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Open 334-е the Auction and XX curator's auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"

The master catalogue — 30 lots: seventeen paintings, five of the original sheets and one — printed graphics, four works in mixed media, one sculpture, one porcelain dish and a job executed by the digital printing

the fee from buyers is 18 %.

Catalog of the Auction No. 334 and XX curator of the auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art".

Lots 334-го of the Auction presented in the exhibition online-выставки AI.

Lots XX curator of the auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art" presented in the exhibition online-выставки AI.

ZHUKOVSKY Stanislav Yulianovich (1875-1944)
Cloudy day on the lake. Study for the painting "Windy April" (1909). 1908

Section of Russian art early twentieth century reveals a beautiful medium format (40,4 × 60,5) oil, "Cloudy day on the lake" (1908) Stanislav Yulianovich Zhukovsky relating to the Russian period of creativity by this outstanding painter, a pupil of S. A. Korovin, V. D. Polenov, and I. I. Levitan. The landscape is a study for the big picture "a Windy day" (1909) stored in the Ryazan state regional art Museum im. I. P. pozhalostina, and mentioned in the list of the works of Zhukovsky, published by I. M. Gorelov in the monograph "Stanislav Yulianovich Zhukovsky. The life and work of 1875-1944".

YUON, Konstantin Fyodorovich (1875-1958)
Cloudy day. 1920-е

Filled with the joy of admiring the nature, air and endless sky summer landscape "cloudy day" (1920-е) Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon, in a classical, realistic manner that develops and continues the tradition established still largely Itinerants. Experts emphasize "master level of performance" work.

the Following section of the catalog — the works of Russian artists Abroad.

GONCHAROVA, Natalia Sergeevna (1881-1962)
Mach. Costume design for the ballet "Gayeski" to music by E. Granados. 1940

Another shining example of the author's graphics is theatrical costume design Mahi for the ballet "Gayeski" to music by E. Granados (1940) work Natalia Sergeevna Goncharova. "the Spanish theme — original card Natalia Goncharova, — says the expert. — throughout the Paris period of Goncharova repeatedly performed sketches of scenery and costumes in the Spanish story. Ballet "Goyesca" (CapricciosGoyesque) is one of the most interesting works Goncharova 1930-40-х years". Describing the General attitude of Goncharov's work on the ballet "Gayeski", the expert notes that "turning to the design of the ballet, Goncharova after the composer seeking inspiration in the work of F. Goya. She strives not for the styling, and the transmission in stage design of the atmosphere gajewska paintings. As an artist, she perceives and feels the Spain of the XVIII century through the prism of art Goya. The image of red-haired Macha seems to be descended from Gajewski pictorial boards depicting scenes of folk festivals".

ARCHIPENKO, Alexander porfiryevich (1887-1964)
Le groupe (the Group). Arrangement of folders, Les Formes Vivantes (the Living form). 1963

Lithograph Le groupe (the Group, 1963) Alexander porfiryevich Archipenko — sheet from the folder Les Formes Vivantes ("Living form"), containing 10 tracks and released in Switzerland in 1963, edition of 75 copies.

Sonia DELAUNAY (1885-1979)
Les illuminations (Illumination) Arthur Rimbaud. The artist's book. 1973

In 1973, made the artist's book "Les illuminations (Illumination) Arthur Rimbaud" work Sonia Delaunay, today's heroine of our column"the Artist of the week". The book contains 9 poems by Arthur Rimbaud from the book "Les illuminations (Illumination)", illustrated by artist in free form. "the Inner relationship of the poet and artist have combined their creativity under one cover. For Rimbaud poetry associated with color, for Delaunay color — is poetry. The effect of the book — in this combination of two lines, poetry and art, via-новому covering each of them.

Abstract compositions of the artist is very characteristic of her later work. There is nothing specific book, there are no references to the text. However, the leaves become an integral part of the publication. They are a contrast to the stressed engine, “e” font. The trendiness of a set of printed text emphasizes the immediacy and artificiality of illustrations — streaks of paint applied by stencil-пошуарам supplementing the composition with pencil shading. But they share a monumentality, energy, dynamism, which design of the images and text of a single work. The book is constructed as a sequence of powerful contrasts, a series of flashes@ - the"illuminations"" (Artist and poet. French poetry in the illustrations of the masters of the Paris school from the collection of Mark Bashmakov. SPb, 2017. B/n). The artist's book "Les illuminations (Illumination) Arthur Rimbaud" published in small editions — 90 instances, and the work of our catalogue has an additional set of illustrations-пошуаров with the author's signature (the kits were made for instances with 11-го 20-й).

