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Opened 338-е the Auction and 24-й curator's auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"

The master catalogue — 32 lot: 16 paintings, 4 sheets of original and 2 (one lot) — printed graphics, 5 works in mixed media, 1 sculpture, 1 work done by digital printing 2 ceramic composition, 2

the fee from buyers is 18 %.

Catalogue of the Auction No. 338 and 24-го curator of the auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art".

Lots 338-го of the Auction presented in the exhibition online-выставки AI.

Lots of 24-го curator of the auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art" presented in the exhibition online-выставки AI.

Dear participants and spectators of the auction AI! No monitor and no modern gadget ever authentic will not give works of art! Color, texture, not to mention the aura of a particular work, the impression from the meeting with her, the monitor is not subject. Good thing he can do at least wishy-washy, and not very good, on the contrary, to embellish (the last one we have, but it is fair to say it's worth). In addition, each person sees and feels by-своему. So come see all the work with my own eyes we have on Gorokhovsky, 7 (only need to call and make an appointment).

Maria Vasilievna YAKUNCHIKOVA (1870-1902)
Gate in MEUDON. 1895

In 1895, written by one of the top-лотов our auction today — small canvas "Gate in MEUDON" Mary V. yakunchikovoy-Вебер. "it is No exaggeration to say that M. Yakunchikova was the first Russian artist of his generation, which blended in with the European context, Pereskiopsis the bridge from the suburban Vvedensky of Versailles, of which she began to write early citizen of St. Petersburg A. N. Benoit", — wrote about her a connoisseur of Russian Abroad Alexander Tikhonov ( Since the age of 15 she became volnoslushatelnitsey MUZHVZ, where he studied under E. S. Sorokin, Vladimir Makovsky, im Pryanishnikova, VD Polenov. Sister yakunchikovoy Natalia was married to V. D. Polenov, and the family of Pelenovich, its environment, friendship with Elena Dmitrievna Polenova began for Mary Vasilievna the present school of art and folk art, which she is seriously interested. Yakunchikova was engaged in embroidery, wooden toys, tapestry, applique, majolica, wood burning. "It was typical Russian woman from typical Russian talent, and to live most of his life was forced abroad... In Paris, she worked on the types of the Trinity-Сергиевой laurels!" — wrote about yakunchikovoy S. P. Diaghilev in the obituary published in 1902 in the magazine "World of art".

in 1889 from-за poor health, it is almost always lived in Paris, studied, worked, exhibited. The silver medal was awarded a huge (3 × 3.6 m) panels yakunchikovoy "the girl and the devil", made in the technique of embroidery and appliqué and exhibited in the Handicraft section of the Russian pavilion of the world exhibition 1900 in Paris. "Creativity yakunchikovoy-Вебер not only anticipated the development of art Nouveau in the face of St. Petersburg "World of art" and symbolism Moscow, Saratov with a deep accent, "Blue roses", but also initiated innovative, at the European level, painting our "Amazons" — artists of the Russian avant-garde" (

ERZYA Stepan Dmitrievich (1876-1959)
Female head

Another top-лот directory — sculpture "Female head" Stepan Dmitrievich Erzya, created, probably in 1927-1950 years when the artist lived in Argentina, indicatedlabel Galería Arroyo (Buenos-Айрес). Arizu — amazingly talented sculptor — during his lifetime was called "the Russian Rodin".

he was Born in 1876 in Volga region village to a family of boatmen, worked in icon painting workshop, studied painting, sculpture and medicine in Moscow, lived and worked in Italy and France, became known, fulfilling large orders, exhibited from-за cheater agent lost Villa, workshop and 120 works in 1914 he returned to Russia in 1916-м called to the front, was a medic, on his return, he lived in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik, Batumi, Baku, he returned to Moscow; the amount made over the years — and creativity in teaching, and in public life — strikes... Going on a business trip to France in 1926-м, remained in Paris. After solo exhibitions in the gallery "Charpentier" and the Palace of fine arts, earned rave reviews in the press, has again received recognition. In 1927 he accepted the offer to hold an exhibition in Montevideo, went to Latin America. However, not having a Uruguayan visa, settled in Argentina. Quickly gained popularity, one of his first customers was the President of Argentina. Worked and exhibited, his work was written a few monographs. In 1947 he wrote Stalin a letter asking to allow him to return to the Soviet Union, received permission in 1950, he arrived in Moscow. In 1950 he created a portrait of Stalin. In 1954 in the halls MSH held a personal exhibition. In 1955 awarded the order of red banner of Labor.

tree Erzya began working in the mid 1920-х in Baku. In Argentina, for their work used primarily extremely hard varieties of tropical trees — quebracho (South quebracho) and Algarrobo, which are processed with the help of specially invented the pneumatic machine. Perhaps these rocks and created our sculpture.

