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Opened 335-е the Auction and XXI curator's auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"

The master catalogue — 30 lots: eighteen paintings, six original leaves and one — printed graphics, three works in mixed media and two sculptures

the fee from buyers is 18 %.

Catalog of the Auction No. 335 and XXI curator of the auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art".

Lots 335-го of the Auction presented in the exhibition online-выставки AI.

Lots of the XXI curator of the auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art" presented in the exhibition online-выставки AI.

KHARLAMOV Alexei (1840-1925)
Portrait of a girl. About 1873

Section of Russian art the end of the XIX — the early twentieth century reveals one of the top-лотов auction — remarkable beauty "portrait of a girl" (CA. 1873) Alexei Kharlamov. "the Chamber women's portraits and "head" was a favorite genre A. A. Kharlamov, — says the expert. — Type of a young girl, depicted on the canvas, repeatedly met in the work of the painter, often creating images-головки regularly repeated with a certain type of appearance. In the directory-резоне of the works of A. A. Kharlamov (authors: Olga Sugrobova-Рот and Eckart Lingenauber) we are interested in the type reproduced in the paintings from private collections (Fig. 123, 124, 129). A dress is wearing the model, and the same necklace can also be seen on other portraits Kharlamov. Clothing and costume items exactly repeated in the portrait of Mordovian girl (1872, Saratov art Museum) and the Gypsy girls (1876, RM)". During the stay in the pensioner's trip to Paris Kharlamov wrote a few words directory-резоне, "Vladikavkaz types", some of them reproduced in the catalog-резоне, including portraits of the same model as in our work.

KRYMOV Nikolai Petrovich (1884-1958)
Old barn. 1910

Expressive and skillfully executed pencil drawing "the Old barn" (1910) the artist's "Blue rose" and the Union of Russian artists Nikolai Petrovich Krymov. On the Mat there is a stamp belonging to the collection of the I. V. Kachurina, as well as exhibition labels 1980-х years.

VINOGRADOV Sergei Arsenievich (1870-1938)
Summer landscape. 1920-30-е

In 1923, performed "Summer landscape" Sergei Arsenievich Vinogradov. "the nature of the landscape depicted on the canvas, reminiscent of the types of Latgale (Latvia), where he lived Vinogradov after he emigrated from Russia in 1923. <...> Probably ... is a full-scale study, full of energetic brush without a preliminary sketch. The manner of the image of clouds, tinted in the bottom of a dark violet shade, trees with a complex color composition, crown, chaotic, multidirectional nature of the strokes in the picture of grass often found in Vinogradov in the works sketchy plan", — says the expert. In the expert opinion noted that the work was sold in 1990 at Sotheby's.

the Following section of the catalog — artists of the Russian Diaspora.

KOROVIN, Konstantin Alekseevich (1861-1939)
Berendeyka. Costume design for the Opera N. Rimsky-Корсакова "the snow maiden". 1928

it Opens with a sketch of the costume of Berendeyka for the Opera N. Rimsky-Корсакова "the snow maiden", created by Konstantin Alexeevich Korovin for the first production of "Private Opera in Paris." Author's droppings in the figure indicates that this holiday the female costume is meant for the prologue of the Opera, which Berendei wires having fun at the carnival and meet Spring. Our young Berendeyka, judging by the high hat (this is most likely a kokoshnik, common in the Pskov and Novgorod provinces), — is a married woman. Her skirt and dushegreya richly decorated with embroidery. Korovin did a lot of designs for men's, women's, girls ' costumes for the berendeys. These fabulous folk costumes are very diverse and everyone at-своему decorated elements is almost not repeated, and on stage, the actors in the costumes made for these sketches, was to represent the bright, colorful crowd.

