The Group of painting-plastic realism

1927-1934, Leningrad

Parties: P. I. Basmanov, A. B. Buchanan, V. A. Vlasov, L. S. Halperin, N. D. Emelyanov, V. M. Ermolaeva, V. Zenkovich, M. B. Kazan, O. V. Kartashev, . I. Cohen, A. A. Leporskaya, T. M. Pravosudov, K. I. Rozhdestvensky, V. V. Sterligov, . M. Suetin, S. I. Fiks, G. A. Schmidt, K. V. Ender, M. V. Ender, L. A. Yudin and others.

a Group of artists United by the related art. - Was mostly comprised of followers K. S. Malevich, members of the "UNOVIS". Official status had not.

According to L. A. Yudin, the task of the group was "the desire of the individual to establish what-то alive, the concrete balance between itself and reality, relying solely on its plastic means." In his work, the artists developed the principles of Suprematism (combination of multicolored planes, the combination of simple geometric shapes), tending to his organic connection with the system of the subject image.

group Members were going to apartment V. M. Ermolaeva 10-й line of Vasilievsky island (building 13, area 2); organized exhibition-просмотры of artists ' works (A. B. Baturin, O. V. Kartasheva, M. B. Kazan, V. V. Sterligov), followed by a discussion of works by authors and critics.

These meetings later became the basis for the so-called "group picturesquely-пластического realism". Shortly after the death of Sergei Kirov (1 December 1934) was arrested V. M. Ermolaeva, L. S. Halperin, V. V. Sterligov, . I. Cohen, M. B. Kazan (25 December 1934); O. V. Kartashev, A. B. Buchanan, N. D. Emelyanov (27 Dec), later — S. I. Fiks, G. A. Schmidt, P. I. Basmanov and several others. They were charged for "anti-Soviet activity, as expressed in the propaganda of anti-Soviet ideas in art and trying to organize around himself the anti-Soviet minded intelligentsia." In the case group was also present L. A. Yudin, K. I. Rozhdestvensky, V. A. Vlasov (called the NKVD).

the Trial ended 26 February 1935; V. M. Ermolaeva, V. V. Sterligov, L. S. Halperin was sentenced to three years correctional-трудовых camps O. V. Kartashev and A. B. Buchanan sent in links for three and five years. The case against M. B. Kazan, . I. Cohen, N. D. Emelyanov, S. I. Fiks, G. A. Schmidt, P. I. Basmanov it was discontinued.

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