Anna "Delvi" Sorokin planted for 4 years
ARTinvestment.RU   13 мая 2019

Talking about the exciting real detective, where false-аристократка originally from Russia, was fascinated by art-мир new-Йорка and has fooled a lot of important people. The rights to the story of her life already bought Netflix

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March 28th, 2019: Yves Saint Laurent Sheer Black Blouse, Victoria Beckham Pants

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Americans Have a complicated scheme of sentencing. In particular, the sentence Anna Delvi — is 4-12 years in prison. That is 4 right away and then will make a decision and can leave the rest on probation. Taking into account already spent in custody time, "the German rich heiress" was released, most likely, in two years. And then could be deported to Germany, where she arrived in the States. In addition, she was awarded a fine of $25 000 and $200 000 of compensation for the victims proved in court episodes.

About the amazing adventures of the former our compatriot can be read here. In 2007-м she left with her parents to Germany. Worked in a glossy magazine, a well-studied nature of the world of fashion and art. Invented a legend about their origins (a rich heiress from Germany), in 2016 it under the name of Anna Delvi appeared in the new-Йорке. Throwing money, got the necessary familiarity and soon became its art-тусовке Big Apple. I understand that she lacked only a bit of time and a little-чуть luck. When she was arrested, she was almost on the verge of launching an international network of clubs for fans of contemporary art (with works by Hirst, Koons and other art stars-мира).

Not only life, but even his court Anna Sorokina turned to the view. Refused the deal in exchange for recognition, felt the patience of the judge, showed rare composure and pulled even from this crappy situation. At the meeting it was delivered to fashionable outfits, and every exit in the hall caught photographers. Write about it and say all the world's media. For the rights to the story of her new-йоркских adventures of struggling publishers and producers of serials. Probably the only money from Netflix more than compensate awarded a penalty and damage. And what-то tells me about this extraordinary woman we will hear more than once or twice.


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