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Adrian Brody will play the famous art-дилера in the new film by Anderson
ARTinvestment.RU   14 февраля 2020

The prototype of the character Brody was legendary art-дилер, Lord Joseph "Joe" Dubin. More than 75% of the paintings by old Italian masters, who are in private collections of the USA in the first half of the twentieth century, — a result of his work

the other day I finally saw the anticipated first trailer for the new film directed by Wes Anderson, "the French Manager". As it turned out, the plot should interest not only fans of Anderson, but also art lovers. The film is an anthology of three separate stories related to the work of the magazine "French Manager" (inspired by the real edition of "the new-Йоркер" (the New Yorker)) in the fictional French town Ennui-сюр-Блазе.

the First story — "a True masterpiece" (The Concrete Masterpiece) — is devoted to the figure ruthless art-дилера Julian Adagio (Adrien Brody), who wishes to buy the work of imprisoned artist (Benicio del Toro). Prototype Julian Adagio became a British art-дилер Joseph Duvin (1869-1939), who almost single-handedly opened the American market for European art.

the Famous British art historian and art expert-рынка Philip hook describes Davina in his book "Gallery of crooks" as a person with "legendary ability to get anyone to do what he wants". And his biography, written by S. N. Berman, hook considers "one of the most interesting books about art, when-либо saw the light". So the story of the movie shown in the trailer, doesn't look much of an exaggeration: first, the artist refuses to sell the painting to the character of Adrian Brody, and then the picture is on the wall of the gallery Cadario, and the voice-over says: "the Picture was a sensation."

Today, the principle of Duvine often describe his own quote: "In Europe a lot of art, but in America a lot of money." The dealer had the talent to find a masterpieces and sell them their rich and powerful clients, like John D. Rockefeller and William Randolph Hearst. A collection gathered during his later years became the basis for the formation of the major American museums. Thus, almost half of the legendary collection of Andrew Mellon, who formed the core collection of the National gallery in Washington, came to the meeting through his hands.

No stranger to the world of art and the actor Adrian Brody. In 2015 he made his debut as an artist at Art Basel Miami Beach, and presented at the stand of gallery Lulu Laboratorium own series of paintings with fishes and sharks. In 2016 the exhibition of his work was held in new-Йорке, becoming part of Projects Benrimon gallery, David Benrimon Fine Art at Frieze week during the fair of contemporary art Art, New York 2016. In addition to creativity, it is also well known as a collector: it is frequently found in various contemporary art fairs in the company of his friend-коллекционера, actor Leonardo di Caprio.

World premiere of the film "the French Manager" is scheduled for July 24, in the Russian hire movie should come out in autumn, 12 Nov 2020.

the First trailer of the film "the French Manager" (Searchlight Pictures, 2020):

Sources:,, Philip hook. Gallery scams. History of art and those who sell it. Moscow : Azbuka, 2018

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