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Peter Kotov (1889-1953). Realism as a personal choice
ARTinvestment.RU   21 мая 2014

Exhibition Pyotr Ivanovich Kotov in the Tretyakov gallery, dedicated to the 125th anniversary since the birth of the artist, is 105 the works of recognized masters of the portrait

TG, may 21 @July 27. 2014
Moscow, state Tretyakov gallery, the corps of engineers, Lavrushinsky lane, 12

Exhibition Peter Ivanovich Kotov "Realism as a personal choice" dedicated to the 125th-летию since the birth of the artist. The acknowledged master of the portrait of the era of socialist realism represented in the exhibition primarily as a painter, who had a wide range of stylistic possibilities, subtle color sense and sincere attention to the image [email protected]

Consciously choosing it is close in spirit to the realistic style of writing, Peter Kotov continued and developed the traditions of Russian school of painting of the second half of the nineteenth century. The artist can be attributed to the followers of Russian impressionism along with such masters as И.Э. Grabar, С.В. Gerasimov, А.М. Gerasimov and В.Г. [email protected]

Creative manner P. I. Kotov was formed under the influence of a brilliant painter N. I. Feshin, a teacher of the Kazan art school, where P. I. Kotov throughout his life sought to be [email protected]

Cats Later he entered the Higher art school at the Imperial Academy of arts, where his teachers were the artist-баталист N. S. Samokish and founder of the national school of panoramic painting F. A. [email protected]

Cultural life of the city largely influenced the establishment of a master. His attention was attracted to a new exhibition of French painting, posthumous retrospective of works by V. A. Serov, Opera productions with the participation of F. I. Shalyapin and A. V. Nezhdanova. Of special significance for the young artist acquaintance with the works of old European masters in [email protected]

In the history of art P. I. Kotov entered as the author of the industrial landscape and portrait artist. Portraying the views of the right path ("the right path. Blast furnace No. 1", 1931, TG), the Dnieper, Sormovo, the author gave industrial objects romantic sound, turning them into symbols of the new construction [email protected]

In ceremonial portraits of military leaders, scientists, actors, artists, including N. N. Burdenko, , A. A. Shovkunenko and Bagramyan, he managed to combine a formal way with individual psychological traits, to identify the dominant trait of the character depicted. Among the best portrait of academician N. D. Zelinsky (1947, TG), which received the Stalin prize. Today, he is attracted by the naturalness and ease of the image [email protected]

Activity of P. I. Kotov was not limited to the work of artist-станковиста. Once in the first years after the revolution in Astrakhan, he took an active part in the creation of the first in southern Russia art gallery, was the head of the Astrakhan free art workshops. In the early 1940-х in Penza under his leadership, was organized "Penza propaganda poster" involved in the release of the "TASS Windows". At various times, P. I. Kotov taught at the Kiev state art Institute, the art. V. I. Surikov, in [email protected]

Painting by P. I. Kotov allows via-иному to look at the development of Soviet art, to see the complexity of the artistic situation, when, along with earlier works were created paintings that exist primarily in the field of art, not ideology. In his female models, industrial landscapes and genre scenes reflect the most recognizable images [email protected]

the exhibition includes 105 works from the collections of the Tretyakov gallery, Yaroslavl art Museum, Astrakhan state art gallery. P. Dogadin, Central Museum of contemporary history of Russia, from the Russian state archive of literature and art from the family collection [email protected]

Источник: press-релиз TG

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