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Внимание! ARTInvestment.ru ищет картины этого художника для продажи. Makovsky Alexandr Vladimirovich

Маковский, Александр Владимирович


Makovsky Alexander

March 24, 1869 (Moscow) - October 26, 1924 (Leningrad)

painter and graphic artist.

Born the son of renowned artist, Vladimir Makovsky, a nephew of Constantine painters, Nicholas, Alexandra Makovsky, a grandson of Egor Makovsky - amateur artist, art collector and public figure (one of the founders MUZhViZ).

Original art education in the family under the guidance of his father. In 1884 it entered MUZhViZ, studied at the IM Pryanishnikova, VD Polenov, Vladimir Makovsky. In 1888 it was awarded two small silver medals. In 1889, for the painting "Connoisseurs of Art was awarded a large silver medal and released from school. In 1891-1893 he lived in Paris, studied at the School of F. Cormon.

From 1894 he lived in St. Petersburg. In 1894-1895 continued his education at the Higher Art School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture at IAH Ilya Repin. In 1895 he received the title of the artist. From 1897 he taught at the University for Arts and Education courses at the IAH, was chairman of the tender committee to review drawings of secondary school students.

in 1887-1890 has visited the Crimea. In 1886 he participated in exhibitions of the Moscow Society of Lovers of Fine Arts (up to 1900, with interruptions), the Society of Russian watercolors (1897). In 1893-1898 and 1912 exhibited his works at the Spring exhibition in the halls of the Academy of Arts. Since 1893 - Member of the Moscow Association of Artists. In 1899 he joined TPHV, took part in all exhibitions of the Association from 1894 to 1922, in 1907-1923 was a board member organizations.

Many traveled to Russia. Almost a year went to work in the Pskov, Novgorod, the Volga. In 1910 he traveled to Kama, in 1912 traveled to the North of Russia, visited Vologda, Ferapontovo and Cyril-Belozersky Monastery, Arkhangelsk, Solovki.

In 1911-1913, visited Italy and Germany.

In 1911 he was elected an academician. In the same year exhibited his paintings at the World Exhibition in Rome. In 1912 took part in the IV International Congress in Dresden on teaching drawing and applied arts. In 1913 he was awarded a gold medal at the Munich Secession exhibition. In 1913-1919 he taught at the Higher Art School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in St. Petersburg, since 1914 - professor.

In 1919 participated in the First State Free Exhibition of works of art in Petrograd. From 1920 he taught at the Naval College. He was a member of the Central Geographical Museum. He worked in the book charts, in 1922, Makovsky's work exhibited at the International Book Fair in Florence. The last years of his life served as Chairman of the Expert Commission at the auction hall and art exhibition in the management Rossiyskogo Red Cross Society. In 1924 took part in one of the first exhibitions AHRR.

author of works on the technique of drawing and painting, in 1905 wrote and published "Guidelines for teachers of drawing", in 1918 - "The experience of painting in oils».

In 1960 in the halls of the Scientific Research Museum of the USSR Academy of Arts held a retrospective exhibition of works by the artist.

worked in landscapes, portraits and genre. He played a follower of Vladimir Makovsky and traditions of the Wanderers. However, unlike his father, he is not stressed accusatory tone, and sought to display everyday, ordinary life in all its manifestations. For works of Alexander Makovsky characterized by a clear, confident, though a few "dry" design, the limited range of colors and attention to detail.

works are in private and museum collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Scientific Research Museum of Arts and others.

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