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Selling books Parton on Goncharova banned in Russia
ARTinvestment.RU   11 июля 2016

The arbitration court of Moscow decided to withdraw from the sale on the territory of Russia the book by Anthony Parton Goncharova: the art and design of Natalia Goncharova" (Goncharova: The Art and Design of Natalia Goncharova)

the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation has won a lawsuit filed against the British publisher Antique Collectors Club Ltd. and Russian Internet-магазина, which was presented this book. This was announced the newspaper "Kommersant" with reference to the existing copy of the decision of the court.

this story Began five years ago. In 2010 and 2011 in English and Belgian publishing houses came two directory-монографии about the work of Natalia Goncharova: directory "Goncharova: The Art and Design of Natalia Goncharova" Anthony Parton, published by Antique Collector's Club, and the first volume of the catalogue Denise Baseto "Natalia Gontcharova: son oeuvre entre tradition et modernité / Natalia Goncharova: Her Work Between Tradition and Modernity".

When these directories saw the Russian art critics and antiquarians – their hair stood on end. Flawless on the origin of the Museum things Natalia Goncharova in these books was generously mixed with a large number of obvious fakes and questionable things without any indication of provenance. Generally, this happens not infrequently – even in good faith, in General, publications may wormed fake. But, judging by the number inserted in the catalogues of the Parton and Baseto compilations and clearly questionable (called number to 30% of counterfeits), it could go probably not error, or only error, and on the way of legalization and the attempt to introduce into scientific circulation of a large array of inauthentic works.

the Situation in Moscow was regarded as outrageous. International Confederation of antique and art-дилеров (MKAAD) prepared report with analysis monographs and in April 2011 held a press-конференцию. The meeting was addressed by representatives of the Confederation, collector Peter Aven, gallerist James Butterwick, expert Irina Vakar, Director of the state Tretyakov gallery Irina Lebedeva. Condemned, decided as-то to fight. Later Lebedev wrote a letter to the English publisher, say, is happening a disgrace. How-то time overseas supporters parton and Baseto said an article "Vicious attacks on critics". From which we learned that in Russia there are no experts on creativity Goncharova (not true), that were authors of books (the truth), and Artinvestment is funded by the Petr Aven (also true).

in Fact, it seemed to me that this all will end. The parties clearly expressed their position, and there really are collectors and organizers of auctions to decide who they trust more. But no. At least one Anthony Parton's book the question was brought to an end in Russia in respect of it now a judicial decision: to sell and to publish it any longer.

Sources: kommersant.ru, sudact.ru, artinvestment.ru

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