"Iliazd. XX century Ilya Zdanevich" in the Pushkin Museum
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The Pushkin Museum to them. Alexander Pushkin is Russia's first retrospective exhibition of Ilya Mikhailovich Zdanevich (1894-1975)

the Pushkin Museum to them. Alexander Pushkin is Russia's first retrospective exhibition Ilya Mikhailovich Zdanevich (1894-1975) "Iliazd. XX century Ilya Zdanevich".

the Exhibition devoted to the poet, theoretician of Russian avant-garde, scientist-этнографа, designer fabrics, publisher. Zdanevich (Iliazd) worked and was friends with leading artists of the twentieth century — Pablo Picasso, max Ernst, Hans Miro and many others. The exhibition will first be shown all publications by Ilya Zdanevich in the genre of livre d'artiste and more than 200 original graphic works thereto created by masters, with whom he worked.

The exhibition presents works from private collections of Boris Friedman and George gens, archive Iliazd (France), French private collections, the Russian state archive of literature and art, State literature Museum, St-Петербургского state Museum of theatrical and musical art, Anna Akhmatova Museum at the fountain house, archive CHANEL (France).

the Show is in seven halls of the first floor Gallery of art of Europe and America XIX–XX centuries. The exposition is arranged in chronological order. The first section is devoted to "the Tiflis period of" life Zdanevich (1894-1920). Visitors will get acquainted with the futuristic publications of the author and the posters for the lectures. While Zdanevich regularly gave lectures about futurism and about the theory of Segesta that suggested a mixture of all styles and genres. This section also presents a portrait of a young Ilya Zdanevich, written Niko Pirosmani (1862-1918).

the Second section of the exposition tells about the first twenty years of stay Zdanevich in Paris (between 1921 and 1940). In 1923, he took a creative pseudonym Iliazd and under this name entered the story. In the first years of his stay in Paris Zdanevich participated in the organization of the famous balls "Union of Russian artists"; Billboard for them, presented in this section at different times with Elastom created Mikhail Larionov, Giorgio de Chirico, Victor Barth and others. Throughout life Iliazd was fond of architecture, studied the history of the churches of Georgia, Armenia, Spain. The exhibition presents the plans of Church architecture, which he studied during his many travels.

In this hall also demonstrated the tissue samples he created for Gabrielle Chanel. With Chanel of Iliazd was introduced to Sergei Diaghilev; this acquaintance was the beginning of many years of their common creative work and friendship. Initially he headed the office of the draughtsmen of the enterprise "Fabric Chanel", and later was appointed its Director. Especially for the exhibition "Iliazd. XX century Ilya Zdanevich" archive CHANEL provided two portraits of Gabrielle Chanel performed by Alexander Stewart. In these photos, Chanel dressed in kits from jacquard knit Jersey, a figure for which was created by Alascom.

the Third section of the exhibition — is the most extensive, it covers five halls and focusing on the most important period of creativity Zdanevich — his work on the editions of the livre d'artiste (artist's book), which brought him worldwide fame. Graphic work for them was created by Pablo Picasso, Joan miró, Marc Chagall, Max Ernst, Fernand léger, Georges Braque, Alberto Giacometti. The genre of livre d'artiste as a separate direction in art emerged in the early twentieth century, when the French Marchand Ambroise Vollard began to publish literary texts with original printed graphics. "Afet" (Paris, 1940) — the first edition of the livre d'artiste Zdanevich. This work was prepared in collaboration with Pablo Picasso, with whom Zdanevich had had a long friendship;, it contains seventy-six sonnets, written in Russian iambic tetrameter. Six author's copies numbered from I to VI, Iliazd gave to my friends-издателям — Snegurova and Shalit, as well as Pablo Picasso and Dora Maar, Joan Spencer and Gabrielle Chanel. The exhibition presents the fifth instance of "Afet", given by Zdanevich, Gabrielle Chanel. Specially for it it has added a book the seventy-seventh sonnet dedicated to her.

it is Worth mentioning another publication, made in the genre of livre d'artiste, — "65 Maximilian, or Illegal practice of astronomy" (Paris, 1964). It is considered one of the most complex and unusual projects Zdanevich, created in conjunction with artist max Ernst. Specially for this edition Ernst has fulfilled thirty-four original etchings.

More than half of the exhibits until now was not known to the Russian audience and is presented here for the first time.

guest curator of the exhibition — collector Boris Fridman, scientific consultant —, Garo régis (France), co-curator-хранитель — Vitaly Mishin (the Pushkin Museum to them. A. S. Pushkin).

Boris Fridman — Creator and Director of "Microinform". Over fifteen years he collects livre d'artiste: "they combined a lot of what attracted me in these journals took part of the genius artists of the twentieth century, they are backed by interesting stories. Each edition of — is the result of joint creativity of the artist, the author of the text, printer, designer, publisher".

Regis Garo — researcher Russian avant-garde, Professor of Slavic studies of the University Blaise Pascal (Clermont-Ферран, France), an eminent specialist in the creative heritage of Ilya Zdanevich and the author of numerous publications about him.

Vitaly Mishin — leading researcher of the Department of art of Europe and America XIX–XX centuries, the Pushkin Museum im. A. S. Pushkin, the French Keeper of the figure of the XIX–XX centuries.

To the retrospective of Ilya Zdanevich published in the catalogue, detailing reflects the life and career of Ilya Zdanevich, the Museum will be organized international scientific conference with participation of leading Russian and foreign art historians.

Source: arts-museum.ru

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