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"Sovcom." April 3. Brief summary
ARTinvestment.RU   07 апреля 2014

Suggest a good thing for the right price - and then you will be traded in the hall and buy as many as 27 people ...! And yet ... And yet the phone ... What zaochku directory, so is the result!

April 3, was held one of the major auction event of the spring — auction "Russian and Western European art XIX — XX century" auction house "SOVKOM".

the Catalogue, which consisted of nearly 200 lots, carefully taken within half a year, contained almost all the best what might interest a potential buyer in the domestic art-рынке art of the second half of the XIX — of the twentieth century. Lithographs, engravings and photos of the XIX century; Russian and Western European art XIX — XX centuries: the Museum is completely level names — B. Kustodiev, A. Lentulov, , I. Repin, etc., and of course top lot — picture V. P. Vereshchagin "a Welcome meeting. Date Boyarynia Morozova Prince Silver" based on the historical novel by A. K. Tolstoy "the Prince Silver. A tale of the times of Ivan the terrible".

school of Paris was submitted to floral still lifes Marevna and M. Kisling. Section theatrical and erotic graphics — works B. Kustodiev, M. Dobuzhinsky, B. Grigoriev, etc. In a separate string were allocated to members of the Union of Russian Painters and followers of traditions of the second half of the twentieth century. In addition, the directory got about 20 paintings by Soviet academic schools and representatives of the severe style. Completed the directory is traditionally for "Sovkoma" section of non-conformists and neoakademistami, as well as several works by contemporary authors — A. Gankevich, Lucy Raven, J. Cooper and others.

With this-то catalogue it is quite clear that by the start of trading in the spacious hall "Sovkoma" there was a full house — more than six dozen people and very lively atmosphere in the hall, which never happens, if prisutstvuushih prevail among the observers. In the end it is the hall and got most of all sold this evening lots: 27 people who took part in the auction, took 80 out of 177 catalogue of works. 14 lots went to buyers on the phone 22 times out of 34 were successful absentee bid. The total numbers of the auction are as follows: sold 65,54 % (116 of 177) lots totaling more than 110 million rubles (50.4% of the mean estimate of the directory). This is the best result over the last six months among auctions of fine art in Russia.

the hammer went 60,19 % (62 of 103 lots) of painting, 76,56 % (49 of 64) and graphics exactly half (5 of 10) photographs. And another interesting figure: it was bought (sometimes with trading in 5 or more steps) 37 of 46 expensive, i.e., previously estimated at a million and above lots.

If such a directory was expected and a large range of starting prices — from 10 000 to 33 000 000; often pre-installed starts were recalculated in a big way from-за changes of the ruble to the day of sale.

became the Most expensive item 102 of three illustrations Y. I. Pimenov for the book Marshak "Good day" (1948). Three sheets of butter paper got a buyer in the room: he won 14-миллионную correspondence rate, which started trading, offering 17 million rubles.

the Second value the buy of the evening was next, lot 103. The same buyer in the room and took a wonderful original gouache illustration Alexander Deineka for the cover of the book "Our aircraft" for 7.5 million rubles from the start to 7 million by absentee rate.

the asset can be written and trading in floral compositions. So, in 3 steps between absentee rate and the buyer on the phone was played with lot 49 — beautiful still life with sunflowers Marevna 1940-х of years, got the phone for 1 700 000 1 400 000 start. On the phone from the start to 4 300 000 rubles (the third result of the day) went elegant floral arrangement "Ferns and wildflowers" (1932) Moses Kisling.

the Most stubborn fight of the evening unfolded for lots 80 and 81 — spring landscapes P. Petrovichev and L. Turzhansky. For the first picture Petrovicheva "Spring in the woods" (lot 80), traded correspondence rate and six (!) candidates in the hall. To determine the winner, it took more than ten steps. In the end, the work went-таки in hall for 4 million rubles, from the start to 2 million by absentee rate. The same thing, except that without the participation of absentee bids, happened when bargaining for the next 81 exhibition "Landscape. Song of spring" (1913) semi-Pro: same starting 2 million, the same final 4 million, and won the hall.

Traditionally well dispersed sixties — V. Pivovarov (lot 165, 120, 000), Dmitry Krasnopevtsev (lot 167, 420, 000), V. Nemukhin (lot 170, 750, 000).

On a correspondence rate of 1 200 000 sold "still life with birds and fish," Lucy Raven (lot 172). If you count in rubles, then this is a record price for the artist's works (if in dollars, from-за the difference of exchange is the second result, but we are in Russia, so let's rejoice records).

By the way, that the notorious "difference", although that played a negative role during the play "Welcome meeting..." @the lot with the mdas catalog covers: starting 28 million roubles, to which applicants for lot 65 had time to prepare myself mentally before the auction have been translated into 33 million rubles. In the end, alas, the lot remained unsold.

In General, the auction was in a pretty good pace. Auctioneer (auction led this time Yu Tyukhtin) closely followed the mood of the public in the hall, and, if in active trade happened suddenly pauses, motivated potential buyers of the so-called "shorting". In particular, when it became clear that starting 250 000 rubles for landscape "Moscow-река" B. F. Sukhanov (lot 94) candidates there, he began gradually, 10 000rubley, to reduce the price. Hall relaxed and missed the moment when for a modest $ 40,000 picture took the most successful (and helpful) party in its ranks. Congratulations it a very reasonable purchase. Conclusion: in order not to miss the best offer, don't be distracted while trading.

Auction season success than justified the high expectations of most of the public. The authors and supporters of negative forecasts can be comforted unsold lots, and it is hardly a long time all these works are offered within postauktsionnoy sale. Congratulations to the organizers of the auction, its participants and winners.

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