KROHN Christian Cornelius (1882-1959)
Nude. 1939

Adjacent to the works of masters of Russian Abroad the beautiful "Nude" (1939) Norwegian painter Christian Cornelius Krone. Received art education in Oslo, Munich and Paris Crowns for about 10 years lived and worked in the Russian Empire, communicated with representatives of various avant-garde movements, including Chet Goncharova and Larionov took part in the exhibitions "World of art" and "Jack of diamonds". But after the revolution of 1917 Crowns with his wife were forced to leave Russia. On canvas "Nude" (1939) Kron wrote in their native Norway, almost 20 years after his return from Russia. The expert indicates that the color "Nude", built on contrasts of warm and cool colors, liquid free email application sometimes-акварельному blurry spots of color, the stroke forms a dark outline are typical of the artist's paintings bear the influence of the style of Matisse, had a strong impact on the formation of individual manners Chart. Creativity and the name Krona today a little back into our artistic life. In 2014, Moscow hosted the personal exhibition of his paintings, then came the directory of article of a reputable art critic Georgy Kovalenko.

Formed the of works by Soviet artists four compositions encompass a fairly small period — 1960-х until 1983.

ALTMAN, Nathan Isaevich (1889-1970)
The Baroness Of Sandorf. Illustration for the novel by E. Zola's "Money". 1961

"the Monument of Russian decorative art" calls the expert and concise shower cabin picture "the Baroness of Sandorf" (1961) Nathan Isayevich Altman — illustrationthe novel by E. Zola's "Money".

KOMARDENKOV Vasily Petrovich (1897-1973)
Sheet from the series "Russian fairytale architecture." 1960-е

1960-ми years dated funny picture — sheet from the series "Russian fairytale architecture" Vasily Petrovich Komardenkova. The figure is followed by a confirmation of the artist's son.

Mikhail RUDAKOV Zakharievich (1914-1985)
The dog in the rocks. 1976

the Most mysterious in the tempera Mikhail Rudakov Zakharievich "the Dog in the rocks" (1976) — what she perceived as the work of a contemporary artist: drawing and color work does not fit in the picturesque environment of half a century ago. Perhaps the canvas was written based on one of the southern trips of the author, and maybe the artist depicted his beloved tempera motive from illustrated or read the book.

LABAS Alexander Arkadievich (1900-1983)
The road to the village. From the series "Moscow in the summer of 1983". 1983

Completes the section late landscape "Road to village" from the series "Moscow in the summer of 1983" (1983) Alexander Arkadevich Labas. "As no one, in the works of Alexander Labasa is a good combination of seething energy of the twentieth century, its irresistible rhythm, the pathos of creation — with exquisite fine style, with the inescapable sense of joy, — and we recognize Alexander Labasa one of the best Russian masters of the last century" (I. A. Antonov. Catalogue of the exhibition "To the centenary of the masters". The Pushkin Museum. Of A. S. Pushkin. 2000, it is Important: the work is accompanied by a Certificate of authenticity Labas-Фонда.

Continues our story a large section of works of the sixties, so beloved by our participants.

YANKILEVSKY Vladimir Borisovich (1938-2018)
Untitled. 1980

Creativity Vladimir Borisovich Yankilevsky in the catalog is light, bright, clean, airy and very recognizable graphical composition "untitled" (1980), drawn with ink and colored pencils.

