The Society of Young Artists

1919-1923, Moscow

Members: N. F. Denisov, M. A. Eremichev, A. I. Zamoshkin, K. Johanson, V. P. Komardenkov, S. N. Kostin, A. V. Lentulov, K. K. Medunetsky, A. I. Naumov, A. S. Of The Shoals, A. P. Prusakov, .P. Prusakov, A. M. Rodchenko, S. Y. Svetlov, V. A. Stenberg, G. A. Stenberg, G. B. Yakulov.

Exhibitions: 1-я (1919, Moscow) — 4-я (1921, Moscow); "1-я Russian art exhibition" in the gallery van dimena (Berlin).

avant-garde artistic group; was founded by a group of students theatre-декорационной workshop G. B. Yakulov and A. V. Lentulov at the Moscow State free art studios. Chairman elected N. F. Denisov. Pre-graduation event was attended by A. V. Lunacharsky, who invited the group to work in the Department of IZO Narkompros, fulfilling specific production goals for the design of mass celebrations, drawing pictures, posters and banners. To this end, the Society was allocated a room on the corner of Kuznetsky bridge and Neglinnaya street (former shop Faberge), where among other things were organized stempellina metal workshop.

the Members of ibmohu preparing stencils for posters to order "Extraordinary Commission for the eradication of illiteracy", the Russian Telegraph Agency ("okna rosta") was developed emblems and badges, participated in festive decoration of Moscow streets and provincial towns, arranged productions in the State demonstration theatre.

the Society held 4 exhibitions. The first one was opened in may 1919, in halls 1-х State free art studios (Rozhdestvenka). Exhibited posters, proclamations, theatre layouts, sketches of scenery, three-dimensional designs. The feature of the exhibition was the deliberate anonymity of the authors. The opening was attended by L. B. Kamenev and A. V. Lunacharsky. In the spring of 1920 in the workshop of ibmohu was held 2-я the exhibition, which clearly demonstrated the abstract-техническую focus the creativity of the participants: was exhibited "tsvetokorrektsii" (, the brothers Stenberg, K. K. Medunetsky), spatial structures (K. Johanson), graphic projects. Artists demonstrated experiments with color and texture of different materials: wood, iron, canvas, glass. The third exhibition was opened on may 22, 1921 in the salon on Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 11. The fourth worked in the summer of 1921 (timed to the opening of the III Congress of the Comintern). The last joint performance of the Association was "1-я Russian art exhibition" in the gallery van dimena in Berlin.

After the collapse of a number of participants (K. Johanson, , V. A. and G. A. Stenberg, K. K. Medunetsky) was included in the "Working group of constructivists" at the workshop A. M. Rodchenko in VKhUTEMAS.

In 2006, with the participation of the architect and designer V. F. koleichuk in the State Tretyakov gallery of archival photos was reconstructed 2-я exhibition IBMOHU.


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