The artist community ROST

1928-1930, Moscow

the Members and exhibitors: J. E. Astaf'eva, N. V. Afanas'eva, A. K. Bohr, A. I. Brun, S. G. Veprintseva, A. M. Galkin, L. Y. Zevin, P. Y. Orlov, . V. Kashin, . Vladimir Kashin (Aide), V. S. Kizevalter, T. A. Lebedeva (Mavrina), E. P. Levina-Розенгольц, P. V. Luzgin, E. A. Malein, M. I. Nedbaylo, V. A. Plokhinskii, A. I. Poletaeva, M. N. Pohorska-Потресова, . M. Romadin, B. F. Rybchenkov, E. D. Sedov, O. A. Sokolova, P. V. Surikov, P. M. The Pusher, S. I. Tulupov, M. M. Filipowicz, S. A. Chuikov, E. P. Shibanov, A. V. Schipitsyn and others.

Exhibitions: 1-я (1928, Moscow) — 2-я (1929, Moscow)

Youth society of artists; founded by graduates and undergraduates Vhuteina, including former members of OMAHRR that have highlighted the development of new forms of communication between the artist and the viewer to find out the level of efficiency of those or other means of expression. The Chairman of the Board elected P. Y. Orlov.

February 13, 1928 Declaration: "We propose to abandon the old organizational forms of work and to get new ones, constructed in accordance with the ideological position, to go the way of "new peredvizhnichestva". We believe the original point organization club (factory, professional, regional). All the outside work is done through clubs, attracts well-organized, culture club, the viewer. The results of the club will determine and will impulsivity the inner workings of society."

was Expected to introduce periodic reporting by the artists before the Council of the club to create a standing literature-методическое of the Bureau and involve the work of professional literary workers to "organize and design reviews organized a mass audience" (not implemented).

the Society held two exhibitions: in March — April 1928 in the Club. E. F. Kukhmisterova Kursk railway on Gorokhovskaya street (now — Kazakova street); April — may 1929 in the Club. The October revolution Kalanchevskaya (now Komsomolskaya) square. Exhibited paintings, drawings, sculptures, models of theatrical scenery; among the exhibited works was dominated by sketches. The exhibitions were distributed questionnaires and hung posters urging the public to actively speak about the works presented.

Exhibition is not evoked a wide response in the press — have responded to the magazine "Krasnaya Niva" (1928, № 16, p. 9; 1929, No. 25, p. 12-13), "the Soviet art" (1928, No. 5, p. 16), the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (1929, may 25 — article A. A. Labas). I. Ephedra wrote: "No less characteristic trait of the new trend is the fact that the youth of the group "Growth" is a work of the viewer to itself, and she goes to him... All these striking features, breaking boldly and consistently fixed the traditions of our art groups. Among these young artists in the “Growth” there are many talented. Most are graduates or students of the VKhUTEMAS, quite carefully relevant to the question of the form entirely and still preserve the influence of individual manners of their teachers" (Visual art // Soviet art, 1928, No. 5, p.16).

Shortly after 1-й exhibition in society has occurredsplit. A large group of artists (S. G. Veprintseva, B. E. Levin-Розенгольц and others) came out of it and organized a Society of artists-общественников (OHO). In 1929 the number of members of the "Growth" was included in the Society of Moscow artists (MKO). L. Y. Zevin, sisters Nina and Hope Cascina V. A. Lebedev, M. I. Nedbaylo, B. F. Rybchenkov joined the group "Thirteen". A. V. Schipitsyn became a member of the OST. In 1930 the remaining part of the enterprises joined in the AHR.

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