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Russian art at auction Gene Shapiro
ARTinvestment.RU   02 октября 2008

November 5 in New York will be the major trades, whose primary target audience - Russian buyers. In addition to works of recognized stars of Russian art, there are also works of European and Latin American artists
PAUL Svedomski
Courtship Source: geneshapiro.com

Alexander Rodchenko Composition with superimposed triangles
Alexander Rodchenko Composition with superimposed triangles
Source: geneshapiro.com

HOPE ELSKAYA The Church and flowers
Source: geneshapiro.com

PETER Belenok drop
Source: geneshapiro.com

Komar and Melamid Discus Thrower. From the series "Nostalgic Socialist Realism»
Source: geneshapiro.com

November 5 in New York will auction Gene Shapiro, which will be presented to Russian, European, and Latin American art. The head of the auction house Gene Shapiro does not hide that the target audience of the upcoming auction - buyers from Russia. Since the previous "Russian auction» Gene Shapiro proved successful, provide the product to the November auction decided to many collectors. Many of the works for sale had never appeared at public auction. Auction Estimate - 6.4 million. The average price of the lot - more than 20 thousand dollars.

order to attract buyers, auction organizers decided not to limit the selection of works of Russian artists. Of course, Russian buyers are interested above all creations of his countrymen, but in recent years they have been actively buying works of European, American and Asian art. The number of fans of Russian art, not speaking in Russian, also increased.

As with previous "Russian auction» Gene Shapiro, November auction aims to interest fans of both "old" and "new" art. The oldest works for auction, date from the early XIX century. Among the top lots in the "antique" category is a rare note of paintings by Paul Svedomski (1849-1904). Svedomski studied in Germany and worked in Western Europe. He became famous for his genre paintings. Estimate of his painting "The Courtship" - 35-50 thousand dollars. Another remarkable work - a portrait of "Lady on the couch" brush Leon Bakst , estimated at 125-175 thousand dollars. Experts confirmed the authenticity of the Tretyakov Gallery.

Most of the works offered for sale, are the paintings of Russian artists of the XX century: Konstantin Korovin , Boris Grigoriev , Alexander Altman , Alessio Issupova and Nikolai Alexandrovich Tarkhova . Many of these works have solid provenance, often displayed at exhibitions and are listed in various directories. At Gene Shapiro presented and Russian avant-garde, in particular, two interesting works Klyuna (estimate 200-300 thousand) and Alexander Rodchenko (250-350 thousand). Both works are given a European collector. They were formerly in the collection of K. Stramentova, son-famous collector of Russian vanguard George Kostakis. In addition, the auction will be presented early graphic work of avant-garde legends Natalia Goncharova and Larionov .

feature "Russian Trading", held in the U.S. - a large number of works of Russian artists who emigrated to this country. Auction Gene Shapiro - this expanse for hunters paintings Davidovich Burliuk , Boris Anisfeld , Veschilova and Gregory Glyukmana . Burliuk one already in the November auction 15 works. The auction also offers the work of Russian immigrants - representatives of the "School of Paris", such as Isaac Payles .

One of the major lots in the string of non-conformists - picture Elskoy Hope . This artist, who died very young, was part of a group of "lianozovtsev." She studied at Y. Rabin , and participated in the famous "Bulldozer Exhibition" in 1974. Her painting "The Church and the flowers" (30-40 thousand) was bought by the present owner from the artist Eugene L. Rukhin . Rukhin also presents a picture of the auction, which was acquired directly from the artist's collection. Another remarkable work - painting "The Fall" by Peter Ivanovich Belenok . It is estimated at 40-60 thousand dollars. The painting was bought from the artist in 1970. In addition, the auction will feature five works Vasily Sitnikov , as well as works by Tatiana Nazarenko and Natalia Nesterova .

And, of course, Gene Shapiro could not ignore such a phenomenon in the Russian postwar art as a social art. At the auction exhibited numerous works S. Alexander Kosolapov , Leonid Sokov and and Komar & Melamid . Lot 162 - ironic "psychedelic" interpretation of the famous image of the ancient discus thrower (120-150 thousand dollars). Auction organizers called the work "one of the most important works of Komar and Melamid, have ever appeared at auction».

The auction also exhibited the works of some artists from Western Europe and Latin America. Among them is the still life painter of the School of Bauhaus, a contemporary of Paul Klee (Paul Klee) Max Peiffer Vatenfyulya (Max Peiffer Watenphul), a portrait of who performed the famous Mexican painter Emilio Bass Biaud (Emilio Baz Viaud).

Sources: artdaily.org , geneshapiro.com , artinvestment.ru

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