Kachalov, Grigory Anikievich
1711 or 1712-1759

Katchalov Gregory Anikievich

1711 or 1712 (s Zaozerye Novgorod district) - October 24, 1759 (St. Petersburg)

engraver, draftsman

Son Novgorod nobleman who served as a dragoon regiment in Nizhny Novgorod. In 1726 entered the gymnasium of the Academy of Sciences. In 1731 was established in engraving of the Academy, he studied engraving at O. Elligera and H.-A. Wortman, drawing - in IY Schumacher. In 1737 was promoted to apprentice in 1750 - masters of engraving prospectuses. He participated in many collective Engraving chamber, particularly in the drawing of real objects from the collections of the St. Petersburg Kunstkamery (1730 th) edition of the album "The plan of the capital city of St. Petersburg with the image of aristocratic avenues" Nadezhda "(from the drawings MI Makhayev , St. Petersburg., 1753) and others. After the death of IA Sokolova (from 1757) led the House of Engraving.

Engaged engraving of reproduction; worked in the incisal technique, often - in combination with etching. Known for more than 30 works Kachalova, among them - types, portraits, images of fireworks, illustrations and screen savers, and endings for publications of the Academy of Sciences.

Kachalova works are in several museum collections, among them - the State Russian Museum, State Hermitage, the Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin State Museum of History and others.

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