XXII open auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"
ARTinvestment.RU   01 июля 2020

In: Azam Atakhanov, Andrey Bisti, Dasha Delaunay, Natalia Zhernovskaya, Igor Kislitsyn Olga Pushkareva, Kate-Анна Taguchi, Natalia Turnova, Yury Shabelnikov and Yuri Horovsky, Tatiana Yang

the fee from buyers is 18 %.

Catalogue of the Auction No. 336 and auction XXII "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art".

Lots XXII curator of the auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art" presented in the exhibition online-выставки AI.

In the composition of the auction of 10 lots — six paintings, three works in mixed media and one sculpture.

Azam Atakhanov. Assisi. 2018

What I want to convey? First and foremost beauty. Maybe it sounds corny, but really the task of art — is, of course, the glorification of beauty, the divine, all that gives man the impetus to what-то to build and create, and develop. I'm trying to show the interaction of the external and internal. Beauty, as they say in one of the Muslim tracts, — is glitter of truth (Azam Atakhanov, kommersant.ru).

Himself Atakhanov when speaking about his spiritual teachers, called masters of the proto-Renaissance through Duccio and Giotto, fra Angelico and Gozzoli benozzo, the high Renaissance artists Mantegna and Tintoretto. From them the monumentality of his paintings (Dmitry Butkevich, kommersant.ru).

the Atakhanov — artist, synthesizing his art the cultural traditions of the Persian East, the Russian avant-garde and the European Renaissance, shows a different, metaphysical side of reality, only superficially similar to reality.

Source of inspiration, the master calls the beauty of nature and of man in [email protected] semicolon, all that is created by man: artwork and architecture, poetry, gardens, villages, dwellings, and objects of folk art, and of course, music. Art for Azam Atakhanova — is a creation of the good, the true, the attribute which is beautiful. "The music is different from noise, painting from the painted surface, the literature, from job descriptions? Only beauty. Only true beauty gives the art meaning. To comprehend and pass it — the only real task of the artist" (artmoskovia.ru).

Andrey Bisti. Samurai. 2014

Creativity Andrei in the good sense provocative: it excites even experienced visitors to art exhibitions a refreshing feeling, almost-детски direct interest (Konstantin Pobedin, cultobzor.ru).

In the childhood dreamed about-то heroic, so I wanted first to become a border dog, then a fireman and wear a shiny helmet... it never happened. Near the house was a vocational school, in the yard of which stood a box of waste products. It among the metal shavings were a lot of different metal stuff, which gradually migrated to my bed. Thus began a love of metal, which later turned into classes etching and welded iron sculpture. It's not metal, it's lovingly called "a piece of iron of the eighteenth century." I always found it strange that these things just lying around like trash. Oldthe rusty thing is full of history. Her "second life" in the modern interior, new spaces, quite rightly, in my opinion... It's an antique, but Antiques of a different kind, of another property. In the small things that are important tactile memory, its accumulation in time: blacksmith, owner-другой, rust — as the touch of time, then I... (Andrey Bisti, gallerykino.ru).

I find old, used, unwanted items and make them element of the sculpture. So I have, quite unexpectedly, things get a new reading. Thus, I give a useless item a new life. But suddenly, pairing it with than-то even born never existed. Formally, literary, and meaning.


Material, in this case — metal, you resist, and you're slicing it like butter. A pleasant sensation. But if b is now a real welder saw the exhibit, he would put me a deuce. From the point of view of compliance with technology, I do the opposite: I love squirt, especially strike the metal electrodes. But I achieve the desired texture. What to say —, I have artistic and not utilitarian approach to welding, and this is my only excuse (Andrey Bisti, lpgzt.ru).

Dasha Delone. Solo for snails with cello. 2015

Space paintings Dasha Delone invites the viewer into the world of personal imagination and cultural archetypes. The universe of the artist is inhabited by many strange and at the same time easily recognizable creatures: dragons, fairies and fantastic animals (Alexander Panov, art critic).

That's what I think art Dasha Delone: vanguard — is not the clichéd statement that art is not ideological and not philosophical. This is a fabulous existentialism is. A variant of realism — only the reality is quite exotic. Creativity Delaunay — is avant-garde, based on centuries-old cultural experience of the capital's residents, but not overwhelmed them, and the old aeroplane, flying all the time in a special climate where dragons feel normal (Elizaveta Plavinskaya, art historian).

