As predictions have come true AI on the "Russian trading" in November 2018
ARTinvestment.RU   06 декабря 2018

Under each picture lots see real results are translated from pounds to dollars at the rate of 1.28. And compare with the forecast AI

All ended last Friday. And while I hesitated to report, flew triumphant: "delighted with the results," "the Russian art market is very strong", "the market is growing steadily," etc.

Okay, so there's no hurry. Although it was annoying to sleep through such a drastic and unexpected change for the better.

the Main hits and information about for news about the last auction were two pictures. First — "Georgian, wearing lechki" Niko Pirosmani sold three times higher than the estimate for $2 854 000. Second — "Game of hide and seek" by Konstantin Makovsky, purchased one and a half times more expensive than the estimate, for $5 470 000. Both — on "Sotbis". The result Makovsky is so strong that the caused motion in the ranking of Russian artists. And Pirosmani also was almost broke your own record. Such results were impossible to predict (I guessed wrong), as it is impossible to read the thoughts of those who are eager to outbid at any cost. Both works good. Best of all, it was at auction. To pay for them is not so scary. New owners — sincere congratulations.

In the auction was seen, and other interesting breakouts. For example, a well ottorgovalis agitation porcelain (sometimes with multiple excess of estimate). A number of works of the sixties with the story left much more expensive to preliminary expert estimates. Well sold antique books — the first lifetime editions of Russian classics and books of Russian avant-garde. The most expensive book this time was the "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka" by Nikolai Gogol: $224 000. So you don't think that we have these good news do not notice and are not happy.

Alas, despite some success, still premature to conclude that the Russian art market is quickly gaining momentum. Because spectacular in addition to these records there are other conspicuous circumstances:

1. "Christie" last November, sold on the Russian bid approximately 74 % Thong painting and drawing, and this year — approximately 50 %. At Sotheby's better, but still falling in the past year he has sold approximately 78 % catalog fine art, and this year — about 65 %. For any Moscow auction it would be a good result, but London has long accustomed us to expect more.

2. At this time, many liquid things sturdy quality (not rare, but it is often sold) has been proposed auction in London at a lower, almost Moscow prices. And about Moscow the same prices, and left. Maybe sometimes 15-20% more expensive, which is quite a reasonable margin for "sotbisovsky" provenance

what it may mean? Every year the Russian art market is becoming more and more pragmatic and Mature. Accidental rich people, unknowingly throw money on it getting smaller. It is rather for the better. Too bad that offer is narrowed, and the class of lots is reduced. But even now the situation is quite working, activity to the critical level does not fall. It's too bad. Of course, no General surge of optimism I do not see numbers. And why would you?

Here are some of-за such "gloomy" estimates my colleagues and I periodically hear reproach from antique dealers, dealers and other knowledgeable people. Their-то certainly not be accused of fascination with the pink glasses. But stillask a trick question: "Why do you write critically? Anyone who cares and understands the situation. Do I need to weary the statistics? Isn't it better to write to you with optimism about the records about the growth, the excess of the estimate, about the good things. This mood will RUB off on others and provide much needed support for the Russian market." Well, this view also has a right to exist. But only then really decide: we or "good" or need to "support"? If anyone-то help mystical spell of universal progress, then why are we with you in every room of not hanging the TV? Here's how you say "halva" in the mouth will not become sweeter. And miracles out of nowhere, combat shamans to protect the Russian art market no one will send.

and not the fact that I can handle. In our forest bred "fantastic beasts" that no shamans never dreamed of. Resourceful, crafty, knows how to cook the right potion, ready to kill anything nor touch. And there is no similarity in London, with business transparency and the free export of culture are not necessary. Can pretend to say nice words about civilized rules and the importance of improving the business climate. But still will not allow Moscow to raise its head in the trade of Russian art (where the idea has a natural competitive advantage). To believe in their fairy tales do not need: I will say one thing and then create such conditions that to buy and sell in the country lost all desire. Here's what I think about all of this "optimistic." Sorry if I did something wrong.

So, now we move on to the final figures. Below, in the caption, the comparison of the results of and our predictions. And at the end added some results of book auctions on lots which we have in my review before that said the antiquary Anatoly Borovkov.

26 November 2018. Christie's. Important Russian Art

27 November 2018. Sotheby's.Russian Pictures

28 November 2018. Christie's. Russian Literary First Editions & Manuscripts: Highlights from the R. Eden Martin Collection

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