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The group Method

1922-1925, Moscow

Members: P. V. Williams, Z. P. Komissarenko, A. A. Labas, S. A. Luchishkin, S. B. Nikritin, M. M. Plaksin, K. N. Red'ko, . A. Treskin, A. G. Tyshler.

Exhibitions: 1922 (Moscow), 1-я Discussion exhibition associations active revolutionary art (1924, Moscow).

a Group of artists-конструктивистов; joined seniors VKhUTEMAS, enthusiastic formal quests in the spirit of abstract art. The final composition was formed in 1922.

the Leader and inspirer of the group was S. B. Nikritin, which formulated a platform of "proektsionizma", universal for all kinds of creativity. Under this platform, the artist is not a producer of things of everyday life and art, as only the Creator of their projections, that is, concepts, ideas, methods on the basis of which things are produced for mass consumption. Statement by the group read: "1, 2, 100 artists organized ambient — only industrial production — to his organization. Artist — is the inventor of new systems of objectively significant things and work. Painting and three-dimensional structures — is nubeculae a means of expression (PROJECTION) METHOD — organization. Art need to deal with and very on time. The artist is not the manufacturer consumption of things (wardrobe, picture), a (PROJECTION) METHOD — organization. Millions of producers will do normalized the way of life. Art is the science of an objective system of organization of materials. All organization is done via the METHOD".

the Group proclaimed themselves followers V. E. Tatlin, however, argued with A. M. Gunn, who advocated a complete rejection of the artistic beginning into the design. The members of the group were engaged in the abstract and prefigurative painting, theatrical projects, machine and so on.

In 1922 projectionist held an exhibition at the Museum of painterly culture (Moscow, Povarskaya str., 52). About the exhibition favorably responded. Tugendhold, who appreciated the desire of artists to in-depth development of formal objectives: "... it is a small step forward from the four walls of the laboratory to the outside, to the flesh and blood of the living world. Step forward from the one-sidedness of the purely colorful Suprematism Malevich and colourless the constructivism of Tatlin".

In may 1924, the group participated in 1-й Discussion exhibition associations active revolutionary art (Moscow, Tverskaya, 54), where in addition to narrative and abstract works were submitted to the analytical scheme with photos, drawings and text designed to explain the new method. However, S. B. Nikritin showed realistic "Portrait of L. Y. Reznikov," with the inscription "exhibited as an indicator of their professional skills, refused, believing him to be a reactionary".

the group of Artists collaborated with the "Projection theater", created on the initiative S. B. Nikritin and S. A. Luchishkin (1923-1932 — Director). In the pilot they tried to create a new type of theatrical performances. On the background of dynamic structures, changing in the course of action its structure, the performers with the help of plastic movements and monosyllabic phrases, improvising, acting out the proposed emotionalprogram. No regular text, no event-игрового of plot in these plays was not: the authors sought Parallels between human feelings and their outer expression. Among the notable productions — "tragedy of the A. O. U." (1923, printing House) in the design . A. Trascina.

In 1925, the members of the group, with the exception of S. B. Nikritin and K. N. Red'ko, entered the Society of easel painters.

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