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Artist of the week: Vladimir Yankilevsky. 1938-2018
ARTinvestment.RU   26 сентября 2019

In the Multimedia art Museum until November 17, 2019 is the exhibition "Vladimir Yankilevsky. Heroic monument". Three-meter monument to the absurdity of social life again, as in Paris 25 years ago, is surrounded by phantasmagoric "People in boxes"

Metaphor proposed by Vladimir Yankilevsky, accurate and relentless. In invisible boxes in which people allow themselves to drive, anyone would seem not to be peaceful. Their inhabitants — hostage of external circumstances, crushed by the routine of life and inner loneliness. The effects they found compromises always ugly, only different forms and nuances. Here we see one freezes in the curve box, upside down and half buried in the saving books. The other tangled in the boxes of women. The third tries to escape but just falls into a psychosis and violence. And the fourth will look around and will stand obediently to the eternal place of the same poor fellows in the same plain wooden box. Among the "people in boxes" there are almost no heroes with stiff ridges. Circumstances and the pressure of the environment almost always are stronger than their will. People are not able to get out of the existential box. There are those who tries intellectually to resist an aggressive environment and to adapt to the pressure on the Board from the inside, to reshape, to negotiate a couple of extra degrees of freedom and at least a little-чуть expand the interior space. But there are those for which over the years their box terrible shape becomes the desired protective shell, a zone of safety and comfort.

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In the Multimedia art Museum on Ostozhenka 16 to 17 Nov 2019, an exhibition of Vladimir Yankylevsky. Its Central work was the reconstruction of the sculpture "Heroic monument" - the culmination of an important philosophical cycle "People in boxes". About the exhibition and the market and auction prices soon, read the article on artinvestment.ru. PHOTOS 1 Vladimir Yankilevsky on the background of a sketch of the Heroic monument. Paris. 1994. Photo – Vladimir Yankilevsky PHOTOS 2 Yankilevsky Vladimir Borisovich Adam and eve (Triptych No. 5). 1965 Hardboard, wood; oil (3). 145×410 selling Price: 250 000 EUR (289 USD 900) Auction Vladey, 08.11.2017 PHOTOS 3 Yankilevsky Vladimir Borisovich Triptych № 10. Anatomy of the soul. II. 1970 Hardboard, wood; oil, acrylic. 100×439,5 sale Price: 133 GBP 250 (USD 204 805) Auction Phillips, 23.04.2010 PHOTOS 4 the Work of Vladimir Yankilevsky from the series "People in boxes" in the permanent exhibition of the Tretyakov gallery PHOTOS 5-8 works of Vladimir Yankylevsky in the exhibition "Heroic monument" in MAMMA #Yankilevsky #sixties #nonconformist #exhibition #geroicheskie #mamm #mamm #multimediadatei

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In an interview with Wolfgang Slotto (text 1999 called "To the artificial civilization of Man in the labyrinth of the senses") Yankilevsky explained his idea as follows: "@ldquo;Люди in boxes@rdquo; — is a paradoxical collision of two spaces, Society and Ekzistencia — space of human existence. People here as a carrier and simultaneously as a victim of idealism and absurdity. Invisible @ldquo;ящик@rdquo;, in which there lives each of us, as if formed of two forces. The first force — is the impact and the pressure on us society, which offers a model of conformist behavior, the rules of the game, and the second force — is your personal resistance to this pressure. Formyour @ldquo;ящика@rdquo;, wherever you live, in Moscow or in new-Йорке depends on the struggle between these two forces. ...If the society determines a person's life as part of a single body of humanity, ekzistencia determines the existence space of loneliness... the more space of imagination, the bigger ekzistencia, existential @ldquo;ящик@rdquo;, in which man exists. As if a person moved in the space of his imagination. These feelings he carries within himself and projects himself @ldquo;внутреннего@rdquo; — endless and lonely — on yourself @ldquo;внешнего@rdquo; — social and finite. What we carry within us as our inner life, I think, is no less real than what we read today in the newspaper. It is this inner world defines the space of human existence, it is very important".

the Forerunner of "people in boxes" is considered to be innovative the installation of "the Door" in 1972. Study of the subject began in 1970-х, then there were the first sketches. But now, the idea of the "existential box" and "people in boxes" was issued in creativity Yankylevsky much later, in 1989, when 51-летний the artist worked in Germany. In that year, the first objects-инсталляции cycle "People in boxes" was exhibited at the Cologne gallery of Kopelman and later in America, in SOHO, in new-Йорке, where he soon moved.

