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ARTinvestment.RU   11 июня 2014

Tomorrow in Brazil opened the 20th FIFA world Cup. Ahead of fans a month of good football. On the eve of AI has decided to recall some of the works inspired by the most popular game in the world

Tomorrow, 12 June 2014 in Brazil opens 20-й the world Cup. The world is in anticipation of a great football holiday. We expect the passage of the Russian team at least in 1/8 finals, as well as surprises from the "dark horses" of the championship — such teams, teams like Chile, USA, Belgium and Switzerland. But most importantly — ahead of the fans a great month [email protected]

Distinguished artists were also not alien to bright football experiences. And on the eve of Copa do Mundo portal ARTinvestment.RU decided to recall some of the works inspired by the most popular game in [email protected]

to Start it would be right for this job because football experiences have become crucial for creativity Nikolai Vladimirovich Stael von Holstein. It is believed that thanks to night football match in Paris stadium, the Parc des princes in 1952, the history of art through his groundbreaking discoveries in abstract art. Impressions from the game in the spotlight (probably it was a friendly match France — Sweden) led to the creation of two dozen paintings on the football theme and has initiated a very valuable short period in semi-abstract work of Russian artist (1952-1955). This particular canvas "Football in the spotlight" (1952) was photographed in Moscow in 2004 at the first international fine art fair (MWFAF current) for the heading "Investing in art" magazine "Direktor-инфо" — forerunner portal ARTinvestment.RU. The picture was brought defunct gallery "Jan Kryuzhe — Ditesheim" (Jan Kryuzhe was still alive), and asked for her $ 3 million. Now would such a thing cost about $ 6 million. The price of the work of the artist since then has grown significantly. And 2011 de Stael comes in top-10 the most expensive artists of the orbit of Russian [email protected]

"pictorial realism football player" — not the only treatment Malevich to the topic of football. If the Dating is no hoax, the football became one of the first scenes in his new cycle just open Suprematism. Picture the photo comes from the four Suprematist works, otsuzhennye heirs in Amsterdam the Stedelijk Museum in 2008. Later the first picture of this lot was sold for $ 60 million. Today probable price "Pictorial realism football player" could make $ 75 million. Perhaps in near future this picture will appear on one of the world's [email protected]

This work many had seen at a recent exhibition "Sport" in the Institute of Russian realist art. The auction record for a work Yuri Pimenov (Ostoura and author of the famous "New Moscow", 1937) still makes up $ 1.3 million excluding the auction house Commission. But it works such a high-class "Footballers" from Astrakhan GCG, the auction never appeared. If that had happened, hypothetically, the price for "Players", most likely, would be in the range of 1.8–2.3 million [email protected]

Name Deineka in a football context are probably primarily associated with a giant "Keeper" from the Tretyakov gallery. But I wanted to talk about other work. Innovative "Football" Alexander Deineka is considered the Manifesto of the "Union of three" — group vhutemasovtsev Deineka, Pimenov and Goncharova, one of the predecessors of the famous OST. The work was shown in 1924 at the Moscow "First discussion exhibition associations active revolutionary art". The work marked the birth of "expressionistic urbanism" and in a sense was a turning point in the works [email protected]

This rare early work 1956, formerly in the collection Vladimir Nemukhin,, and later in the collection of Alexander Kronik, was shown at the exhibition "Oscar Rabin. Graphics 1950-х — 1960-х" at the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum in July 2013. Viewers first saw the special in its metaphorical appeal of the leader "barrack schools" to the topic of football. Macaronie and maconochie players fight for the ball under the roar of the stands Makagonova spectators. Let in the figure of Rabin see more of irony than admiration for the game, but at least the football and not his left [email protected]

Football in "Customs officer" Rousseau turned out to be as mystical as other picturesque fancy of the famous post impressionist naive. All tangled up: the players of one team look like twins, but they don't play football, and in Rugby where the player catches the ball with his hands. However, in the paintings of Henri Rousseau always more important than accuracy, and mood. And with the mood everything is in order — festive, football, how [email protected]

Himself a passionate admirer, Picasso many times turned to the topic of football in drawing and sculpture. And recognizable contour football became his calling card in this genre. One of the copies limited edition sculpture "Football" occupies the Central place in the exposition of the National Museum of football in Manchester. Maybe in the photo she is. At least the sculpture was donated to the Museum by the sponsor shortly after a similar "Player" bought at Christie's in the summer of 2012. Bought, by the way, 10-кратным excess of the estimate — for 67 thousand dollars. Well, Manchester's football is also a religion, almost as in [email protected]

Here is the time to complete a review of football our "Picasso" — Anatoly Zverev, a prominent expressionist and fans of "Spartacus". It is known that such drawings exist. Valery Silaev told me that he saw a whole album with cool Zverev sketches of football. But have not yet found, searching, could, still [email protected]

meanwhile it's almost time to the screens. I congratulate all with the upcoming holiday of football! All good experiences. But don't forget about the art. After all, art-лето in Moscow and St-Петербурге also promises to be like never [email protected]

P.S. He who seeks will always find! Even ten months after we published the article and watched the 2014 world Cup. XXXVIII at the Antique salon exhibited-таки Zverev football — more precisely, the "Players" in 1969. Great job!

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