Billionaire mark Pincus gave millions of dollars to the project of James Turrell
ARTinvestment.RU   20 февраля 2020

One of the most ambitious and long-term creation of art-проектов contemporary art — "Roden Crater" — can be completed in the next five years, if the artist find it necessary to perform all work $200 million

work on the project belonging to the category of land-арта began in 1977, when the artist James Turrell acquired in the Arizona desert (Painted Desert of Arizona) dormant volcano and decided to make it a work of art. In the opinion of the artist, "the Roden Crater" should combine in himself as the pristine beauty of the natural landscape, and the latest engineering and technical developments. With their help, Turrell gradually turns the volcano into a kind of Observatory, from vantage points where you can observe unique natural views and sky, untouched by light pollution. By the time of completion of works "the Roden Crater" must contain 6 tunnels and 21 screening room.

the project has already collected about $40 million, including $10 million in 2019-м year artist Kanye West, which also used the space of the Crater for filming of the short film Jesus Is King.

In early February, 2020 gallery, Pace Gallery and Kayne Griffin Corcoran, representing the work of Turrell at the fair, Frieze, Los Angeles, staged a gala evening dedicated to the artist and his project. On this evening, in the company of the Director of the Museum of contemporary art Los-Анджелеса Claus Biesenbach, actor and art collector Leonardo DiCaprio and approximately 300 people, a billionaire and one of the brightest representatives of the industry online-игр mark Pincus announced that he was donating $3 million for continued work on the implementation of the project "Roden Crater".

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Pincus said: "This project seems to me than-то like a modern pyramid. His ambition, scale and scope have the opportunity to become what-то that people will be able to experience and feel a few generations later — can be, even-то currently beyond our understanding." The author of the project, James Turrell, commenting on this event for the Los Angeles Times, noted that "Mark's support came at a critical time. The project is currently in a state of active movement, and this event will help further progress." Recall that under US law a person donating a certain amount to the projects in the sphere of culture and art, are exempt from tax on an equivalent amount for the fiscal year.

"the Roden Crater" — one of the largest but not the only project of modern land-арта implemented in the desert in the USA. From 2016 to the end of 2021 in the desert of neighboring Arizona and Nevada, near Las-Вегаса, you can see critically acclaimed the project "Seven magic mountains" Hugo Rongione and personally decide whether the artist deserves the title of the new URS Fischer.


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