Work in the next section — creation of Soviet artists — integrates only the period of creation. Each of these authors went its own way.

CHRISTMAS Konstantin (1906-1997)
Farmer. 1930-е

"the Most interesting and rich layers that feed a lifetime, was the period associated with our young hope. ...When there was Casimir", — wrote Konstantin Ivanovich Rozhdestvensky, the author of the composition "Peasant" (1930-е). The work included in the "Peasant cycle" — series, inspired by images of poststreptococcal "Peasant cycle" of Malevich. In this series of Christmas there are several separate themed sections — figures of peasant women, bearded men, family in the field, sheaves, etc. Researchers of creativity of the artist is creating this cycle "sometimes the highest achievements of the Nativity in painting". Sometimes he uses the plot, composite or plastic solution, seen Malevich, however, reinvents it, giving your belongings a special feeling, color and atmosphere drawn from your own experiences. "Is Grand and luminous Siberian sunsets@the semicolon is a red Siberian peasants-крестьяне... this Golden domes of the churches against the dense Siberian forests", — described origins of his inspiration, the artist. About Christmas read the article headings "the Artist weeks".

PROSHKIN, Victor N. (1906-1983)
portrait of a man. 1939

the Author of "man's portrait" (1939) Viktor Proshkin he studied at the Petrograd (Leningrad) higher art the — VHUTEINe (1924-1930) at K. S. Petrov-Водкина and A. E. Karev. He mainly painted landscapes, and it is called the representative of the Leningrad school landscape. However, his work is not limited to landscapes not native, but from his youth to the end of the days of the beloved city, he wrote still lifes, a variety of multi-figure genre compositions, worked as a book artist and, of course, he painted portraits, which in his creative heritage make up a significant part. Our portrait of a young man created two years before the war, the face with large features reflects the strong nature of the model combined with the obvious romanticism of her. The artist, as in many of his portraits, uses smooth, devoid of detail, background, concentrating the viewer's attention on the way to thoughtful young men.

SHESTOPALOV Nikolay Ivanovich (1875-1954)
Pushkin and Mickiewicz. Neva Embankment. 1946

the Composition "Pushkin and Mickiewicz. The Neva river embankment" (1946) Nicholas I. Shestopalova continues our story. "Nikolay Shestopalov has gained fame and recognition in the 1900-1920-е years — we read in the press-релизе personal exhibition of the artist organized in the state in 2016. — before the revolution, participated in exhibitions Association “World of art” and actively worked in the field of satirical graphics. After the revolution, in 1920-е years he turned to historical-революционному genre and he exposed his works at all exhibitions of the Association of artists of revolutionary Russia (AHRR) since its inception.

Official art history strictly defined Nicholas Shestopalovu place in the history of Soviet art, calling it a well-known Illustrator, author of sketches for the Soviet pre-war postcards glorifying heroic work. Art historians seemed to have forgotten about the training of the artist in Munich, about his participation in the exhibitions "World of art", in Russian art of the second decade of the twentieth century" ( Our job obviously belongs to a series of paintings and graphic works devoted to the life and works of A. S. Pushkin and M. Y. Lermontov, which appeared in the artist in 1940-50-е years, said the expert. Shestopalov "has come a long creative path from academic art, symbolism to create paintings on themes of Russian revolutionary movements and modern history. And was undeservedly forgotten, like many artists who, for one reason or another did not become the flagships of Soviet art, but remained faithful to the fine ideals of the past" ( And it is this fidelity to the visual and cultural ideals of the past reflects written in postwar Leningrad painting "Pushkin and Mickiewicz. Neva Embankment".

