Open auction XXI "XXI century. Contemporary Russian art"
ARTinvestment.RU   25 июня 2020

In the Dasha Delaunay, Natalia Zhernovskaya, Dmitry Kedrin, Nina Kotel, Alexander Mareev (lim), Andrew Munz, Elizabeth Plavinskaya, Catherine Rozhkov, Vladimir Salnikov, Tatyana Yang

the fee from buyers is 18 %.

Catalogue of the Auction No. 335 and the auction XXI "XXI century. Contemporary Russian art".

Lots of the XXI curator of the auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art" presented in the exhibition online-выставки AI.

In the composition of the auction of 10 lots — nine paintings and one work in mixed media.

Dasha Delone. nightmare. 2018

"Space paintings Dasha Delone invites the viewer into the world of personal imagination and cultural archetypes. The universe of the artist is inhabited by many strange and at the same time easily recognizable creatures: dragons, fairies and fantastic animals" (Alexander Panov, art critic).

"That's what I think art Dasha Delone: vanguard — is not the clichéd statement that art is not ideological and not philosophical. This is a fabulous existentialism is. A variant of realism — only the reality is quite exotic. Creativity Delaunay — is avant-garde, based on centuries-old cultural experience of the capital's residents, but not overwhelmed them, and the old aeroplane, flying all the time in a special climate where dragons feel fine" (Elizaveta Plavinskaya, art historian).

Natalia Zhernovskaya. Shadow 2. 2020

Natalia Zhernovskaya — student of Timur Novikov, a well-known and recognized photographer in her own unique processing technology in the world and turning them into delicate and graceful works of art. We offer public painting Natalia Zernovski, a different direction in her work, the work of the 2020.

"We are all born in the art of the late eighties — early nineties, — writes art historian Elizaveta Plavinskaya, — brought up the possibility of confidence in the ideal of the Academy of Timur Novikov, in love with ourselves and each other, and in the world, full of treasures of art and spirit, would remain forever simple sculptures of the bygone era gradually, but the style and the weightless breath of pictures in the works and projects of Natalia Zhernovskoe keep the pulse of life in the heart of the marble statues of our aesthetic notions of man's place in the Palace theatre and next to a huge metal ship. And so on..." And in the sky —, it remains to add, looking at the beautiful canvas Natalia Zhernovskoe.

Dmitry Kedrin. Vienna. Yellow house. 2019

Big city — one of the sources of inspiration Dmitry Kedrin. They carried life, time flies, the colors succeed each other, as in a kaleidoscope. Kedrin he travels frequently to Europe, and his painting is born based on these journeys, the imagination and skill of the artist transforms what he saw, felt urban rhythms of today in an expressive images.

Kedrin — is a professional artist-график, a graduate of the Moscow PolygraphicInstitute. Received education and skills are not just useful, but also important in painting: "Spontaneous, emotional, expressive painting requires constant monitoring. I call it “time to stop”.

it is important For me the balance of the colour masses. Sometimes some color is starting to “yell” — have to calm him down or find him a support — to harmonize the painting.

work a Lot of pure, open color, I squeeze paint from a tube directly onto the canvas and use the tube as a drawing tool. This gives a dense and intense colored line or stain. The line was not uniform throughout its length, mechanistic, I flatten it with your finger or spatula (Dmitry Kedrin).

His bright expressive painting composite very accurate and even-то graphic, but its organization and helps the viewer to deeply focus on the artistic statement and to hear the artist.

Nina Boiler. Modern Antiques. Mouse Evgeny Barabanov. 2004

"Love to put on unfamiliar or have never painted, but then strange things. I think I am afraid of them drawing the same — tame. I like to see how surprised my audience when I show them the past that they always pass without noticing" (Nina Boiler).

Antiques, by definition, is old or rare works of art or other valuable things which are objects of a collecting and trade. "Modern Antiques" Nina Boiler called picturesque series of computer mouse your friends — Aristarchus Chernyshev, Irina's Throat, Vitaly Patsyukova, Evgeny Barabanov, Viktor Misiano, and others. "I specifically went to the boys, painted them mouse from nature. Aristarchus brought me his collectible mouse 80-х years and the most modern. <...> the Mouse as a pencil or a brush or fountain pen, — continued human hand, part of it. I'm always interested in the ownership of the object to a specific person, the character" (Nina Boiler). Computer mouse — item is short-lived, it lives for some years and then breaks down or is replaced by a more functional, beautiful and comfortable. But to throw it away, even broken, the hand does not rise — may be because the arm got used to it and it is warmed by its heat? I suppose that is what the artist saw the value in and "antiquarisch" mouse — warm in our strange attachment to her. An old mouse for a long time lay in a box with all the computer stuff, and then with the whole box go to waste, swept away by a noble impulse to modernity...

