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In the Dasha Delaunay, Natalia Zhernovskaya, Marina Sencheva, Yuri Izosimov, Julia Kartoshkin, Dmitry Kedrin, Igor Kislitsyn, Sergei Smurov, Horowski Yuri, Yuri Shabelnikov

the fee from buyers is 18 %.

Catalog of the Auction No. 322 XVI the auction "XXI century".

Lots of the XVI curator of the auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary art" presented in the exhibition online-выставки AI.

In the composition of the auction of 10 lots — seven paintings and one lot of the present drawing, sculpture and mixed media.

Opens a directory section that contains female characters.

Dasha Delone. Pregnant with flowers. 2019

"the Space of paintings Dasha Delone invites the viewer into the world of personal imagination and cultural archetypes", — wrote about the work of the artist and critic Alexander Panov. Female image in the picture Dasha Delone initially takes our imagination to Veneram Paleolithic. The ancient people saw in the archaic female statues of the embodiment of the forces of nature, fertility, procreation, and the ancient sculptors — from the Pyrenees to lake Baikal — emphasized the relevant features, or portraying pregnant women with big bellies, large Breasts. The facial features of Paleolithic beauties did not matter.

the Next step inspired by the biblical motif of the Annunciation, which symbolizes the picture of a bouquet of flowers (self-creativity Dashi Delaunay began with "medieval Russian literature, illustrations, and the restoration of medieval churches"). And the third step — face of our contemporaries, a beautiful woman, a sight which is directed to, to a new life that is developing inside her. The artist as if to complete the circle of femininity, having the viewer on the most important milestones — from new life to new life.

Dmitry Kedrin. The night window. From the series "Pin-Up". 2007

"a Different meeting, a sudden episode will remain forever in the memory. Thanks to a random conversation, overall harmony, mood. Or — night that the February haze, the lights of the house opposite, a rare car. And understand, looking into it that the second meeting will not, so you must, and remember eagerly every second of the fast night-time" (Dmitry Kedrin on the painting "Night window").

thinking About this woman with a calm face and sad eyes? Why is a few seconds fast a night time, so attracted the artist? Maybe because he felt the inner freedom and peace that emanates from her body: she is not in a hurry, will not run, is not afraid to be late, not watching the expression of his face. She just sits there in February of the window, hands clasped on his knees, looking into the dark night, maybe the lights of the house opposite, maybe on a rare car.

Sergei Smurov. Lying. 1999

"How Nature over millions of years created their beautiful landscapes and corners of our planet, and the Artist, passing through your soul the modern world, the accumulated experience of previous generations of artists and natural beauty, with shape, space and sculpture, creates its deep inner individual world" (Sergei Smurov). In this inner world the image of women "Lying" exist harmoniously and freely.Perhaps we see here an echo of the same timeless ideas of the eternal feminine, which was found above.

"For me the main sculpture is the architectural design of the human body. The sculpture directly comes from the shape of the human body, whether Cycladic idol, the archaic Kouros or modernist totem. I always strive for generalization and abstraction, metaphor, monumentality of the image" (Sergei Smurov).

Yuri Horovsky. Girlfriend. 2019

Above, we saw images of women whose absolute freedom embodied alone or in the internal concentration. A very different picture is presented to us on canvas, Yuri Cholovskogo. The female figure on the beach is free and thus — expressive and dynamic. They are clearly closely within the paintings, their poses islomania, they're all — motion, — laugh out loud, not a quiet smile. Horowski was born in the South and in Gagauzia, it exists naturally in sunlight and bright colors.

"Horowski-живописец never changed its commitment to figurative reproduction of the reality, but his work is always distinguished by the pungent sarcasm and quiet mockery of the studied subject. The brutality of the fleshy figures and exotic combinations of colors puzzling, respect, and sometimes, as happened with a group of respected employees of the Tretyakov gallery, — fright before the "powerful flow of negative energy"" ( About the sign of the energy, perhaps, debatable, but the powerful stream is not just felt, and almost tangible.

the Following section of the catalog — images of men. Heroic.

Yuri Shabelnikov. All-seeing eye. From the series "Esoteric football". 2006

"the Overwhelming mystical experiences the soul has long found its expression in the rituals, having the form of "games and amusements". The ancient Olympic games were real religious rites, and the presence of the priests gave them the character of the present Ministry to a Higher power... In the early twenty-first century, we notice that the artists drawn to the fascinating magic acts, and I want again to admire the secret spells and meaningful signs, and down to the dungeons and there to look at mysterious objects, or to observe the ecstasy of the shamans...

