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Open 333-и the Auction and XIX curator's auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"

The master catalogue — 30 lots: nineteen paintings, five original leaves and one — printed graphics, two works in mixed media, two sculptures, and the work done by digital printing

the fee from buyers is 18 %.

Catalogue of the Auction No. 333 XIX and curator of the auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art".

Lots 333-го of the Auction presented in the exhibition online-выставки AI.

Lots of the XIX curator of the auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art" presented in the exhibition online-выставки AI.

In the section of Russian art early twentieth century today, we put the only work — pattern Alexander Nikolayevich Benois "the Duchess of Portsmouth", made in 1905-1906 with the same engraving 1695 French master Antoine Truvo (Antoine Trouvain, 1656-1708). According to the expert, the work of artists working for French fashion magazines of the late seventeenth — beginning of the eighteenth century, was well known and loved by Alexander Benois, who wrote that the works of the masters, depicting "in a series of craft-тонких engravings intimate life of Versailles yard... priceless for the history of life and clothing." In 1905-1907 A. Benoit worked a lot in the French libraries — such as the library of Versailles, with a large collection of engraved costumes. Obviously, at this time was made, and our drawing, which, together with other materials the artist used when working on historical research and in the design of the performances. However (experts emphasize) drawings "have all the hallmarks of the author's manner of A. Benois. <...> Filled with prints, they, of course, represent the author's interpretation of the source. The artist enlivens the printing equipment, returning a fresh feeling of the original image. The nature of the transformation of the source allows to understand the peculiarities of the formation of the plastic language of graphics A. Benoit, his amazing, distinctive drawing style rooted in the art of past epochs, keeping the "echo elapsed time"".

the Following section of the catalog — the works of Russian artists Abroad.

it Opens with a graphic sketch of a costume of the Old Walter to the Opera N. Rimsky-Корсакова "the snow maiden", performed in 1928 Konstantin Alexeevich Korovin for the first production of "Private Opera in Paris." Author's droppings in the figure indicates that this festive men's suit is suitable for the prologue of the Opera, which Berendei wires having fun at the carnival and meet Spring.

Oh, fair Carnival!
Oh, fair Carnival! Oh! Oh!
Ranye-рано chickens singing,
about the spring was obvestila.
goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, Carnival!
Sweet, Bologna us fed,
mash, mash fed.
goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, Carnival!
pito, Gulian was plenty,
that shed more.
goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, Carnival! (

Sketches of people's fabulous costumes in this production are very diverse. Costume of our hero almost the whole embellished with embroidery — and shirt, and ports, and gloves. But the coat and high hat-гречник — solid: the artist, creating a crowd of merry peasants in embroidered robes, with great taste to show the necessary restraint in detail and made the costumes authentic — festive, elaborately decorated, but not gaudy. Complete suit of bright red belt and sandals-берестянки with onecame.

, And another example of the theatrical graphics in the directory — Museum value (believesexpert) gouache drawing Natalia Sergeevna Goncharova "Italian dancer", Dating from the late 1930 expert-х — by early 1940-х years. This vibrant costume design, full of dynamism of the Italian folk dance Tarantella, comes from the collection of close friends of the artist — spouses-танцовщиков Michael and Anna Sawicki. During this period, Goncharova worked closely with the ballet repertory company and often performed costumes for the recital of familiar artists. According to experts, this costume design "with high probability can be attributed to the group of sketches destined for the composite of divertissements performed during concerts and consisting of separate "national" dance".

a Small job "In France" (1950) David Burliuk, according to the expert, "apparently, it was created according to the materials of the trips to France" in 1949-1950. Vladimir Polevoy, in the book "the Artist David Burliuk" (op. CIT. by: Expert conclusion of the NINE them. P. M. Tretyakov coolant 13964, No. 8807-15 from 02 December 2019) writes that "on the threshold of his sixtieth birthday, the artist has decided to quit working in the office. A series of successful recent exhibitions have allowed him to purchase a small two-storey house in the Eastern part of long-Айленда in the town of HAMPTON-Бейз and leave the bustling Manhattan. Free time was dedicated to the travel... the Most significant European travel was the first — autumn — in the spring of 1949-1950 years in the South of France and Italy. The flood of impressions contributed to the emergence of painting Burliuk distinct impressionistic reminiscences..."

And another theatrical graphics in directory — fine "Sketch design of the stage" Yuri Pavlovich Annenkov, Dating from the experts by the middle of the twentieth century and intended, presumably, for children's theater or performance.

Lithograph La danse noire (Black dance, 1963) Alexander porfiryevich Archipenko — sheet from the folder Les Formes Vivantes ("Living form"), containing 10 tracks and released in Switzerland in 1963, edition of 75 copies.

Section of works by Soviet artists today, there are only two work.