Alexander Mareev (lim). Apples on a platter. 2016

Classic staged still life. But what-то it is not very classic... Color scheme looks like an allusion (if not quote) Petrov-Водкина. But too all their own and give to be a quote.

Apples — too many of them and they are all different, and each by itself, theyfresh and podvyadshie, and what-то groomed or something, as if collected in an abandoned garden, where a long time nobody was engaged in whitewashing, spraying, pruning and other works, which after the harvest looks like a glossy picture. Overall, not a dish of apples — and a true hymn to freedom of existence of the author and his models.

Andrew Munts. Gems. 2019

"My concept — is a lack of concept. I'm trying to feel himself a free artist, not conned to-либо long-term attitudes associated with a particular direction in art. For me the important search. I try to be open-minded, open to new ideas" (Andrew Munts).

In the paintings of Andrew Munz "actively entered the experience of discovery 1910-20-х years Kandinsky, Chagall, Lentulov, Malevich. We are not talking about a direct comparison, and understanding figuratively-пластической system outstanding artists of the avant-garde.

, Free improvisation, an expression of accumulated experiences and emotions is the basis of painting works by Andrew Munz. Being including an architect and teacher, Munz keenly feels the chilling part of the rational art. Why it is so valuable to him the opportunity of expression that gives the painting that is not tied to nature, when between the artist and the emerging work there are no images of the real world" (Yulia Volgina, PhD).

Elizaveta Plavinskaya. The bouquet. 2020

"My art is about happiness, which is, and which, as we know, cannot be" (Elizabeth Plavinskaya).

"She draws how to live in every single moment with all the passion, love for the object. ...All the space — in crazy colors, painted Plavinskaya's that fill the entire air force to react eye for minute shades of blue, pink, gray. On canvas (Plavinskaya no regrets "surface" — should be good for all Lysine the love flower, man, child) silhouettes are quite recognizable, but that also look dissolved, spun into the complex dynamics of texture, the heterogeneous, from wide, as if quite irresponsible "pounce" the paint to elaborate, favorite fragments" (Ekaterina Inozemtseva, chief curator of the Museum of modern art "Garage" (Moscow)).

Ekaterina Rozhkova. Holiday. 2019

"Often I experience moments of childhood, while staying their again. The beginning of my life was interesting and in the sense of the movement around the world, childhood memories, sensations. These memories the subject and the world, connected with them, I go back mentally. Maybe I'm too fixated on this, but I live it. Today I less important. It turns out that I always look where-то ago. And then I realize: life-то was here yesterday and I missed it. And again I start to capture in their works the important moments of the past" (Ekaterina Rozhkova,

"... the Fundamental difference in the poetics Rozhkova strategy pop-арта. Say more — is the difference national. The subject of Catherine and the thing is the visible character of her work, — is not a commodity, how it sees the modern Americanized consciousness, not a fetish and not an "object of desire". Her subject — is something highly personal inherent in the being, what one lives, what it is in the intimate relations of everyday life. Curtain, rope, dog, what-то rag — these things are minor, but they are a visible context of existence. This being not just evidence of the materiality of life. Through them we are able to see a different <восприятие> the world, and the more humiliation, profanest this visible subject matter, the more he is the image of high reality" (Bogdan Mamonov,

Vladimir Salnikov. Moscow. 2007

"He easily and confidently followed the one adopted by the "not to be abstract and not be just costed, considered, handy, easily coded".

Vladimir Salnikov — artist, a man, a critic, a connoisseur not only of modern art, which always went against the mainstream, remaining free from the rules that infects a large part of the art world" (

it was Necessary to have a kind of author's view, to see and write a Moscow — other. It's not even roofs — favorite motif of many artists. In the distance looms the Stalinist skyscraper (or rather, as a symbol of space, and especially time), in the foreground — pipe, and everything else — faceless parallel vertical and horizontal (the latter predominating) in an almost monochromatic color scheme. But you know what's strange about this picture? Get skyscraper — and it will still be recognizable landscape of Moscow.

Tatiana Jan. East. Diptych. From the series "Graphemes garden". 2012

"I joined the pilgrimage to the Country of the East, that is, apparently, to certain specific endeavor taking place now and ever more, however, in reality, in the highest and authentic sense, it is a March into the Country of the East was not just mine and not just a modern me; procession to the source of light was flowing continuously and incessantly, it flowed through all the centuries, towards the light, towards the miracle in the eternal flow of souls, in the eternal yearning of the spirit for their Motherland in the morning, to the beginning. “So where are we going? All there — home"" (Hermann Hesse. "Pilgrimage to the Country of the East." Translated By S. Averintsev).

"the Word love, letter love, sign love. Sometimes there is a desire to connect art and the word. <...> overall, I really took the theme of common law, which is a sign the letters, grapheme and a sheet structure, the development of the plant" (Tatiana Yang,

good luck on the auction XXI "XXI century. Modern Russianart"!

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