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Open another curator's auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"

The curator of the auction — Elena Kasyanenko, with the participation of Elizabeth Plavinskaya's. In the Dasha Delaunay, Natalia Zhernovskaya, Dmitry Kedrin, Ksenia Kononenko, Nina Kotel, Andrew Munz, Lisa Plavinskaya, Vladimir Salnikov, Maria Chuykova, Tatiana Yang

the fee from buyers is 18 %.

Catalogue for the Auction AI № 322 and curator of the auction "XXI century".

consisting of 10 lots — seven paintings and one lot represent a mixed technique, printed graphics, and object.

Open catalogue of the works of three representatives of the third Russian avant-garde, the author of the term Elizaveta Plavinskaya's, — "chaotic gathering of artists outside the system, not only by circumstances but also by conviction-free in the creative choice of all and United only a wild desire to work".

Dasha Delone. Deer. 2019

"Space paintings Dasha Delone invites the viewer into the world of personal imagination and cultural archetypes. The universe of the artist is inhabited by many strange and at the same time easily recognizable creatures: dragons, fairies and fantastic animals", — wrote about the work of the artist and critic Alexander Panov.

Where did this strange universe of the artist, whose childhood and adolescence occurred in the last Soviet decades? "It all started with medieval Russian literature, illustrations, and the restoration of medieval churches. Parallel — graphic design Studio Boris Trofimov: study grid, sign, typography and laws lasting compositions" (Elizaveta Plavinskaya). After was the Studio where they were taught to write in oil on canvas, learning from the avant-garde ceramist 1980-х Irina Labutina, independent experiments with ceramics, enamels, studying chemistry, achieving clean color, work with the designer Arkady Troyanker and — return to painting with all this great technical first and foremost a spiritual path. "First there were dragons and fish, "I was going to paint a very different, and then he suddenly showed up". Dasha draws tram — a dragon appears, draws the fish — and sit in the parks (aunt in charge of fate)" (Elizaveta Plavinskaya).

Ksenia KONONENKO lilies of the valley. 2020

Ksenia Kononenko, was born on the Great island in the White sea, the Arctic circle. "Rose, — writes Elizabeth Plavinskaya, — in Pushkino, surrounded by huskies, goats and artists, he studied in the Studio Brainin-Бисти in Moscow, the University in Warsaw, worked in Poland, Central Asia, the Baltic States, Russia.

awards in the field of advertising, employee international ad network" and — representative pictorial directions in photography... Things are unconnected, but in the works of Ksenia Kononenko they are quite a harmoniously coexist.

Our work belongs to the series floral arrangements. "Short little series arose for my peace of mind... — the author writes. — Main it — meditative and repeatability of movements."

"Each flower — personality and my attitude varies from love and fear", — says Ksenia Kononenko. It is obvious therefore, "flowers shot on a black background, and the space cleared of everything unnecessary so that every flower illuminated by natural,calm, third-party light."

the Series has turned into a large exhibition project, and shooting it continue.

Elizaveta PLAVINSKAYA Antique № 2. 2011

"My art is about happiness, which is, and which, as we know, cannot be" (Elizaveta Plavinskaya).

In the depth of the canvas leaving the ancient nave. True, but colored with bright colors like on the exam in ancient architecture made him out to be a lovestruck architect of the XXI century.

"She draws how to live in every single moment with all the passion, love for the object. ...All the space — in crazy colors, painted Plavinskaya's that fill the entire air force to react eye for minute shades of blue, pink, gray. On canvas (Plavinskaya no regrets "surface" — should be good for all Lysine the love flower, man, child) silhouettes are quite recognizable, but that also look dissolved, spun into the complex dynamics of texture, the heterogeneous, from wide, as if quite irresponsible "pounce" the paint to elaborate, favorite fragments" (Ekaterina Inozemtseva, chief curator of the Museum of modern art "Garage" (Moscow).

Natalia ZHERNOVSKAYA. The Queen of spades. From the series "Ballets by Roland Petit". 2004

Probably in childhood Natasha Zhernovskaya went to a proper art school, because they have those small steps that prepared her for the main step of her creative life: acquainted with the Leningrad Timur Novikov, 19-летняя Muscovite left the capital and entered the New Academy of fine Arts (NAII). "The style and technology of photography Natalia Zhernovskoe is a bewildering pearl, born between the wings of the St. Petersburg New Academy and on the pad of Moscow a mysterious knowledge that there is a culture in lace, corsets and ribbons", — writes Elizabeth Plavinskaya. This is a very accurate statement: all explicit — craft, technology, themes, motives, Hobbies, academic and neoacademism — of the Academy, , secret — warmth, sensuality, and charm that is hard to describe in words (maybe love?) — is Moscow.

"Photos of Natalia Zhernovskoe retained the ability to speak for the best photo-языках world — language Museum of photography, from old black-and-белых books where the angles are taken from the canons of Michelangelo; language perfect body for ballet dancers, speaking the poetry of the symmetries and balances antique painting; on the dialects of the St. Petersburg school of photography in the early nineties, collected from Renaissance aesthetics of the old photoprocesses — softness and precision all-consuming blur, enveloping eyes and leaking at the same time and in soul, in heart and in brain" (Elizaveta Plavinskaya).

Dmitry KEDRIN January. 2018

"Border, limit, outskirts of the world had troubled me since childhood. And in the evening landscape of the city Park I found the edge —the fence, where the unknown mysterious space. This space — my eternal manoc, frightening and attractive, it is the basis and the main intrigue of the plot. Sooner or later I will leave the exciting decoration of the lantern-lit trees and disappear in the darkness beyond the fence. And the memory of me will remain in my tracks in the snow until morning snowstorm buried them" (Dmitriy Kedrin about the picture "January").