STEINBERG Eduard Abramovich (1937-2012)
Composition. 1986

Medium canvas "Composition" (1986) Edward Arkadievich Steinberg filled with familiar to fans of his art forms. Cross, circle, line, Crescent — they are all for the artist and at the same time signs and symbols — concepts, phenomena and allusions. It is possible to offer, for example, are their interpretations: "the triangle recalls the Trinity, the cross means the cross, the circle — idea of perfection in the world. The line may look like the border between life and death, between day and night @all mdas that haunts the metaphysical imagination of the artist"; "the Crescent moon, one of the often repeated motifs in his canvases, — is an allusion to the hammer, but certainly not as a Communist emblems, arm in arm with a hammer: it's an allusion, complete and tenderness, and severity as sickle anciently familiar to any farmer, as instilled in him a sense of confidence and peace"; "circles and white rectangles Steinberg appear in two forms, marking a desperate man, lost in the boundless space, and the triumph of conquering life returning to normal" (Dominique Fernandez. CIT. at To the question about finding your way in art, the artist replied that to understandgeometric abstraction "came through the Russian avant-garde, primarily through the Suprematism of Kazimir Malevich. But I almost did not discover anything new, I just gave the Russian avant-garde a different perspective. What? Rather, religious. Their spatial geometric structures I base on the old catacomb wall painting and, of course, icon painting. My little achievement is that I almost-чуть turned Russian avant-garde. But, on the other hand, I develop in his works the traditions of Russian symbolism.... <...> the Internal concept of my works, therefore, is based on a synthesis of mystical ideas of Russian symbolism of Teens and plastic solutions to the Suprematism of Kazimir Malevich" (source:

PURYGIN Leonid Anatolievich (1951-1995)
Lady Godiva. 1989

the image of the Legendary Lady Godiva — wife of count Leofric, who rode around town on a horse naked to husband lowered the exorbitant taxes levied on citizens, — for centuries cared for the arts. And how many sounds doubt chroniclers and Vtorushin them by scientists studying medieval texts, the image of a beautiful Nude rider inspired new masters — artists, sculptors, writers and poets. Peculiar and recognizable author's incarnation of the legend of Lady Godiva stands before us in the same composition of oil, written in 1989, "brilliant end of the Bench" — Leonid Anatolievich by Poriginal. Artist not sinned against the legend which says that the townspeople, having heard about the upcoming event, was shut in houses and have closed the shutters out of respect to the purity of Lady Godiva. Around rider there is no one real person, but there is paryginskaya kibakichi — little men with big heads, and some-то elf-like flying creatures. It is remarkable that, at the absolute originality of the composition Purygina, it apparently unites with most of the centuries of incarnations a distinct impression of poignancy, clarity of what is happening.

PIVOVAROV Viktor Dmitrievich (1937)
Plate "I didn't touch.". 2007

In China the sixties embodied the best, most important and valuable for authors of themes and motifs. So is the plate "I'm not touched." (2007) Victor D. Pivovarov hand-painted at the enterprise in Germany, a sketch of the author. On the reverse of the plate, near the author's signature and date, painted the roof with a small snow and icicles. "What-то is symbolic in these small sketchbook next to the signature of no, — answered the question AI about the importance of drawing Victor Pivovarov. — Is a special bonus for collectors is that each plate is its own way unique. If the image on the front side of the plate is the same in all the copies, the image with the signature on the reverse of everywhere different. Motifs are sometimes repeated, but always a bit-чуть by-другому".

NEMUKHIN Vladimir Nikolaevich (1925-2016)
Jack Target. 2011

Determining the composition "Jack Target" (2011) as "is unique in its artistic qualities of the work", the expert notes that it "typical work Vladimir Nikolaevich Nemukhin 1960-х — 2000-х years of his great cycle that is associated with the solitaire games and card games. In thiscase Nemukhin connects his interest and love of card hands, with the interest in art of Russian avant-garde 1910-20-х years, which has always been a source of inspiration for the Soviet artists-нонконформистов. It things on the subject of card games with a good inclusion of quotations and reminiscences from works of artists of the Russian avant-garde 1910-20-х, will be the recognizable hallmark V. N. Nemukhin and bring him fame".

COOPER, Yuri L. (1940)

Not dated nearly five-foot canvas "iris" Yuri Leonidovich Cooper — without a doubt one of the most beautiful and noble compositions of the artist in a large number of those that were exhibited at the Auction AI. In this work the most successful way combines all that is valued in Cooper fans and connoisseurs of his work a recognizable author's technique, the purity and brevity of style, impeccable taste. In addition to the above, the investment motivation of purchase supports the correct size and decoration, and everything else — for the soul!

