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Russian art market - 2013. Preliminary figures
ARTinvestment.RU   04 декабря 2013

As proved to Russian art in the domestic and global art markets in the first 11 months of 2013

As your favorite movie heroes every year with friends go to the bath, and we ARTinvestment.RU every year a month before the new year, summing up preliminary results of the auction of Russian art market. In 2012 saw records, and new trends — in General, it was interesting. Well, as it turns out in 2013-м — now calculate.

Domestic auction market of works of Russian artists

recorded in 2012-м the trend towards increased domestic auction of our life this year has been strengthened. New auctions emerged like mushrooms after rain. A private auction was launched antique "Three centuries", the first successful auction of contemporary art VLADEY, the book "Russian enamel". Expanded its activities auctions "Litkabinet" and "Eastern-Европейский Antique House", intensified jewelry auctions. Own universal online-площадку weekly auctions launched and we ARTinvestment.RU. Overall, it is clear that this process is gaining momentum. And becoming more Mature, without illusions. At least cases when the organizers after the first failure (and often the first trades are unsuccessful) to freeze the auction activity, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. As a result, in 2013 the market of two capitals worked for almost 20 auctions.

According to its own statistics ARTinvestment.RU, in the first 11 months of 2013 on the domestic Russian auctions in the segment of painting and graphics were exhibited more than 4 550 lots. One of them sold almost 1,600 lots. The average percentage of sales on all our auctions in the segment of painting and graphics was 35.2 % (at the Moscow auctions about 38.4 per cent). About how it was two years ago, so we hoped for more. The total revenue of the capital, i.e. Moscow and St. Petersburg, auctions for 11 months of 2013 exceeded 19.3 million — is also a plus-минус comparable with last year. For comparison: the turnover of the auction market Russian paintings and drawings in 2012-м also made about $ 20 million, and in 2011-м — $ 13 million.

the Most expensive painting sold at an internal auction for the first 11 months of 2013, was the "Market square in Uglich (Troika in Uglich)" Konstantin Yuon. May 18, 2013 at the auction "Russian enamel" it was sold for 76 million rubles (2,424 million).

And the most affordable work of fine art at the Russian auctions was tempera on paper Andrei Kostromitina. His still life was sold in late March at the auction of Leonid Shishkin gallery from the series "all from 500 rubles" for the required 500 rubles — 16 dollars calculated at the exchange rate.

Among the new encouraging trends of 2013, we would like to mention the successful introduction attempts in auction sales of modern (current) and Russian art. Twice a year successfully held the auction "aktualschikov" the sixties auction VLADEY Vladimir Ovcharenko. On November 25, woke up and overseas Sotheby's, offering actual Russian art in the catalogue of its Eastern European trading. And also very successful. As we remember, the segment of modern art became the leader of price growth on the world market in early 2010-х, and we are lagging behind this trend, the three @four mdas. It's time to step up, and there is reason to think that on the Russian market, the situation around the commercial potential of contemporary art maynot yet completely ripe, but Matures.

And while contemporary art Matures, most of the box office in the domestic auction market of antique artists. According to our principle of "one artist — one work" (we invented it, so as not to inflate the ratings, but to use them as much as possible authors) to be excluded from the calculation of "Moonlit night" I. K. Aivazovsky (sold at auction "Russian seasons" may 19 for 23.5 million rubles, or $ 736 677), top-10 the most expensive of the authors of the domestic auction market for the first 11 months of the year we have looks like this (as estimated price given the hammer price, converted to US dollars at the exchange rate on trading day).

External auction market of works of artists of the orbit of Russian art

In the world market statistics on the Russian segment of the art traditionally look more impressive. All wereexhibited more than 13,000 lots of Russians (including our domestic auctions), which sold almost 5 900 paintings and drawings — 44 %. Total fees amounted to more than 484 million dollars. Let me remind you that in 2012-м the turnover of the world segment of Russian art (including Rothko, then and other artists orbit Russian art) amounted to about $ 450 million, and in 2011-м — $ 422 million. Growth is. But the lion's share of fees Russian market-прежнему doing such giants as Rothko, Kandinsky, Then and Soutine.

Rothko hopelessly for nearest pursuers first year has been among the most expensive artist of the orbit of Russian art, changing only the a record in 2012-м it was a canvas "Orange, red, yellow", which still holds the record price of Russian art — 86.9 million dollars, and in 2013-м — throbbing abstraction " No. 11 (untitled)", sold in November at Christie's for $ 46,1 million.

Selecting the ten most expensive of the authors of the orbit of Russian art in the global art-рынке, we also used the principle of "one artist — one job." But if the domestic market need to weed out just one Aivazovsky, here from the review excluded four Shagalov, three works of Rothko and Kandinsky and one — Soutine, Mashkov and De Stael.

Next, in the "world" ranking, unlike our prices include the buyer's premium (Buyers Premium, BP). Why? Major Western auction houses (which are the serious transactions) results published long ago, and in recent years, as-то came "to a common denominator" — open rates with the BP. Our auction house is still on track to publish the results of mandatory, and of course, there is no common format prices yet. Most prices, where available, are presented excluding the BP, so we took advantage of this form for our rating.

And the last clause: as a rule, in the ratings of AI are materials or green indicators of investment risk, or no indicators. But now we're not talking about the investment prospects of a particular work, but things formal: in 2013, the picture of this-то sold for so much-то. Therefore, it was considered possible to consider along with the rest of the selling job Lentulov "the Church in Alupka", marked with a yellow indicator.

In General, for 11 months 2013-го ten most expensive artists of the orbit of Russian art looks like this:

the Results allowed the authors to take their places in the rankings, was shown at the auctions in Moscow ("Russian enamel," "Scoop," "KABINET", "Magnum ARS") and St-Петербурге ("the Russian seasons"), in the world ranking — at the auctions in London (Christie's, Bonhams, Macdougall), new-Йорке (Christie's) and Paris (Artcurial).

And the last four of the 10 most expensive of the authors of the orbit of Russian art in the world — H. Soutine, . Roerich, I. I. Mashkov, I. I. Shishkin — included in the rating for 2013 with a personal record.

Statistics: Alexander Sinev, AI
Ratings: Elena Vladimirova, AI
Text: Vladimir Bogdanov, AI

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