The group Alaya Roza

1904, Saratov

Parties: A. A. Arapov, V. M. Volgin (Kuznetsov), I. A. Knabe, P. V. Kuznetsov, N. N. Nordicski, , V. P., Polovinkin, E. S. Potekhina, . N. Sapunov, M. S. Saryan, S. D. Simpol, S. Y. Sudeikin, P. S. Utkin, K. L. Velden, . P. Feofilaktov.

Honorary members: E. V. Aleksandrova, V. E. Borisov-Мусатов, M. A. Vrubel.

a Group of young Moscow and Saratov artists; was named after held in may — June 1904 in the column hall of the Noble Assembly of Saratov the exhibition, the initiators of which were students of the Moscow school of painting P. V. Kuznetsov and P. S. Utkin. It was the first attempt to consolidate the creative forces of artists, of which the direction of symbolism in Russian art.

109 Exhibited paintings (of which 31 P. V. Kuznetsov, 34 — P. S. Utkin) and pottery workshop of the Abramtsevo Savva Mamontov. Catalog was published, decorated S. Sudeikin.

the Name was not chosen by chance: the flower culture of symbolism was a sign of hope, youth, love. The famous romantic drama "scarlet rose", written by the collector, philanthropist and sculptor-керамистом Mamontov.

the Exhibition was distinguished by integrity and aesthetic unity of the works that was due to the absence of a single program. However, it was clearly indicated the relationship with the older generation of artists: it was reflected in the exposition of works M. A. Vrubel and V. E. Borisov-Мусатова. The exhibition was critically received by the press: "Among the pink, blue and green coarse brush strokes one can see what-то allusions to the human figure, causing confusion and laughter. However, the laughter is rather rare fun-minded visitors, mostly young people, but not for long. As soon as the smiley will enter the White room where is placed the exhibition of pictures, laughter as-то immediately cut off, the face is the sense of hopeless frustration and boredom. On all sides it is surrounded by what-то torn, wrinkled, dirty pieces of cloth, of paper and paperboard in clumsy frames and without frames, and without the edge, but if edge, then certainly in the form of asymmetry, hanging on the gray fabric. He goes from one "painting" to another, read illiterate inscription beneath the picture, in the directory — and understands nothing".

group Members later participated in the exhibitions of Moscow Association of artists (1905), collaborated in the magazine "balance" and made a core group of "Blue rose" (1907), where "decorative-романтическое" direction was further developed.

In 2004, to 100-летнему anniversary of the exhibition "scarlet rose" in Saratov was organized a number of exhibitions, including the exhibition of paintings and graphics by members of the group from the collection of the Saratov state art Museum im. A. N. Radishcheva.


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