Are in the forest, these secluded corners where you want to sit in the warm sunshine, listen to the murmur of the brook, close my eyes — and inhale the sharp spirit awakened from the winter sleep of the trees: the resinous scent of pine trunks and the fresh smell of birch bark. Here in this area invites us to a lyrical landscape "Warm in the sun, spring" (1957) Dmitry Titov — continues the traditions of Russian landscape school. Our canvas — soft, quite intimate, filled with the warmth of the first spring sun and fresh air of the spring forest, but devoid of the sharp colors of the first spring greens, which is still to grow through the remnants of last year's neterprise yellow foliage.

Oh, how many cats,
you and they do not count ever.
Heart dream sweet peas,
And rings blue star.

in Reality, in delirium Il awake,
Only remember from distant days —
On the bed purring kitten,
Care about looking at me.

(Sergei Yesenin, Oh, how many cats,

a Small canvas "the cat and the candle (for S. Yesenin)" (1975) MichaelThe Rudakov zakharievich — is not an illustration, it is "according to..." a Wonderful artist, very large master, Rudakov conveyed the atmosphere of the poem dedicated to the poet's sister Shura, as if afraid to break the silence and the sleepy warmth of the house, barely lit by the dim flame of a candle. Artist to at least restrict itself in picturesque forms of expression, and the closer and more clearly made for the audience and the atmosphere at home and feelings of the poet, and a private attitude toward them.

Continues our story a large section of the art of the sixties, so beloved by our participants.

Opens his landscape "Winter" (1971-1989) Igor Alexandrovich Vulokh, one associated with the spiritual quest of the artist's works, which he refused to color. To write such things, he began in 1968-м, and three years later created our current composition (and finished it in 1989). "Imagery Vulokh, despite the tradition already established in many texts dedicated to his work, it is difficult to reduce to such concepts as abstraction and minimalism. It is much deeper. In his works, far from figurativism, he usually lends a polished look to not a particular item or scene, but rather, that sensation which they cause. Not the physical embodiment of what-либо, its reflection. But the reflection is always unmistakably recognisable by the audience. This subtle play on the nuances of expression and art makes it memorable and unique" (

"most Importantly, the essence of the picture, is not subject to analysis and explanation — is her mystery, her soul, unknown to the end and the artist himself" (Dmitry Krasnopevtsev). Hardboard "Bottle with inside thread, a scroll, pen and inkwell" (1974) Dmitry Mikhailovich Krasnopevtsev — noble, pure, very beautiful oil. "70-е and 80-е years were extremely fruitful in the life of the artist. The paintings of these years are cleared from the momentary will. In them all the more powerful sounds timeless, free from the encroachments of man's original harmony of the Universe.

Perfect composition of pictures, balance and verified the logic combination of objects, shapes, lines, strong coloration that is not associated with “materiality”, — represent the order of the world. Coloring in the works of Krasnopevtseva is not evident, but this does not mean that it is not. Restrained and noble, it is based on the subtle nuances of a combination of painted planes and shapes and it seems a veil thrown over time at the picture. This "antique" color, as it was called by its author, was created through a long search" (Inessa Merkurov. Dmitry Krasnopevtsev. The man and the artist Dmitry Krasnopevtsev. The memory of the master. 1925-1995. Catalogue of the exhibition in the gallery "House naschokina". M., 1995. S. 26-27). it is Important: work published in the book: Dmitry Krasnopevtsev. Painting. M: Bonfi, 2007. S. 91 (play. in color).

In 1978, created the song "Shelf of bottles" Mikhail Aleksandrovich Roginsky. In the autobiography of the artist, first published on AI, there is a litter "after several years of doing work on packing Board — collages, imitating walls, doors". Apparently, this work applies our still life: painting cut out shapes of bottles made of corrugated cardboard, glued them to a sheet of the same packaging material and painted with acrylic — bright, clean local flowers on a blue background.Still life has a credible provenance: acquired by the present owner from a friend of the artist Oleg Yakovlev (Paris) and confirmed the artist's widow Liana Roginsky (Paris).

Abstraction "untitled (Joker)" (1982) Vladimir Nikolaevich Nemukhin powerful, very interesting work on paper with collage elements (pieces of rope) important creative period. It's fresh, very beautiful and is one of the best examples of brand nemuhinskie style.

besides 1982 applies bold and colorful cardboard "Tatiana" work Anatoly T. Zverev. This is a portrait of the daughter of writer-публициста Vladislav Shumsky, a close friend of the artist and collector of his works.

In 1991, has written a large "Grey cat" Victor Semyonovich Kazarin — work in a well-known to fans of the artist's style, but not quite his usual gray-лиловой scheme. In contrast to the known kazaryns'ke reckless semi-wild cats, which our members have already bought, this time we are dealing with a cat-философом, cat-денди, but the author's dripping, yellow, and the composition strongly suggest that this whole philosophy — same quiet pool where, as you know

Canvas "Prototype-Матрица" (2001) Igor G. Snegur — is very simple and very complicated thing. Dim background, abstract geometric elements, almost closed, the Central image, and — a strange face, in which the artist all available means of scenic expressiveness, focusing the viewer's attention. "we Must remember the spiritual man. You closed your eyes, but continue to live. You see neither the beauty of the external world, nor of its advantages. What do we see? Black square.