LARIONOV, Mikhail Fyodorovich (1881-1964)
Portrait Of Sergei Diaghilev. The late 1940-х — 1950-е

"Portrait of Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev" work Mikhail Fedorovich Larionov the expert dates back to the late 1940-х — 1950-ми years. 1929-й (the date indicated in the figure) — year of the death of the great impresario, which Larionov wrote in the third person: "there was No man that Larionov was so loved and respected as Diaghilev. All my life, and after his death". Memories of Diaghilev turned into a long-term work Larionov on the history of Diaghilev's enterprise, "are of a peculiar character — is not so much the texts, as many drawings of Sergei Diaghilev and his staff... In the process of field sketches Larionov created a kind of "final" portrait of the impresario, a mask, a graphic image, which can then be repeated and varied for many years. The nature of the figure and the inscription can relate it to the late period of the artist's work", — says expert and suggests that a new approach by the artist to Diaghilev's topic was prompted by the re-release in 1955 of the book Goncharova, Larionov and P. worms "Les ballets Russes : Serge de Diaghilev et la décoration théâtrale".

ARCHIPENKO, Alexander porfiryevich (1887-1964)
Le couronnement des formes (Crowning shapes). Arrangement of folders, Les formes vivantes (the Living form). 1963

Lithograph Le couronnement des formes (the Coronation forms, 1963) Alexander porfiryevich Archipenko — sheet from the folder Les Formes Vivantes ("Living form"), containing 10 tracks and released in Switzerland in 1963, edition of 75 copies.

Section of works by Soviet artists made up three songs, covering 70 years of history of Russian art.

Alexander VOLKOV (1886-1957)
Spring (Cutmanmike). 1917

In 1917, made another top-лот directory — watercolor "Spring (Cutmanmike)" Alexander Nikolaevich Volkov, the hero of the rubric "artist of the week". In 1916-м the artist returned to his native Uzbekistan after finishing art training and, like a sponge, absorbing new knowledge, impressions, ideas. Even during his studies in Kiev in 1910-х the years the artist became acquainted with A. Exter and A. Tyshlera, who introduced him to the world of avant-garde. However, a greater influence on the work of the second half of 1910-х years rendered his fascination with the visual style of M. Vrubel, the painting in which St. Cyril's Church in Kiev made a huge impression on him. Wolves have often been in this Church in detail and carefully studied the paintings of Vrubel. Another source of inspiration Volkov was an old Russian monumental painting he had seen in the cathedrals of Kiev. Inthe whole second half of 1910-х is a period with a kind of reinvention of what is seen. Things Volkova this period is guessed and "fragmentation" of the and expression of the arts and the magnitude of the frescoes, combined with the rapidity and dynamics, characteristic of the Russian avant-garde.

Watercolor "Spring (Cutmanmike)" written a year after the return of Volkov in Uzbekistan; spirituality and colour seen in Kiev, images of the artist at the-своему brought him in the near Eastern plot. This work is very valuable period: anything that will interfere with the free work — numerous accusations of formalism, the suspension from teaching, the endless injections and vicious criticism, — all that'll happen later. And while the artist is young, educated, free, feels in himself a creative power and ability and inspired works.

KRYLOV Porfiry Nikitich (1902-1990)
Stack. 1978

For many decades separated from Volkovskaya watercolor small cardboard "Stack" (1978) Porfiry Krylov, by the artist group "Kukryniksy". The famous cartoonist of the wings were thin and strict schedule and the painter. "Fine motive — a way of mother nature, the evening twilight sky, peace and quiet in a chamber study — characteristic of the work of P. N. Krylov, — says the expert. — In his landscapes rarely seen shapes of people, but the people behind the scenes present: in the images of the village houses or stacks... For PN. Krylov nature — independent and self-sufficient character".

LANG Oleg Vladimirovich (1950-2013)
Afternoon in the city. Diptych. 1987

Completes the section of the large diptych "Afternoon in town" (1987) Oleg Vladimirovich Langa. "Free and independent, he was not trying to fit into mainstream, to meet someone-то expectations. His signature style, which he was correct at every step of the way, mixed with the appeal to urban folklore, combines primitive expressionism, minimalism" ( Oleg lang — artist "Museum", "dozens of his canvases are in the permanent collections of many Russian museums, including the Tretyakov gallery and the Russian Museum, and were shown in solo exhibitions" ( Our diptych figurative, the artist says people "On the street" and "store". It's a very subtle thing, despite the massive figure of the beautiful blonde behind the counter on the right and the generals back, occupying more than half of the left part of the diptych: a pretty funny city picture and it has no negative connotations, no social sarcasm of the most picturesque stories of the incarnations of times "stagnation", but there is not faceless figures, and self-interesting images. And that's the most important.