FALK Robert Rafailovich (1886-1958)

, Not dated pencil "self-Portrait" Robert Rafailovich Falk. Biography of Falk (1886-1958), you can set milestones in the history of Russian art of the twentieth century. Started in the Studio Juon and Mashkov. In 1910-х — one of the founders of "knave of diamonds" member of the "World of art". In 1920-х — lecturer at the VKhUTEMAS. In 1930-х — "Russian Parisian". In1940-х — unreliable "formalist". And after the war — one of the legendary "three f" (Falk, Fonvizin, Tabor) — authority for emerging young generation of non-conformists, quiet ideologist of the post-war unofficial art. About the artist read on AI: "artist of the week: Robert Falk".

RATNER Vladislav Isaakovich (1926-2002)
Urban landscape. 1980 (?)

Completes the section "Urban landscape" Vladislav Isaakovich Ratner, written, presumably, in 1980 — beautiful work in a recognizable manner, with a restrained, on-ратнеровски pure color and composition.

the Following section of the catalog — works of the sixties.

ZVEREV Anatoly T. (1931-1986)
Landscape with trees and flowers. 1958

it Opens early, 1958, "Landscape with trees and flowers" Anatoly T. Zverev. High quality works of Zverev 1950-х years a bit, or rather very few, most of them were taken from the Soviet Union.

the Marlen Pavlovich SPINDLER (1931-2003)
Portrait of an old woman. 1968

In 1968, one of the difficult periods in the life of the artist, created almost figurative "Portrait of an old woman" Marlen Pavlovich Spindler. About the author read on AI: "artist of the week: Marlen Spindler".

YANKILEVSKY Vladimir Borisovich (1938-2018)
leaf from the series "Torso". 1981

To a great graphic series "SARS" belongs to the pattern formed in 1981 Vladimir Borisovich Yankilevsky.

COOPER Yuriy Leonidovich (1940)

undated large canvas in mixed media, author's technique "the Tulip" Yuri Leonidovich Cooper. The artist painted a large series of such a kind of "flower portraits". And often as the "model" used the Tulip flower — in different positions, in different colors. Our delicate white Tulip nobly and gracefully emerges from silver-серого background.

VECHTOMOV, Nikolai E. (1923-2007)
Night flying. 1992

Completes a section of works of the sixties bright pink-черный sheet in mixed media "Night flight" (1992) Nicholas Evgenyevich Vechtomova. Critic and art critic Sergey Kuskov wrote about the meaning and significance of a sense of mission in the works Vechtomova: "...the SPACE itself is all the artist's works the dominant factor and sensemaking the beginning. It even finds there the qualities and properties of energy-dense living environment, active almost like a living thing. Space overrides or outweighs, in its significance all the possible particular beings, in General, all the phenomena and forms within it arising. However, even SPACE is also in some respects subject to their overcoming. So, overcoming a three-dimensional-измеримого, empirical cash space occurs through embodied here figuratively and Platonic sense of mission, transcending the earthly spirit of gravity or the relevant gravity, overcoming the oppression of distances or purely quantitative extent, which is not spiritual, and most material associated form of life space. This bare mechanical lengths of space, as prisoner of gravity, opposed to the rapidly spreading view into the interior space of attraction is notthe land already, and distances, depths, heights, with their penetrating and pervasive calling to fly glow. The overcoming of the oppression of three dimensions, weights and gravity also contribute to frequent here a variety of motives floating, as if weightless objects, regardless of their subject content, but somehow carrying a sense of mission" (

Grisha BRUSKIN (Grigory Davidovich, 1945)
untitled (Black silhouette with arrows). 1993

To the next generation of artists, other art belongs to Grisha Bruskin, the author graphic composition "untitled (Black silhouette with an arrow)" (1993). At the time his paintings were only seen their exhibitions were prohibited; and in 1988-м, at the first Moscow Sotheby's, the work Bruskin was on the poster and on the cover of the catalog. With 6 trades all his things, left almost a million dollars, and a week later he went to America. Today, Bruskin lives in new-Йорке and Moscow his works are in major museums around the world, and most he is considered one of the most famous in the West by Russian artists.

