The Artel of Ancient Painting


Palekh in the Ivanovo-Вознесенской province

Members-учредители: I. M. Bakanov, I. I. Golikov, A. I. Zubkov, I. I. Zubkov, A. In. V. Kotuhin, I. V. Markichev.

Members: P. D. Bazhenov, A. G. Bakanov, A. S. Baranov, L. I. Belousov, A. I. Blokhin, G. K. Bureyev, A. N. and D. N. Butorina, I. V. and I. P. Vakurov, A. I. Vatagin, I. A. Dorofeev, M. F. Dushin, B. F. Dushin, A. A. Dydykin, V. Zhegalov, . M. Zinoviev, E. A. Caravaning, , F. A. Yurtsev, A. Y. Makarov, . M. and P. L. Parilov, . A. Pravdin, V. M. Balabanov, S. V. Sosin, I. P. Suslov, D. M. Turin, M. A. Khokhlov and others.

Honorary member: A. M. Gorky.

Exhibitions: 1930 (Leningrad), 1932 (Moscow)

Based artists-палешанами I. M. Bakanova, A. A. Glazunov, I. I. Golikov, A. I. and I. I. Zubkovym, A. In. V. Kotehineri, I. V. Markichev with the support of the Handicraft-художественного Museum at Supreme Council of national economy. The mastermind was made by art historian A.V. Bakushinskii. The impetus to the creation of the Cooperative was the success of Palekh lacquer miniatures 1-й Russian art-промышленной exhibition in Moscow (March 1923) and XIV International art exhibition in Venice (summer 1924), where the works of studios, Palekh was awarded diplomas of 1-й and 2-й degrees.

December 5, 1924 held an organizational meeting of the Cooperative; 8, 1925 approved the articles of Association. Chairmen of the Board were elected A. V. Kotuhin. (1924-1926), I. V. Markichev (1926-1929), A. I. Zubkov (1929-1934). A representative of the cooperative in Moscow A. A. Glazunov. In 1929 members of the Cooperative were 23 masters, 1932 — 48 members, 20 candidates and 48 students.

the members of the Cooperative were performed lacquer miniatures papier-маше (chests, boxes, tea-caddies, snuff boxes, powder boxes), 1929 was also engaged in painting on porcelain and ceramics, painted toys. Original billets papier-маше purchased at the Fedoskino artel, but soon developed its own production.

brushwork was based on the traditions of ancient iconography, themes, by contrast, was emphatically modern: revolutionary history, the Red Army, the collectivization of agriculture. These are miniature "Army-отпускник in the village", "Battle red with white" I. Golikov, "Reconstruction of agriculture" I. M. Bakanova, "Partying in the village," "the Young naturalists" . M. Zinoviev, "Meeting in the country, the First tractor in the village," "Down with the old idiocy of rural life" I. I. Zubkov and others. Along with the themes of Soviet life was a popular fairy-tale motifs.

works were bought by the Nizhny Novgorod branch of Gostorg, and the Moscow organization "Moskus", later — the Ministry of Foreign trade of the USSR. In the spring of 1925 Artel participated in the Leipzig fair and the International exhibition of fine and-декоративных arts in Paris, where he received the Grand-при and a number of diplomas 1-й degree in 1927 — 3-й international Monza-Миланской exhibition of decorative art, as well as in exhibitions in USA and Germany. In 1926-1929 Artel held several independent exhibitions in Nizhny Novgorod, Ivanovo, Shuya, Moscow, Leningrad; in 1930, a large exhibition of Palekh miniature was held at the State Russian Museum in Leningrad (involved 13 artists), 1932 — inhalls Association "Vsekohudozhnik" at the Kuznetsk bridge in Moscow (participated 33 wizard). The last two exhibitions were accompanied by the publication of a catalogue.

the activities of the studios, Palekh was interested in A. M. Gorky, A. V. Lunacharsky and V. D. Bonch-Бруевич, N. I. Podvoisky.

From 1927 when the Farm began to develop the apprenticeship, which according to the decision of the CPC funds were provided. It was produced a special position on the team of masters, in the drafting of which was attended by the expert artisans of F. Y. Zochovitzky. In 1931, when the Farm opened a special vocational school.

In March 1935 Artel was transformed into the "Association of artists of Palekh" and handed over to the "Vsekohudozhnik", which later led as its economic and artistic activities.

  • 15.10.2018 Exhibition of Sergey Zaryanko in the Tretyakov gallery Chamber exhibition to 200-летию since the birth of Sergei Konstantinovich Zaryanko (1818-1870) — painter, portraitist, master of interiors and miniatures
  • 08.10.2018 Arkhip Kuindzhi in the Tretyakov gallery A large retrospective of Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi (1842-1910) was opened in Lavrushinsky. Presents more than 180 works from 23 museums and one private collection
  • 05.10.2018 The exhibition "Demons in the machine": the world of technological art in MMSI Contemplating what the robots? Their current troubles @technocenos mdas, the development of artificial intelligence, "creativity," neural networks, learning machines, some others. A new evolutionary stage, which includes humanity, first examined by scientists and artists
  • 05.10.2018 Boris Smirnov-Русецкий: running The exhibition is organized by gallery "vellum" and gallery "art Center. Moscow" with support of the Russian Fund of culture and the Federal Agency for tourism of the Russian Federation
  • 04.10.2018 "Isaac Levitan and author cinema" The exhibition at the Jewish Museum presents 30 works of Isaac Levitan and a number of recognizable scenes of domestic cinema, inspired by an infinity lyrics artist
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