In works of the sixties today represents only the first names of non-conformism.

WEISBERG, Vladimir (1924-1985)
Reclining Nude. 1976

The earliest works section — watercolor composition "Reclining Nude" Vladimir G. Weisberg (1976). Over the years, the artist turned to this motif and made a large number of similar works, some of them are in Museum collections. Regardless of the time of the creation of all these works (and ours is no exception, of course) combines a master workwatercolor and exceptional delicacy of the artist in the depiction of the Nude.

KHARITONOV Alexander (1931-1993)
Silence. 1979

In 1979 performed the song "Silence" the wonderful wizard Alexander V. Kharitonov. "My painting, — wrote Alexander Kharitonov at the end of life, — is based on three pillars: the Byzantine icons, ancient Russian painting and Church embroidery of precious stones, pearls, beads" ( Precisely inlaid embroidery, and not to the French modernist technique of pointillism send us finely made, filigree work of the artist, affecting the abundance of details and numerous local dot brush strokes and layers of paint in the picturesque songs (working different brushes, one thinner than the other, the artist put up to 40 layers of paint). Shimmering Kharitonov's canvases glow with a quiet, transcendent light, they live in silence.

ZVEREV Anatoly T. (1931-1986)
Trees. 1985

To the later period of creativity Anatoly T. Zverev apply canvas "Trees" (1985) — beautiful composition written quite varied and noble palette.

BELENOK Pyotr (1938-1991)
Untitled. 1990

One of the most recognizable works in the directory — "untitled" (1990) Peter Ivanovich Belenok. In this work, embodied all the traits of a famous artist's style, which he jokingly referred to panic realism. "the Picture is divided into two zones: the lower — bright, which placed human figures, and the top, which occupies much more area, where a dark backdrop flaunts an abstract figure — sverhsoldata in which lies a powerful energy. It is transmitted fashistskim brush stroke — this dynamic gesture may have occurred by the artist after painstaking work on the arrangement of the figures in the lower tier of paintings. The resulting shape was a painting in its pure form, it is natural pointlessness contrasted sharply with the realistic element of the film, with the result that had the effect of "invading another world"". Well, ""little men," Peter Belenok for the most part cut out of the sporting Newspapers and magazines — that's where you can find photos of running, jumping, falling, screaming athletes and fans" (

VULOKH Igor Alexandrovich (1938-2012)
Feather 1. 1997

the Stunning composition acrylic "Feather 1" (1997) Igor Alexandrovich Vulokh — is one of several compositions with the image of the feather-grass steppes, waves rolling in the wind. Fine graphics, and iridescent color work creates a magical impression.

KRASNOPEVTSEV Dmitry M. (1925-1995)
Eight still lifes with compositions for paintings

"Eight of the still-life compositions for painting" Dmitry Mikhailovich Krasnopevtsev — is 8 small leaves, unilateral and bilateral, with sketches, done in pencil, ink, crayon, with sketches for future paintings, collected in a single multi-window Mat. The leaflets are not dated, researchers have dated the same preserved sketches 1960-90-ми.

"the Ideal of the picture (dreams and desires).

Equilibrium, stability, static nature.

the Impossibility what-либо to change without damage to the whole: just as it is, the only solution that is both impossible, unthinkable.

Internal conflicts, the contrasts, the inconsistencies in General, balanced and enclosed in a common “frame” in full calmness and firmness. Impression (alas, only impression) of permanence, indestructible, eternity, perfection" (Dmitry Krasnopevtsev. Notes from different years. CIT. by: Dmitry Krasnopevtsev. Moscow : Gallery "Dom naschokina", 1995, b/n).

