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Will generation Z good buyers of art? What worried art-дилеры
ARTinvestment.RU   04 июня 2019

Not having dealt more with the "millennial" professionals of the global art-рынка began to divide the skin of the next generation 7-22-летних — those briefly referred to as Gen Z. Why? At stake too much money to stop to go to youth councils

the fact that kids@-"setki" already account for a third of the population of the planet — Bloomberg writes that 32 % of the 7.7 billion in 2019. Their share in the number of buyers even higher — 40 %. If they don't spend themselves, you have a huge influence on the decisions and consumption patterns of their parents. Their fathers and mothers are often forced to buy cars not by make and engine capacity, and the volume of the cooled space to store school Lunches their blockheads. Whether there will be. After 30 years, many of the "Zetas" will dispose of large States. And now they hunted. All we need fresh blood, its army of buyers. Including art-дилерам, galleries, and auctions.

Alas, what's a "Zeta" in their heads, nobody really knows. What do we know? These children have grown up with smartphones instead of rattles and YouTube instead of nipples. They initially settled into a new digital world where everything is changing too fast. Zeta quickly realized that to keep old traditions here means to become vulnerable. They grew up in the era of posttrade and know not to cross-check information — means to expose themselves to ridicule. On the contrary, to think fast, to think laterally, to think critically, not to allow themselves to be manipulated, to try new things, without piety to treat the brands, brands, all authority — that's their natural behavior. Not casually among the first blow was received by the manufacturers of cars and motorcycles. Suddenly it became clear that for the "setok" as for Millennials, own a car ceased to be object of desire. We can understand them. Why buy voracious thing, if you can rent it in two clicks on the smartphone screen or to take the subscription? There is much more heartbreaking trends. Fathers, transmitting by inheritance the family "Harley", began to cause ill-concealed uneasiness. Many years of lifestyle, ethics, relationships, the whole world was destroyed for no-то couple of years. And we're sad about what-то art.

However, the captains art-бизнеса don't want to heave to. Trying to halsenbach. Together with other knowledgeable people think about possible future scenarios. It is noticeable that the debate on the question "what is art-миру to prepare for the coming Gen Z," in the last time as-то particularly acute.

So, a couple of weeks ago The Art Newspaper published an article by Melanie Gerlis "Forget about the millenials — the art market need to look at generation Z". Mistrust "of zetoc" to the greedy big corporations and the growing number of alternative opinion leaders (bloggers, integrasco, the youtubers) the author takes on a distant prospect of art-рынка. By analogy with the victory of informal sources of information over the official media Melanie Gerlis predicts a bright future of small galleries and not the gallery of large international corporations (suspended — "gagosyanom" and "zwerner"). That is, in her mind, the younger generation will have more trust in integramark and videos-блогерам, telling about the art than the fat cats art-бизнеса. In addition, against the current "behind the scenes" in the highest price segment, the author predicts the growth demands of the public to price transparency art-рынка. And cites the results of a study Hiscox Online Art Trade: it 87% of respondents said that one of the most importantconditions of purchase art for them is the availability of information on past prices of a particular author.

With the position of the Melanie Gerlis the impact of the small galleries I do not agree Tim Schneider, a columnist for Artnet, which has an article "Why generation Z — is more hype than hope who need them the art-дилеров". (By the way, if you have a link does not open, do not be surprised and turn on VPN. Artnet many in Russia are blocked.) Now, Schneider says exactly the opposite: small galleries can be as much as a good, creative and competent, but they have little chance to reach the richest audience. So inside the real life. In addition, most of the galleries can't afford the luxury of education buyers for the future in 10-20 years. They think more about how to pay rent next month, how to save money for participation in the next fair, and how to "shake off" customers bought from them earlier work. The author recalls that most of the small galleries — is small businesses, and, according to statistics of the Us office of small business, two-thirds of such businesses close before reaching 10-летнего age. That is, in 20-30 years from most of the small galleries-инфлюенсеров will remain horns Yes feet. Thus, the columnist for Artnet logically leads to the opposite conclusion: to meet generation Z really the best prepared exactly shark art-бизнеса, a major gallery and auction brands. They are far more likely wait to meet grown-up and solvent "zetkama". And besides, it is sustainable art-корпорации in practice have the financial capacity and resources to work for the future, including to sway potential buyers. And they will not be involved in your world all "setok". All they do not need. To succeed, they will prefer to focus on the "margin," that is, the richest. And this view seems to me much more convincing.

There are, however, a third opinion.