Kedrin — is a professional artist-график, a graduate of the Moscow Polygraphic Institute. Received education and skills are not just useful, but also important in painting: "Spontaneous, emotional, expressive painting requires a constant control. I call it “time to stop”.

important To me equilibrium the color of the masses. Sometimes some color is starting to “yell” — have to calm him down or find him a support — to harmonize the painting.

work a Lot of pure, open color, I squeeze paint from a tube directly onto the canvas and use the tube as a drawing tool. This gives a dense and intense color line or stain. The line was not uniform throughout its length, mechanistic, I flatten it with your finger or spatula (Dmitri Kedrin).

His bright expressive painting composite very accurate and even-то graphic, but its organization and helps the viewer to deeply focus on the artistic statement and to hear the artist.

Vladimir SALNIKOV Kuskovo. 2006

"He easily and confidently followed the one adopted by the "not to be abstract and not be just costed, considered, handy, easily coded".

Vladimir Salnikov — artist, a man, a critic, a connoisseur not only of modern art, which always went against the mainstream, remaining free from the rules that infects a large part of the art world" (source:

"Kuskovo" — typical work 2000-х years in which people (brutal statue) seamlessly into the Park landscape. Parks "has always interested me very much. Like the ancient gardens in the East European parks will present the first Park — the garden of Eden. ...In Kuskovo, where I lived for many years, there is no other Paradise pond, in addition to the pond, and its layout fits into the Paradise Park canons. Scattered sculptures of antique gods. They are the forces of the universe in the figure of its structure (Mandal), presented the Park" (Vladimir Salnikov).

Nina BOILER Antiques 2. 2016

"What is a thing? How she lives, acts as a stand dialogue between me and the thing things? Their dialogue with each other? I am stating a different reality with love and curiosity" (Nina Boiler).

Definitions applicable to the subject of classical productions, the still-life "Antiques 2" do not fit. The artist creates a kind of picturesque readymade, placing utilitarian objects around us every day things in a beautiful space and thus transforming them into art. It creates unpredictable relationships between individual items in everyday life are past our attention. Accentuating the viewer's eye on them, it gives them new meanings and values.

Andrew MUNZ the Feeling of the meeting. 2017

"My concept — is a lack of concept. I'm trying to feel himself a free artist, not conned to-либо long-term attitudes associated with a particular direction in art. For me the important search. I try to be open-minded, open to new ideas" (Andrew Munts).

In the paintings of Andrew Munz "actively entered the experience of discovery 1910-20-х years Kandinsky, Chagall, Lentulov, Malevich. We are not talking about a direct comparison, and understanding figuratively-пластической system outstanding artists of the avant-garde.

, Free improvisation, an expression of accumulated experiences and emotions is the basis of painting works by Andrew Munz. Being including an architect and teacher, Munz keenly feels the chilling part of the rational art. Why it is so valuable to him the opportunity of expression that gives the painting that is not tied to nature, when between the artist and the emerging work there are no images of the real world" (Yulia Volgina, PhD).

Maria CHUYKOVA mashed potatoes. Object. 2014

If in the air, hovering a bowl of mashed potatoes, and the ingredients from which it is made, drawn, marked with arrows and numbered, then, before us a picturesque image of the high art of cooking, created "reading housewife" Maria Chuikova.

it all started quite simply. "When were invited to the West, I had a lot of time to cook dinner. On the project “Switzerland Medicine” in 1991, we (a group of “Inspection Medical hermeneutics”. — AI.) lived in Zurich for 3 months. <...> One day we called our gallery owner and asked to do dinner for 4-5 people for a very important collectors. I of course agreed. 10 minutes later she calls back and asks: “And 8?”. I agree to cook for eight. 15 minutes later she calls back again: “And for ten?”. And for ten I agree. And so she spent the whole day calling and increased the number of these important people. Came in-моему, to fifty. And this was in 1992, the disintegration of the Union, so we decided to dedicate our dinner “to the memory of the USSR”. <...>

We then began to remember all the dishes of the former Soviet republics in order to cook them. In General, it was a great evening that will be long remembered. I could almost say for-английски, but many have asked me for recipes, so I drew them. Then when I came to a well-known gallery owner there, I saw that here is my sloppy sketch, which was needed only in orderto explain how many carrots should be put in a soup, hanging next to Andy Warhol. Curator of the project “Switzerland Medicine” Claudia Jolles said it was a great find. When collapsed "Medgermenevtika", I continued to make such "culinary" work" (Maria Chuykova, source:

Tatiana IAN Garlic. 2016

"Easy, sometimes antique, sometimes watercolor with a radiant smile Tanya, Jan, so powerful and fierce in the work — bold. Her tables, fish, pomegranates, figs, flowers, represent a solemn sense of the subject... an Attack on the viewer what is happening from the canvas is the artist's delight from the seen" (Irina Starzhenetskaya).

"Even representing objects or fruits closeup, Tatiana Yang does not lose generalized, tending to the integrity of the monumental vision of things. In these portrait paintings can be seen and the most simple, and quite exotic fruit, written with the same sense of admiration for their natural beauty. Tatiana is not biased, but tries to reveal and emphasize the aesthetic dignity of his “models”: quince, pears, figs, pomegranate, persimmons, and grapes. She includes them in their world..." (Andrey Tolstoy). Our catalog includes still life "Garlic". This, of course, not grenades and not the grapes, but in the "portrait" of garlic, placed on a Golden background, as the obvious beauty and meaningfulness of true painting.

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