NEMUKHIN Vladimir Nikolaevich (1925-2016)
Composition with triangle 1 1. 2003

the Final section work — "composition with the triangle 1 1" (2003) Vladimir Nikolaevich Nemukhin. As experts say, it "one of the most popular and sought-after works of V. N. Nemukhin, written under the impression from the beautiful heritage and art-пластического language of the masters of Russian avant-garde 1910-20-х years. In this particular case, “Composition with triangle 1 1” is associated with the famous poster of El Lissitzky as “the Wedge red beat white”. Draws attention to compositional and coloristic proximity, severity builds and concise poster “the Wedge red beat white”... with composition V. N. Nemukhin".

Traditionally, the final section of the directory — of the work contemporary authors.

KISLITSYN Igor V. (1948)
Sketch for a series of paintings "Black sun". 1999

In 1999 performed a sketch to the cycle of paintings "the Black sun" Igor V. Kislitsin — software in the artist. All the cycle was exhibited in 2005 in the eponymous solo exhibition in the Gallery "Romanov". Our sketch — completed and signed by the author, who is quite applicable definition of Leo Diyakonichyn: "National roots of art today involve all professionals, but not all of them can rise above simple arrangement or stylization. Igor Kislitsyn was able to confidently implement, “recode” in a new quality standard structure of ancient compositions. Gradually he revealed the deep-shaped "ornament" of the archetype: the role of field lines and nodes, rhythmic pauses and accents, "eternal" translational or circular motion, a healthy harmony of pattern and color, the signification and the symbolism of the figures" (

KONYSHEVA Natta Ivanovna (1935)
The artist and the Muse. 2003

this is the festival of lovers and admirers of the Natta Ivanovna Konysheva: tendered her meter-long canvas "Artist and Muse" (2003). As usual, the artist combines on a single canvas figures and figurines (not only real, but painted on canvas, standing on the subframe), a lot of details, stories and Suzette, and predmetnikov; next to them writes "V. moles" in large font. (probably owner of the shop). As usual, this canvas want to look and unravel the author's intrigue. It remains to add that the conclusion at the end can be very unusual.

ZAITSEV, Peter M. (1979)
Three. 2019

for the First time in the Auction AI exhibited sculpture "Troy" (2019) Peter Mikhailovich Zaitsev — a professional architect. It is interesting to observe, how to feel actively working in the specialty graduates of the Moscow architectural Institute in the visual arts. We have already seen cheerfulpainting of Andrew Munz, and a sculpture of Peter Zaitsev — concise, the artist works with volume, without bothering about the composition parts, and because they are so interesting and attractive.

Paata MERABISHVILI, Marasovic (1964)
Blue bird. 2020

Completely different sculptor works Marasovich Paata Merabishvili, the author of the song of steel "Blue bird" (2020). Little blue bird dropped easily into delicate feminine hands — and all around was light, became bright and cheerful colors, detail of a sculpture as if alive and began to move. Here is a symbol of happiness completes our conversation today about the directory of the current auction.

Simultaneously with our regular 335-м AI Auction open twenty-first auction of the project "XXI century. Contemporary Russian art". In the Dasha Delaunay, Natalia Zhernovskaya, Dmitry Kedrin, Nina Kotel, Alexander Mareev (lim), Andrew Munz, Elizabeth Plavinskaya, Catherine Rozhkov, Vladimir Salnikov, Tatyana Yang.

All the best of luck on 335-м AI-Аукционе and auction XXI "XXI century. Contemporary Russian art"!

Those who are going first to buy a painting or drawing, would be helpful to know that no monitor ever authentic will not give works of art. Color, texture, not to mention the aura of a particular work, the impression from the meeting with her, the monitor is not subject. Good thing he can do at least wishy-washy, and not very good, on the contrary, to embellish (the last one we have, but it is fair to say it's worth). In addition, each person sees and feels by-своему. So come see all the work with my own eyes we have on Gorokhovsky, 7 (only need to call and make an appointment).

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