Bravo, Malevich! Why don't we look for the spiritual man? First myself, then others. And in ancient times was the seers that spoke to the hidden man, the spiritual. When we listen to music, very good to close my eyes so nothing distracts.

Response to any sound, chord — within man! In body, in soul, in Spirit — eyes are closed, but you are present in the real world! Malevich had asked to close my eyes and listen to the inner man, which is now diminished!" (Igor Snegur, Perhaps the image in the picture — is a spiritual person Snegur looking at Malevich (referring to his small black squares)? His eyes are open, but where do they look and do, and what I see? And if he is, what he typifies-матрицей and serves it? The question that the author deliberately removed. The viewer will have to answer them yourself.

In semi-abstract giclee "Black Madonna" from the series "Metaphysical busts" (2014) the ideal beauty of the ancient Egyptian Queen, transformed by talent, Mikhail Mikhailovich Shemyakin, was realized with the help of modern printing technology. The sheet is signed by the author, it is accompanied by a certificate the Foundation of the artist Mikhail Shemyakin in Saint-Петербурге. This is very important because, unfortunately, prints of Mikhail Shemyakin is in high risk area from the point of view of authenticity. Giclee — is the author's print, which is becoming more and more popular in recent years not only among collectors, but also Museum workers. It the advantage over the other lottery drawing that in this case, one product can have several variants of color solutions, and is often modified by hand (

traditional complete catalogue of the work contemporary authors.

Canvas "Le temps (Time)" (2012) created a magic brush Natalia Igorevna Nesterova. Work is extremely beautiful and practically the standard, with all the recognizable elements of pure author's style. The case when the absolute trading advantages things fully meet the aesthetic dignity. In General, for collection, and for the soul — wonderful choice!

"the Novodevichy convent" (2010-2019) Andrei Vladimirovich of Munz — abstract improvisation with elements of the architectural landscape, one of the favorite genres of the author. Paradoxically, but Moscow can to write in-московски, but you can not. And this difference is noticeable at first glance. Moscow rejects any manner of image — if only it was made with talent and love. Professional architect, Andrew Munz reproduces the temples and towers of the ancient Moscow monasteries freely, but in proportion very accurately and enters them into an abstract composition so that each element occupies its unique space. Abstraction for the Munz — freedom, exit from the space of architecture, subordinate to the strict canons of geometry in different space, is also subordinate to its strict laws — but quite different. So everything is so harmonious. A bright, rich and iridescent palette of the artist of the soul brighten our kind, cheerful, wide and joyful city. Moscow is a very thing.

Whose performance has inspired the artist and whether there was actually a prototype of this image, we certainly do not know, but "the world of music pleases talents", — says Marasovich Paata Merabishvili, the author of the sculpture "the harp player" (2018) — figures of women from ancient tool. In images of women playing musical instruments, for the sculptor agreed to three motives: the music he loves and feels mastery that he understands and knows how to appreciate, and the woman — Merabishvili repeatedly wrote and emphasized his deep respect for the woman, sweetheart, mother, the Keeper of the family and Muse. That's why so poetic, his sculptures dedicated to muzykantam.

Completes the selection snag "Interior with a mirror" (2019) Alexei A. Barbenko. Snag as a technique used in art since the days of ancient cultures and Barvenko — is a favorite genre. Selection of subjects in his faux always verified — are no extra or random object he does not. Including why each trick, and of course, our "Interior mirror", creates a very solid, balanced and complete way the ideas contained in it by the author. And as always, snag Barvenko — is a very good painting.

at the same time with our regular 333-м AI Auction open NINETEENTH auction of the project "XXI century. Contemporary Russian art". In: Simon Agroskin, Valery Babin, Dasha Delaunay, Natalia Zhernovskaya, Igor Kislitsyn, Victor I. Kostin, Sergei Maksyutin, Anatoly Purlik, Sergei Smurov, Elena Shemetova.

All the best of luck on 333-м AI-Аукционе and NINETEENTH auction "twenty-first century. ModernRussian art"!

Those who are going first to buy a painting or drawing, would be helpful to know that no monitor ever authentic will not give works of art. Color, texture, not to mention the aura of a particular work, the impression from the meeting with her, the monitor is not subject. Good thing he can do at least wishy-washy, and not very good, on the contrary, to embellish (the last one we have, but it is fair to say it's worth). In addition, each person sees and feels by-своему.

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РОЖДЕСТВЕНСКИЙ Константин Иванович (1906–1997) Женский портрет. 1945 (48 × 31 см)

Current bid30000 RUB
End time2024-07-26 12:00
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﴾Первые имена﴿ МАВРИНА Татьяна Алексеевна (1900‒1996) По дороге в Шахматово. Новый стан. 1970 (34 × 46,5 см)

Current bid150000 RUB
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КУСТОДИЕВ Борис Михайлович (1878–1927) Ярмарка. Эскиз декорации к 4-му действию спектакля «Страна отцов». 1921 (10,5 × 14,8 см в свету)

Current bid90000 RUB
End time2024-07-26 12:00
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