ZELENIN, Eduard L. (1938-2002)
Untitled (still life with landscape)

Complete a story about the responsibility of the sixties undated oil "untitled (still life with landscape)" Edward L. Zelenin. This picture is amazing, with multiple plans, with a complex composition, complex color, and very beautiful. It happens in fairy tales of Andersen or Maeterlinck, when usual, the simple things suddenly transformed, illuminated from the inside and invite us to your mysterious world. Here in our picture writing, the light-painter's brush like a magic wand, leaned from the Windows with thick curtain, walked across the Golden pattern Wallpaper, inside illuminated fruit, scattered highlights along the edges of the glass vases and filled the lake with reflections from brightly lit pavilion in the distance. In General, a restrained colour scheme scattered across all surfaces glare light show bright solid colors. Look at this thing: it is revealed at once.

Traditionally, the final section of the directory — of the work contemporary authors.

MURATOV Damir Raufovich (1967)
Little brave trainer. 2002

Opens his longtime, 2002, the painting "Little brave trainer" raufovicha of Damira Muratova. One of the participants of the forum AI said about him remarkable words: "I Want to say about one very important trait or quality of his personality and creativity. Damir — artist. Mean: he is always the artist! When-то it was OK, now occurs once in a thousand. Most of the artists “working artists” and dreams finally become-то kind of official or businessman to wear an expensive suit. Strange but widespread phenomenon... So Damir Muratov of those units. He not only creates art, creates installations, art-объекты, paints, etc. It creates an artistic medium. In this Homo ludens has found its perfect incarnation. It forms around itself an atmosphere of joyful spontaneous creativity: cheerful, playful, relaxed" (up zarajara, Indeed, such units — Sergei Paradjanov, Tonino Guerra, Damir Muratov. Wizards, of course, and relentlessly transforming the world around them in joyful reality.

KHUDYAKOV Konstantin V. (1945) with the participationSPLOSHNOV Alexander Anatolyevich (1963)
Angel eyes. 2016

a Deluxe sample of the author's genre —-circulation digital printing on metal "angel Eyes" (2016) Konstantin Khudyakov with the participation of Alexander Medvedev Sploshnov. "the Emergence of this pattern is associated with the bee. All my friends know that I am fond of macro photography. Once the children of a shepherd brought me for shots of a bumblebee in a matchbox. I put it in the glove compartment and forgotten. Two days later went to Moscow and heard him humming. Bumblebee was alive, and was covered in paper flour. I felt ashamed. I put it in a jar, put greens, and just three minutes it cleared, it became brilliant. I started to take his close-up and found what his amazing mesh eyes. Then opened the jar and released the bees in the open window. While off the pictures, I noticed that it flew in through the open window into the room, flew around me and went back out on the street. Then I looked out the window and realized that angel flies. So there was this picture. I realized that bumblebee gave me the opportunity to make a huge project" (Konstantin Khudyakov, source:

Paata MERABISHVILI, Marasovic (1964)
Cock. 2017

the Final catalogue — "Cock" (2017) of Marasovich Paata Merabishvili. Bright, cocky — not cock, but a real fighting cock, some legs are worth! Besides, it's a very interesting embodiment of the recognizable manner of the sculptor in painting.

Simultaneously with our regular 334-м AI Auction open auction XX the project "XXI century. Contemporary Russian art". In: Farid Bogdalov, Vladimir Brainin, Irina Korsakov, Igor Nezhivoy, Olga Pushkarev, Alexander Russ, Maria Siemienska, Andrey Syaglov, Kate-Анна Taguchi, Yuri Horovsky.

All the best of luck on 334-м AI-Аукционе and twentieth auction, "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"!

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ЗВЕРЕВ Анатолий Тимофеевич (1931–1986) Петух. 1958 (71 × 50,2)

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РАБИН Оскар Яковлевич (1928–2018) Рынок в Париже II. 1981 (60 × 73 см)

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СИТНИКОВ Василий Яковлевич (1915–1987) Сидящая обнаженная. Из цикла «Уроки». 1971 (85,8 × 61,7 см)

Current bid35000 RUB
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