Briefly it can be formulated as follows: all attempts to talk about Gen Z today is nonsense. I think this will confirm almost anyone grow their own "satki".

to Take our country. Attempts-то to calculate the behavior of these Teens for so long — divination akin to quackery.

And here, for example, why:

1. There is no generalized "generation Z". Are there any-то common environmental factors acting on people in this age group. For example, there are twenty years, the phenomenal technological development. There is a cheap connection available alternative channels of dissemination of information, the manipulation of public opinion, a hybrid war, the growth of social stratification. All this has affected the youth, made her mistrustful and easy going. However, and this generalization seems formulaic and sloppy. Because even within one country there are hundreds of different "generation Z". One grows in the city, more — in rural areas. One — in capitals, the other — where-то near Taganrog, among the endless fields. Some parents drag their children to the theater Yes, the exhibitions, and others — gone at work from morning till night. Some hang out in the "Garage" and "Winery", and the second — in the garage and wineries. Only the President was in theirall life is the same, and everything else — different. And by the way, this does not mean that the first will definitely buy the art, and the second — no.

2. It makes no sense to over-communicate commercial expectations for sales of art with the multiplicity and the provision of generation Z. the Ability to buy art does not necessarily mean a desire to buy. In Russia today, and thousands of millionaires. In Moscow — to 70 billionaires. The collectors and collections of a high level anyway, without exception. And the annual volume of the domestic art market, subject to galleries and auctions, — tiny for a country of $ 30 million, Yes, without money nothing happens, but for the well-being of art-бизнеса a large number of the rich is not enough.

3. Try to project the lifestyle and motivation of the current 7-22-летних people on them in 20-30 when they will enter the "collectible" age, — is too presumptuous. Or rather, even silly. Remember yourself teenagers. You are very interested in art and investment in art? I no@Yes ndashнет and scroll in thoughts that when he died, Anatoly Zverev, I was in the fifth grade and intersect chances almost was not. But when he died Vladimir Yakovlev, I was in grad school. That is, theoretically we could see. But you will never meet and talk. Because at 23, from professional encounters with the art I was separated for several years. I even could not imagine that soon I will be happy to do it. And here I'd like to look into the eyes of the man who would have dared then to predict my consumer behavior.

4. At the current pace of change we really can know almost nothing about the future. Can not reliably plan even 5 years ahead. What there twenty-тридцать... Well, one of us 20 years ago could have imagined that Parking in Moscow will begin to make more of a man of the street with the speed of contagion flooded car sharing, and the rock-н-ролл will be all-таки dead? Or who six years ago could foresee that the volume of the auction market falls three times, the previous market leaders to scale back activity and new auctions and galleries to the detriment of the job will have to fend off new absurd extortion? What planning, what you're saying...

assume that with regard to the future markets of consumer goods (cars, cosmetics, electronics) there is a real sense to think in-крупному to create a marketing model on the conditional level of the "big generation Z". But to spread any conclusions on this wide group for the purchase of art, I would not. Neither for countries nor for Russia. Art lovers — with a particular, narrow audience, with the necessary money and inclinations. As we imagine a potential buyer of art? Passionate, educated, cultured man, who closed the basic needs for 45 years, families, children, income far above average and has the time (and the time it requires about-го-го) on collecting. Can such people suddenly become much, much more than now? Can. And maybe Vice versa. Who knows.

nevertheless, it is possible to speculate about what you need to do to the number of collectors in the country in the long term increased.

the Secret is not great. Under anyconditions people start to buy art? Know all about it. People are taking collections in the country, when they feel that here they will be safe and fun to live life. When you believe you are ahead of a sea of possibilities and much depends on them. When is the drive, when there is an expectation of great prospects. That their business will not climb the state and the various authorized entities. And without that... Well, life will still prevail. Even in the Soviet Union, in a situation of criminal and administrative pressure was still underground and semi-underground collectors. But that's just why to do this again to bring?

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Returning to our Z. it is Possible somehow to try to win them to the side of art. But in any case, the last thing I tried to do — is to influence their behavior marketing techniques. Teenagers and young people have a very good sense of manipulation. Dishonesty, screwing the "Patriotic education" in any event, flirting and clumsy content tricks in dealing with them does not end good. On the contrary, will cause rejection. It is possible to help the future of the market? Often show private collection, forming the fashion for collecting. The latter is particularly important. I think that one Timothy in this sense, more confused than ten festivals and the Ministry of culture. And of course, for the future it is necessary to remove wrecking legislative barriers and to create a supportive environment for collectors. But otherwise it's better to let things run their course.

Sources: artnet.com, theartnewspaper.com, democraticmedia.org

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