Natalia Zhernovskaya. From the series "Walk of king Louis XIV". 2000

Natalia Zhernovskaya the artist is famous. <...> And every time a faithful follower of the precepts of Timur Novikov and the New Academy of fine arts (which was founded in 1989), Natasha makes us Perfect vaccine.

in the beginning... it was a beautiful black-белым. Then began to appear the color... and the pretty pictures "Walk of Louis XIV"... where the king-солнцем was himself Vladik Mamyshev-Монро (and who could else?), Natasha's colleague in the Academy and devoted friend, she finally came to his vision of this Beautiful. It was colored. Although, Natasha-прежнему takes pictures with his Nikon ohms, it is more and more starting to take the possibility of changing the objective reality given to us in the pictures. For what it prints images on watercolor paper of a different format. Then retouch and paints with pastels and watercolor pencils. And it does so in many layers, each ofwhich is covered with lacquer (Yuliya Loginova, foto-video.ru).

more precisely, paints over photos like a painter over a pencil drawing. Natalia can change the color, the contours, add the missing parts or remove unnecessary.

Zhernovskaya working in this technology since 2000. She learned her Georgy Guryanov. Previously, her work has always been monochrome, this series of works by Natalia for the first time uses different colors. It is important to note that the motive for the creation of "Promenades of Louis XIV" was the eponymous series of paintings by Alexander Benois. Of interest is the fact that Benoit and other artists from the circle of "Blue Rose" and "World of art" created their works, borrowing images from classic works. Thus, they approached a bygone era. Louis XIV lived in the seventeenth century. Benoit drew his series in the early twentieth century. And again, in the beginning of XXI century Natalia Zhernovskaya returns to the theme of Louis XIV.

moreover, the role of the king for this series of photos plays Vladislav Mamyshev-Монро. Undoubtedly, Monroe has a unique talent of reincarnation. His ability to convey the era and the tone of the monarch gave the project credibility. Despite a long history of story, the artist in this series of works was able to recreate the Baroque era (club.foto.ru).

Igor Kislitsyn. Still life "Lamp and the moon". 1991

Composition, color, detail —, what is all superfluous and unnecessary words, when the picture suddenly reveals what-то the void, pushed into the far corner of the soul, and fills it with himself. And now I want from time to time to meet her gaze and quietly think about what-то her, simply, without high words and excitement. That is the characteristic of the genuine thing.


National roots of art today involve all professionals, but not all of them can rise above simple arrangement or stylization. Igor Kislitsyn were able to confidently translate, "recode" in a new quality standard structure of ancient compositions. Gradually he revealed the deep-shaped "ornament" of the archetype: the role of field lines and nodes, rhythmic pauses and accents, "eternal" translational or circular motion, a healthy harmony of pattern and color, the signification and the symbolism of the figures (Leo Diaconicum, nasledie-rus.ru).

Kislitsyn undoubtedly colorist, the color assigned considerable role — and as a tool to enhance the creative impact of the painting at the viewer, and as the carrier of his ideas. The author is confident and expressive colourful work surface, using multiple linings and glazing; complicating and compacting the color relationships that achieves the effect of precious flicker. This painting, which certainly is able to please not only the spirit but also the eyes (Vera birthplace).

Olga Pushkareva. The window in the shop. 2017

Visual art like poetry and music — reveals to the viewer the deep emotional perception of the world reflected by the artist in his works. After "painting — is poetry which is seen and poetry — is painting that is heard..."

I'm interested in the formula of art, in tune with our age. Interested by symbolic expression in painting and drawing to solve the eternal problem of art — synthesis "high to low" and "eternal in the transitory"...

I belong to the artists joyful perception of the world.

Beauty, aesthetics, humanity and art needs to delight and bring people together, filling them with the strength and joy of life, because the language of fine art is unique in its absolute communicability — is a kind of Esperanto understood by all (Olga Pushkareva).

