Princeton University posted its rich collection of Soviet children's books 1917-1953 years
ARTinvestment.RU   11 июля 2017

On the website "Digital library of Princeton University" appeared 170 books in the clearance of B. Kustodiev, N. Of kupreyanov, A. Deineka, V. Lebedev, etc.

it would Seem, what does the Soviet children's book to Princeton University? And that's what. Between 1994 and 2006 Princeton University was donated a rich collection of more than 1.5 thousands of Soviet children's books collected by bookseller Lloyd E. Katsinam (Lloyd E. Cotsen) in about 30 years. In subsequent years the collection was replenished with a further 1000 titles of publications. Understanding the value of the collection, Princeton librarians have begun digitizing the collection. Thanks to them we now can look through, for example, a children's book of Mayakovsky with pictures of Kirill Zdanevich ("whatever, — the elephant, the lion", Tiflis, Sucknig, 1928) or the Soviet reading stories about Tom Sawyer poet Nadezhda Pavlovich with drawings by Boris Kustodiev ("Bolshevik" Leningrad, Brockhaus-Эфрон, 1925).

On the main site "Digital library of Princeton University" posted 171 book from the collection Kotsina.

additionally, Princeton University recently launched a separate website "Playing Soviet. The Visual Languages of Early Soviet Children's Books. 1917-1953" devoted exclusively to Soviet children's book. While there are only 56 books, but the creators promise to add every year about a hundred publications. Besides, on this site it is possible to search by authors, illustrations, stories, technology, publishing houses, and so on. A good resource for booksellers, and anyone interested in the Soviet children's book — is a unique phenomenon and still insufficiently studied.


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