"a Heroic monument" can be considered the culmination of the series "People in boxes". In this capsule miraculously emerged from the social quagmire of the hero has acquired a particularly daring form. The inhabitant of the box for the first time not skruchivali, and Vice versa, keeps your back straight, takes a fighting stance and goes on the offensive, making calling the attack. But fancy box is still a box. In addition, the leg of the hero tightly chained to a metal post, all his freedom is limited by the red circle, for which course no.

the first time a "Heroic monument" Yankilevsky was shown in 1994 in Paris, on the eponymous exhibition at the contemporary art Centre La Base Olivier Moran. Then, 25 years ago, her supervisor was Olga Sviblova. As it is now. Alas, to fully preserve the massive structure of the monument did not succeed. The installation, which show the artist — is a reconstruction. But the reconstruction performed in a close approximation of, the surviving author's drawings and photos of the Paris exhibition c — is quite reliable. It is known that the restored "a Heroic monument" commended Rimma Solod — widow and fellow artist. It also provided for installing a number of original parts from the project in 1994. Preserved, in particular, the cut Yankilevsky fragment of a monument that has helped now in the reconstruction and flowers texture. With the fate of the installation now there is clarity: "a Heroic monument" 2019 entered the collection of the cultural Fund Breus Foundation.

a Few words about the market and prices. Vladimir Yankilevsky is included in top-20 artists informal post-war art in the ranking of auction sales. In 2017, its four-meter triptych No.@now;5 "Adam and eve" (1965) was sold in Moscow for almost $290@now;000. Prior to this auction record for the artist belonged to a triptych №10 "Anatomy of the soul", which in 2010 bought in London at Phillipsfor $205@now;000 in the conversion of pounds. But it is records — hundreds of thousands to pay for the gigantic important things that can become a point of attraction in any Museum of modern art (not to mention private collections). And in General, the market (including the public channels of sales) today, there are many works Yankylevsky more compact, not requiring special exposure conditions, and, importantly, for every budget. Among the most affordable and it is extremely recognizable, you can celebrate mass porcelain Yankylevsky. For example, the striking plates from the series "Psychoanalysis of Aphrodite" at auction in Moscow today are 35@now;000–65 000 rubles. Estimated auction price for etchings — 25@now;000–36@now;000 rubles. Small bronze sculptures (torsos female) not so long ago you could buy in the range of 150@now;000–300@now;000 rubles. The benchmark for smallest, with a size of about 30 cm, of drawings, including the series "People in boxes", — 60@now;000 rubles. Large pastels (65 cm) and a gouache with mixed media are in the domestic market 225@now;000–300@now;000 rubles. In General, the scatter is very large: much depends on the subject size and point of sale. Thus, the large graphic of the conceptual "self-Portraits" at European auctions can cost 300@now;000, and 650@now;000 roubles in recalculation on our money. But painting Yankylevsky (usually oil on hardboard) even in first-world auctions appears quite rarely. When this happens, meter painting sold there around $20@now;000–25 000.

Works Yankylevsky many times sold on our Auctions AI: and sculpture, porcelain and pastels, and gouaches, and etchings. And soon will be exhibited. In particular, in the next session we plan to present the original color graphics 1980-90-х years from the cycle "Space of experiences".

the Exhibition is on Ostozhenka, 16, will last till 17 Nov 2019. And for those who do not have time for "people in boxes", I will say that at least one work Yankylevsky of this series in Moscow, you can always look in the New permanent exhibition of the Tretyakov gallery on the Crimean Shaft.

Source: mamm-mdf.ru

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