemical and overseas locusts," Alexander Elias-Блюменау (autographed by the author!). From-за numerous mentions of the disgraced Leon Trotsky's book was removed from libraries, and its storage could be a cause for accusations of "anti-Soviet slanders." Deserves attention a selection of Newspapers of the Russian Empire and early Soviet Union, including the rare, almost never occurring in the market issues of the provincial Newspapers of the time of the Civil war.

Crowns the auction catalog collection of objects from the collection of the poet, a member of the Lianozovo group and a member of the famous uncensored almanac "Metropol" Henry Sapgir. Section open it is a rare photograph taken in Crimea in 1950-х. Notable graphic works of the teacher Sapgir, the recognized Patriarch "lianozovtsev" Yevgeny Kropivnitsky, his wife Olga Potapova and son Leo Kropiwnicki, as well as artists that were part of the circle of the poet, — Dmitry Plavinsky, evfrosinii Ermilova-Платовой, Peter Belenok, Yuri Nolev-Соболева, Gennady Sukhanov, Anatoly Brusilovsky and Interesting figure. the infant terrible of the Soviet underground, the poet@-"magista" Leonid Gubanov, with its dedicatory inscription, neatly decorated in homemade Passepartout antique engraving "On the shepherds of Bethlehem", with the "hint" given by Victor Pivovarov. In the "book part" meeting — inscripti the largest Russian poets and writers of the second half of the twentieth century: Andrei Bitov, and Yury Kublanovsky, Vladimir Aleynikov, Dmitry Prigov, Timur Kibirov, Eugene Reyna, Andrei Voznesensky, as well as short-run bibliophilic editions of works by Henry Sapgir and his friend Igor Holin, released a brilliant master of the livre d'artiste Victor Hoppe.

pre-Auction exhibition is open until 8 February, from 12:00 to 20:00 Auction house "Antiquarium" at the address: Moscow, Sadovaya-Кудринская, D. 25, "Antique center", the gallery of the Auction house "Antiquarium", 3-й floor.

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Applications for absentee participation and bidding by phone will be accepted until 8 February.

All of the indicative prices quoted in rubles.

Auction will take place on February 16 at the address: Moscow, Sadovaya-Кудринская, 25. Auction starts at 14:00.

Source: press-релиз Auction house "Antiquarium"

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