"The field of action. Moscow Conceptual School and its context, "the Fund" Catherine "
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The exhibition is dedicated to Russian art 1970-80-ies. Presented about 300 exhibits, including works by Yury Albert, Eric Bulatov, Sergei Volkov, Vadim Zakharov and other

Tomorrow, Oct. 23, in the halls of the Fund "Catherine" presents "The field of action. Moscow Conceptual School and its context ", dedicated to Russian art 1970-80-ies. It will be presented about 300 exhibits, including works by Yuri Albert , Erik Bulatov , Sergey Volkov , Vadim Vadim Zakharov , Constantine Zvezdochetova , Ilya Kabakov , Vitaly Komar , Andrew's Monastery , Nicholas Panitkova, Viktor Pivovarov , Andrei Filippov and other artists, as well as photographs and unique documentary materials.

space art - it is always a field of action different forces, a place of intersection of creative strategies, a complicated picture of the interaction of the dominant trends and marginal phenomena. The project examines the "field of" one of the brightest and most difficult periods in the national culture of the second half of the twentieth century - the time of formation of the Moscow Conceptual School.

In a certain sense of conceptualism - a "theoretical peak" of the whole art of the twentieth century. Proclaiming the primacy of ideas, the master of this field emphasized the intellectual rather than aesthetic, often refusing even to visualize their works. In Russia this trend is widespread, becoming fundamental in the art 1970-80-ies, and indeed left an imprint on almost all the phenomena of non-art a few decades.

Curators Alexandra Danilova and Elena Kuprina-Lyakhovich set a goal to step back to look at the events of the last century, to outline the main vector force field of art, to outline the most striking phenomena associated with the history of Moscow Conceptualism. That is, the terminology itself conceptualists, determine the "text" and "context" of this phenomenon.

The exhibition is divided into two complementary parts. The first - a "look inside" immersion in the context of the era - it made photographic portraits of artists and pictures of their workshops, exhibitions documentation (official or apartment), stored in a personal video archives. The second - "look outside" - detached observer study, which fixes the event for history.

first section of the exhibition, "The Context. The search language is dedicated to the context in which the birth took place in Moscow Conceptual School. Taking the created in the early 1980's Vadim Zakharov and George Kizevalterom galleries "In the workshops, facilitators identified key figures of the period of formation of the "conceptual circle».

That as part of documentary material and appear on the "canvas Vladimir Veisberg , Anatoly Zverev , Dmitry Krasnopevtseva , Oscar Rabin , Sobolev and many other masters abroad 1960-70-ies. Interestingly, in this context to see the early works of artists of the 1970 Valeria Gerlovin , Vitaly Komar, Alexander Kosolapov , Leonid Sokov .

peculiar abroad that divided the two epochs, may be called the "Bulldozer Exhibition" in 1974 - a heroic out of the informal culture of hiding and start the process of legalization - after then in Moscow, a new range of unofficial artists, once again does not fit into the framework of "legalized modernism." These terms and became the Moscow Conceptual School. Virtually abandoning chronological order, the curators have preferred typology, highlighting a few key concepts, or even stileobrazuyuschih art of this period, denoting the major trends that originated in Moscow Conceptual School and continues to evolve in the space of conceptual art decades. One of these trends, combining work of Andrei Abramov, Erik Bulatov, Oleg Vasiliev , Edward Gorokhovsky , Ilya Kabakov, Victor Pivovarov, Ivan Chuikov , Sergei Shablavin , denotes a section of the exhibition as" Space ».

In the next section of the exhibition -" Signs /structure "- reflects the direction of conceptualism, which is characterized by a symbolic reading of the world, searching for a variety of patterns and structures in relation to the environment as a text in need in the analysis and interpretation. Visual minimalism works Rimma and Valery Gerlovin or Andrew Monastery, continuous act of shares of "collective action", underlined the interest to the text, word, words give rise to a number of works of art are on the boundary of genres.

Alexander Yulikova , Svetlana Kopystyanskoy , Sergey Volkov, Hope Stolpovskaya intellectual game - interest in a word, text, mark - combined with the richness of texture, the freedom of stroke, comparing the different textures.

Section "Mythology" is devoted to this significant phenomenon in the art of the early 1970's, as a social art, and its later versions. Originating in the work Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid , social art quickly became widespread in the works Alexander Kosolapov, Rostislav Lebedev , Boris Orlov , Leonid juices. However, most of them it was perceived not only as a conceptual method, but as metaphors, allowing free-form gaming operate clichéd images. This artistic strategy was picked up and the next generation of artists - Maria Konstantinova , Andrei Filippov, Nikolai Kozlov, Dmitry Vrubel . In their creative work with myths is part of a more sophisticated conceptual or postmodern game.

separate section of the exhibition devoted to the so-called period of "new wave", which in Russia is associated with the activities of groups of «Amanita» , NW and the community of galleries APTART. As masters of the 1970's, artists of the "new wave" of exploring in his work "boundary" layers of culture. Only now they introduce into circulation a high intellectual Yard art aesthetics. This section presents the work of artists such as Nikita Alexeev, Vadim Zakharov and many others.

  • SERGEY Mironenko New. 1990 Collection of Catherine and Vladimir Semenihinyh

motley multicolored "new wave" gave impetus to the development of various trends, spills out in the forms of performances and exhibitions. On a wave of foreign interest in perestroika and glasnost auction house Sotheby's has decided to convene in Moscow trading, which was presented not only the classical avant-garde art but also contemporary artists. In fact, it is at this auction for the first time officially and legally been declared the "value" incomprehensible "unofficial art", many times higher than the imaginable limits of Everyman. For the artists started a completely different era, marked in "field of action" as "Epilogue. The era of happiness. " This section ends with a display devoted to the short period of intoxication with freedom and a sense of dreams come true for independent work.

Ekaterina and Vladimir Semenikhin, the founders of the Cultural Foundation "Ekaterina", about the exhibition: "It seems to us that is long overdue need to show this vibrant, complex and ambiguous period in the history of Russian art in large scale exposure. The project, called "Field of" interested us the opportunity not just to provide the audience Moscow Conceptualism as a significant phenomenon in art 70-80-XX century, but also vividly describe the artistic life of that time, the different directions that have existed in the informal art of this period. When choosing a topic of considerable importance for us was the fact that recourse to it gives an opportunity to show in the halls of the Fund have never been exhibited works from our collection. Some were included in the exhibition of work by artists such as Sergei Volkov, Vadim Zakharov, Svetlana Kopystyanskaya, Vitaly Komar, Irina Nakhova , Andrei Filippov, represented the first time ».

The display consists of works from the collection of Ekaterina and Vladimir Semenikhin, a collection of the Museum of Mani, to participate in the exhibition are invited to public and private collections. The exhibition includes works by artists Yuri Albert, Eric Bulatov, Sergei Volkov, the group "Collective Action", a group of "Amanita", a group SO, Constantine Zvezdochetova, Ilya Kabakov, Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid, Alexander Kosolapov, Yuri Leiderman , Vladimir Mironenko, Sergei Mironenko, Andrei Monastery, Boris Orlov, Victor Pivovarov, Dmitry Prigov , Leonid Sokov, Andrei Filippov, Ivan Chuikov and others.

exhibition will run until December 10, 2010 .

Source: ekaterina-foundation.ru

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