Yuri Shabelnikov seen from this angle of view the game of football. Even in bulgariavarna the modern version of football has kept the echoes of the ritual of the sacred game of the gods — patrons of courage, victory, success, and above all with those who are associated with the unknowable and sovereign Case... Marble ball, Platonov's most perfect form, is a kind of Word of the sacred rite, and only the miracle of faith will enable you to make a "ball" on his chest or stop his leg, or sendthe ball head (while not getting injured). Probably ancient Indians pioneers of the sacred game, forbidden to touch the ball with his hand for deeply religious reasons. People's hands are defiled with murder and injury to all living beings. Playing a sacred ball without hands, that is addressing our melannie message of the true Masters of the world, the players might partly atone for the sin of bloodshed and redemption is the main concern of any religion" (Alexander Yakimovich, "Sacred game",

Igor Kislitsyn. The last hero. 2001

You go where it doesn't want to go,
You go in there, but no one misses you!
("Movie". Good morning, last hero)

And was broken the last ice.
And the path is open, it remains only to go forward.
And then you got up, took a step,
Outdoor way was worse than the worst enemy and the eternal ice.
("the time Machine". Barrier)

the painting Igor Kislitsin Nude male figure, a kind of modern incarnation of the archetype of the hero-победителя, stopped before a narrow passage at the end of which — Light. He won. Survived. But left alone. What is — fear free way? Unlikely. Rather, it is a moment (second, minute, hour?) concentration in front of a new reality, the liberation from the portal to the Light.

"the Last hero — is the one who, passing through the triumphal initiatic death, ascend to a new level of the spirit. He, like the legendary Phoenix reborn directly from a molten magma re-create the Earth. He caught in his development, he sculpted surround in the middle of the elements tamed chaos, Golden hot, buff-огненный flavor like cooling lava. The last hero — is paradoxical winner of the old and the New" (Faith is the birthplace of).

Natalia Zhernovskaya. Elektrozavod. From the series "Metro. Station "Elektrozavodskaya"". 2015

And third in the category male images. Natalia Zhernovskaya represents the author's interpretation of a fragment of one of the marble reliefs that adorn the pylons of the Central hall of metro station "Electrozavodskaya". The bas-reliefs on the theme of labor was created by the sculptor G. I. Motovilov. Now at the station 12, they depict the workers of the Elektrozavod, builders, blacksmiths, representatives of agriculture, etc. In the picture of Natalia Zhernovskoe we see the motif of the bas-relief with the image of a tractor and working with a shovel, that is, employees of the village.

Zhernovskaya approximates your drawing to the bas-relief, but don't copy it. In the same way as in the sculptural image, it is working very good shape, but contributes to the composition and independent features. Interesting gentle, blurred color work: obviously, the artist was trying to get as close to the color of lightprahoro-баландинского marble, which executed the bas-relief.

the Next section, which turned out to be only one work, represents the animals with elements of still life.

Julia Kartoshkin. Monkey with fruits. 2019

it happens on the big shows when among the abundance of works, one painting or drawing stop look for its cleanliness, warmth and what-то special sincerity.

Canvas Yulia Kartoshkiny written in clean, bright colors and attracts attention, perhaps, simplicity and openness. The artist genuinely enjoys his job, paints the surrounding world, and this joy is transmitted to the viewer. No wonder the collector Alexander Florensky said about her paintings as simple and unpretentious: they "is beautiful and amazing, they probably need to buy and hang on the wall" (

Complete the story of modern art auction XVI XXI century two abstract compositions.

Marina Sencheva. Two elements. 1992

Marina Sencheva he graduated from the Moscow textile Institute on a speciality "applied art". Maybe that's why the song "Two elements" is reminiscent of gorgeous tapestry, or even patchwork. The artist masterfully works with color, connects on one canvas pure local colors and fragments, executed by dripping, — as well as in pachwork she would join fragments of different fabrics of complex shape.

"Two elements" — is not a pure abstraction, it is possible to imagine in her figurative elements. "The creative challenge was to convey the emotional world of men and women, — writes the artist. — Is not physical: but is alive and active. This trail of communication in space."

Yuri Izosimov. Full moon. 2018

Name the song Yuri Izosimov "Full moon" abstract landscape image only the celestial body it would be too straightforward and all wrong. Canvas Yuri Izosimov as if presenting us an artistic image of all that in our consciousness is associated with the moon: many myths, prejudices, influences on nature and man. Smooth lines and corners, a kind of difficult and soft coloring give the imagination of the viewer.

"Izosimov trust the picture more significant content. To the line the artist adds more and sculptural volume. He seems to carve on canvas the core of real objects. The artist often refuses the field of recognition and proceeds to clean irrelevance of the avant-garde sense. However, the commitment of the soil, the land does not allow him to completely break away from reality. Hence allegorism of his work, but the special character — iconic, symbolic of the high degree of concentration" (

good luck on XVI the auction "twenty-first century. Modern art"!

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