HOT Yuri Alexandrovich (1938)
Children of the rock. 1993

another work of the artist 1970-х — on canvas "Children of rock" (1993) Yuri Zharkikh. In 1970-е years Hot — is one of the leaders of unofficial art in Leningrad and Moscow, the organizer of the first exhibitions of artists of Leningrad underground in DC named strip (1974) and "Nevsky" (1975), member of the famous "bulldozer exhibition" (1974) in Moscow. Since 1977 lives in Paris, works, exposed, hanging in the world's best museums, including the Centre Pompidou, being sold at auction. Everywhere except in his country. Read about it to AI, and note that "in Russia the exhibition of the artist is not spoiled and acquaintance with the works Hot today, in fact, you can start anew. The doubly interesting.

And-моему, it's the wrong thing to do in front of this acquaintance, — is in advance to read a lot of criticism and art criticism of early interpretations of creativity Hot. Otherwise then all will haunt the horror, the sintered mass and “absolute death”, mixed according to the recipes of analytical art. Hot all-таки not Filonov, a follower of which it is considered, and rightly so. His work is completely independent and recognizable. Yes, his stories are often anthropomorphic plexus, piles of creatures with transparent skin. But it is rather a stylistic device to convey his own philosophical ideas. In short, don't listen to anybody, read the Hot sheet, where everything can be dealt with without outside help".

Traditionally, the final section of the directory — of the work contemporary authors.

SNEGUR Igor G. (1935)
the Intersection of contrasts. Fractals. 2002

Beautiful, repeatedly exhibited and reproduced in albums and catalogues the song "Crossing of contrasts. Fractals" (2002) Igor G. Snegur.

KOCHEYSHVILI Boris Petrovich (1940)
Flower and thistles. 2005

Black-золотая painting "Flower and the nettle" (2005) Boris Petrovich Kocheyshvili section continues the creativity of contemporary artists. Several years later, in 2009-м, the artist, completely changing the color palette, used this story in a colorful pattern "The lovers", published in the journal "Our heritage" (see Tamara Vekhova. Regardless of time and circumstances / Our heritage. 2010. No. 93-94.

Rustam KHAMDAMOV U. (1944)
Il Mondo. 2008

the Hero of our today's column "artist of the week" Rustam U. Hamdamova belongs to the large colorful canvas "Il Mondo" (2008). Magnificent lady in hadamovsky Panama resting on the beach leaning on a ball and completely justifying the title of the painting, translated from Italian means "Peace". The world around — with blue sea and white clouds. Peace and quiet in the shower ladies. Light blue dress with white collar is flowing on the figure, while showing her elegant lines. The look is pensive and calm. The world.

KHUDYAKOV Konstantin V. (1945)
with the participation SPLOSHNOV Alexander Anatolyevich (1963) Pearl. 2018

a four-foot draw sheet metal with digital print — "Pearl" (2018) Konstantin Khudyakov (1945) with the participation of Alexander Medvedev Sploshnov (1963). Beautiful original interior thing.

Olga GRECHINA N. (1947)
Chamomile. 2019-2020

the Only still life in the catalogue — "Daisies" (2019-2020) Olga Nikolaevna Grechina.

VORONOVA Lucy (1953)
Positive Jazz. 2020

Completes the catalog of one of the most beautiful of his works — "Positive Jazz" (2020) Lucy Raven. "Work great, 100,4 × 119,2, rare. In a striking and beloved in recent years, joyful style. Lucy turns to the experience of the past, using decorative elements-прикладного art. If you look at her tapestries 1970-80-х years, we see similar motifs. In the paintings joyful time Lucy, as if on purpose, but in fact just on inspiration brings together the happy, the motives and associations of the past and the present" (Georgy Voronov). ...Including jazz, under which it sometimes works and who owe the name and joyful mood, several fine paintings of the last period. "Positive Jazz" put up for auction the art.

Simultaneously with our regular 338-м AI Auction open 24-й auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art" curator Daria Sedova. In the ILLS, Katran, Maria and Natalia Arendt, Karina Barabanova, Aladdin of Garunov, Alexander Zakharov, Marina Kastalsky, Gerasim Kuznetsov, Egor Plotnikov, Anna Rusova and Sergei Shutov. About the authors read on AI in the article Daria Sedova "Open 24-й auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"".

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