Kate-Анна Taguchi. Yauzsky Boulevard. Working. 2017

House of the red army on the intersection of the Yauza Boulevard and Podkolokolny lane — "Golosovsky house", "the house with sculptures" — built in 1936-1941 by the architect I. A. Golosov. Big arch it is decorated with sculptures of a worker with a jackhammer and a book and Kolkhoznitsa with a gun and a sheaf — signs of his time. Work, obviously, the metro in 1930-х on the construction of the subway came thousands of volunteers, people of different professions, young romantics, who wanted to build underground roads and palaces in his hometown.

Kate-Анна Taguchi writes on the canvas next to the "Working" of the steel structure, causing an in-memory model of the Shukhov tower began 1920-х on Shabolovka and television "Blue lights" 1960-х in the Intro which recognizable elements of the famous tower. The artist calls his work as palimpsests, seeing it as "a metaphor for the layering of life: the present, through which the past is viewed and on which shines the future (Katia-Анна Taguchi, annataguti.ru).

my equipment — on canvas background which can be [email protected] semicolon on top of this texture I'm starting to draw with charcoal, sanguine. Then cover the image with white on top of them — again charcoal, sanguine, acrylic. The picture gradually becomes a multi-layer — a kind of palimpsest. What-то emerges through all the layers — that's "what the-то" exhibit, creating a new optics (Katia-Анна Taguchi, annataguti.ru).

Natalia Turnova. From the series "Love". № 9. 2002

Love — passion

Love — prestigious

Love — fear

Love — word that I want to combine with what-то extreme.

Love, you'll get much more than hatred, indifference or tolerance.

Can I leave if you like? This — as waiting for the interrogation, when day mixes with night (parting — with the meeting): and already I think the day that you waiting for the night (and before meeting — about the impending separation).

He wrote letters to another woman, who did not know and came to love for the sake of theseletters.

there is Always a certain temptation to put love to the test. Hyde, who lives in us, no matter how trying our feelings on durability. You would think that after this test nothing happens. It is not so: the first crack. never goes unnoticed.

Why not save a little voice and when absolutely unbearable, get it open, hold it to your ear and listen.

love through the eyes of a woman and the man.

Their small animal problems.

And the end one: coach — into a pumpkin, the coachman — in rat.

(Natalia Turnova, From "Love" for the eponymous exhibition Natalia Turnovo in 2002, vladey.net).

Yuri Shabelnikov, Yuri Horovsky. The end of the movie ("Titanic"). 2007

Yuri Shabelnikov creates a powerful the visual energy of the image is made in the classic for the graphic artist monochrome. His works from the series "End of film", whose origins lie in the art of pop-арта, — is images retro-эпохи that, on the one hand, allow you to immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere of the Golden age of Hollywood and its shining splendor, but on the other — testify about the lost hopes and the irrevocable past. Using broad strokes, blurred outline and a gray color scheme Shabelnikov like captures black-белого film, covered with the patina of time.

further away from the viewer takes a monumental pictorial "frame" from the "Titanic", invented and written by Yuri Shabelnikova, small sculpture Yuri Cholovskogo. The obvious dissonance of images of the famous steamer, departing to nowhere, and a porcelain girl invokes many thoughts, the most common of which goes something like this: can people of today's education and culture saturated with postmodern cynicism or, conversely, to infantile naivety (if not more) to understand the greatness of the truly great? Sad question.

Tatiana Jan. Dance. 2000

I believe that the style — is a consequence of
orderliness and sublimity of the mind of the artist.
Henri Matisse

still life paintings of Moscow artist Tatyana Yang different kind of "portrait" approach to the subject world. The modern vision of the color, shape, and composition in her paintings combined with deep philosophical content, which — powerful tradition of early Christian art and the legacy of the masters of the past (Andrei Tolstoy, tatyanayang.ru).

Matisse — is one of the closest Tatiana, Ian masters, and "Dance" — is essentially a homage to a beloved artist. My favorite terracotta tones she paints still life in the center of which — unique "portrait" of the eponymous great paintings and brought him a modest multi-colored forget-me-nots in a simple white vase.

Easy, sometimes antique, sometimes watercolor with a radiant smile Tanya, Jan, so powerful and fierce in the work — bold. Her tables, fish, pomegranates, figs, flowers are aa solemn sense of the subject... an Attack on the viewer what is happening from the canvas is the artist's delight from the seen (Irina Starzhenetskaya).

good luck on the auction XXII "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"!

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