The group Put’ Zhivopisi

1926-1930, Moscow

Members: T. B. Aleksandrova, P. P. Babichev, S. I. Mushroom, V. I. Gubin, V. A. Dmitriev, L. F. Zhegin, V. A. Koroteev, G. V. Kostyukhin, I. G. Nikolaev, V. E. Pestel, G. V. Sachenkov.

Exhibitions: 1-я (1927/1928, Moscow, Paris) — 2-я (1930, Moscow).

the Band was formed in 1926 on the initiative of L. F. Regina after the collapse of the Association "Makovec". It included former members of "Makovets" and the graduates of Industrial school of art of printing (former Sytin) — pupils L. F. Regina, . M. Chernyshev and M. S. Rodionov.

during 1926, the members of the group regularly went to the sketches, going for collaborative drawing and discussion of their work. The first exhibition was organized in 1927 in a private apartment in Silver lane, 6 (Arbat). It was shown 110 papers published directory. The Critic NN. I. Tarabukin wrote about this exhibition: "...after all isms of the last decade, after indiscriminately throwing from side to side, after the art of the hustle and hype on the show in a Silver lane the spectator covers the silence and detected a serious attitude to the object" (op. CIT. according to the article: Gubin V. I. Creative group "Path of painting" // Creativity, 1975, No. 6. P.16).

In 1928 the exhibition was repeated in Paris; works of the members of the Association were supplemented by several drawings V. N. Chekriguina.

In the catalog of the Paris exhibition (not mentioned in the reference book "Exhibitions of Soviet art", Moscow, 1965, vol. 1) was placed on the statement by the group, written L. F. M. Reginam: "Our exhibition — the first step towards the adoption of a painterly image... We are equally alien to the abstract constructs of the formalists and vague strivings of artists calling themselves the symbolists: the first way led to the analytical decomposition of objects; the way of the second — to stylization and eclecticism, as trying to replace the object symbol, and those and others out of the boundaries of the pictorial form and smashed the living image. We don't stylize the form and do not model object with —, we want to create an image that exists independent of life, parallel to the object existing in the real world. We are looking for art realistic in form and content and the plot. The balance between form and content or even in complete inseparability of these concepts we see the way to implement this art... Painting — little world, built according to the laws, similar to existing in reality, because organic and full of himself. The way the chain of images — that the content of such pictures."

the Second exhibition was held in the Moscow house of scientists on Prechistenka; was exposed 187 paintings and drawings, a catalogue. Aesthetics group based on a combination of the traditions of Russian icons and popular prints, with techniques of expressionism. Formal searches of artists have caused the attacks proletkultists critics; A. Ciriaco in the journal AXP "Art into the masses" (1930, № 4, p. 31) published an article on 2-й the exhibition called "Exhibition of political vegetarians", accusing artists in the ideological backwardness and isolation from modern reality.

In 1930 the group's activities stopped.

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