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Opened 330-е the Auction and 16-й curator's auction "XXI century"

The master catalogue — 30 lots: fifteen paintings, original six sheets and three — printed graphics, three works in mixed media and one sculpture

the fee from buyers is 18 %.

Directory of Louise XVI 330 and curator of the auction "XXI century".

Lots 330-го of the Auction presented in the exhibition online-выставки AI.

Lots of the XVI curator of the auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary art" presented in the exhibition online-выставки AI.

Traditional Russian art section of the early twentieth century presented at this time only job. "Formulation of a costume model, — said the expert, — included in the compulsory program of study at the Imperial Academy of fine arts of the time for these tasks at the Academy of Arts had an extensive collection of antique costumes, furniture, weapons and decorative objects-прикладного art". Our catalog includes one such performance — picture "the Sitter in the costume of a warrior of the XVI century" (1900) Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev, fairly early, the training period in the Higher art school of painting, sculpture and architecture at IAH, but not the student's performance by the work of the artist. In the biography Kustodiev noted that even as a student he gained fame and began to participate in exhibitions. 1900-го (year of creation of the image) exhibited his works at the Spring exhibitions of the Imperial Academy of arts. In the same 1900-м for the painting "Festivities" was awarded a silver medal at the International exhibition in Brussels.

In section of Russian art of the 1920s-х years proposed to the participants of the three songs.

a Cartoon "Portrait Kovalev" Yuri Pavlovich Annenkov the expert Elena Zhukova dates 1910-20-ми years. Cartoons and caricatures occupy a significant place in the artist's work. They were especially numerous in the initial period of his work associated with the ongoing work in the "Satyricon" magazine (1913-1914). "most Likely, — said the expert, — "portrait of a Queen" is executed later, in the revolutionary era, with the usual for this time "podsumowanie".

sorry, who was king, was not identified. The inscription “king” made another pencil and, most likely, with the other hand@the semicolon is the entry “memory”. The cartoon is difficult to call friendly, as applied in the figure of the grotesque has a mocking tone". In the early 1920-х Annenkov had "strong reputation as an outstanding portrait painter", so, given the obvious resemblance, as well as the possibilities of the Internet and a great number of constantly replenishing its digitized documents and photographs, the new owner of the picture, you may be able to install someone with such skill and with such irony as the artist has represented.

the Second composition — etching "self-Portrait with a tablecloth" (1920-е) David Petrovich Shterenberg, the hero of the rubric "artist of the week". Art historian and art critic V. I. Kostin wrote, "the Largest thematic load in art Shterenberg carried his etchings, depicting street scenes, everyday life and labor of artisans, landscapes. They are similar in the form of pencil sketches of street artist, depicting different scenes, styles, characters. <...> overall, the graphics artist close to his paintings. In it, as in his painting, David Petrovich Shterenberg emphasis on objectivity and materiality in the artistic depiction of nature and its surroundinglife. It gave him the right confidence and feel realistic..." (op. CIT. in:

To the series "Crimea. Odessa. Batumi" refers to watercolor "in the Morning. The sea" (1928) Alexander Arkadevich Labas. Here-вот the sun comes up, but it is not, and the sea, the sky, clouds, shapes, cold predawn air becomes transparent to soft light. Nature silently, silently takes on the paint — lots of colors! Labas, as very few knew how to convey movement even the most static figures and objects, but in our landscape people are at the sea, even though they are swimming, and talking, and just sitting on the sand, in fact, as if frozen, afraid to miss the moment of accomplishment of the miracle of the sunrise. The work is accompanied by a Certificate of authenticity Labas-Фонда.

the Following section of the catalog — creativity artists of the Russian Diaspora.

In 1920-30-е years completed signature paintings of "Spanish woman in a white Mantilla" Natalia Sergeevna Goncharova — top-лот our catalog. According to experts, "the piece belongs to a series of so-called "Spanish", which the artist began to work in 1916 and which is accessed in all subsequent years.".

Undated genre scene "untitled (Woman and child)" belongs to the brush Nicholas Alexandrovich Isayev, one of those artists who today are back into the orbit of Russian art and occupy her rightful place. Bright solid colors and dynamic composition of the painting attracted the attention of; the overall appearance of the work in part creates the impression of stained glass, through which poured a stream of sunlight.

Lithography Les mannequins (Mannequins, 1963) Alexander porfiryevich Archipenko — sheet from the folder Les Formes Vivantes ("Living form"), containing 10 tracks and released in Switzerland in 1963, edition of 75 copies.

the Following section of the catalog — the works of the sixties.

Opens his still life "Jug and fruit" (1955-1962) — words of the expert, "a unique early work Anatoly T. Zverev, written in the characteristic of this period of his work is expressive, fashistskoi manner. Still life is written forcefully, powerfully and characterizes Anatoly Zverev as a great wizard with a unique sense of color. We must remember that in the late 1950-х — early 1960-х years in Russia is extremely rare, as most of them were removed and are in foreign private collections".

figure Vadim Abramovich Sidur "Adam and eve" (1974), made with markers and ink, organically adjacent to a circle of works on biblical subjects, developed in 1970-80-е years. In our figure, as well as in a large, complex polyptych "Adam, eve and the Lord God" (1976. Particleboard, oil) or "Paradise life in a corridor" (1980. Particleboard, oil), the obvious interest in the biblical theme, to Russian icons and, of course, to folk art. Here — thin intricate shapes of flowers, birds, butterflies and other living things of the world surrounding the main characters.

Very rare and incredibly tender and touching thing — quite early, in 1975, a large gouache "Friend" of Vladimir Igorevich Yakovlev.

"Frog" (1990) Victor Semyonovich Kazarin written mostly with the use of dripping, but it is quite recognizable figurative "portrait" —ironic, mysterious and with character.

If the famous "List Grobman" — list of like-minded words Grobman, artists the"heroic period" Second Russian avant-garde, "is completely gone from the Soviet "culture" of outcasts who lived independent aesthetics and different from the standard concepts (here is intertwined not acceptable official world asocial)", — was not alphabetical, the name Mikhail Aleksandrovich Roginsky, written by the author in Paris in 1995 a large canvas "How much I love you / Pas à quel point je t'aime", obviously, would stand in it very close to the beginning. Roginsky emigrated in 1978-м, but in the period after the exile, and even today the publications can be read, by whom and how he was the "unofficial art". In the part autobiography, where the artist has identified the creative periods, says: "1995. Painter. Currently writing composition with figures and urban landscapes. For myself I define it as "documentalism", as a continuation of pop-арта". Canvas that exhibited for the Auction AI, is fully consistent with this author's definition.

Like many artists of other art, Yuri Leonidovich Cooper, the author of a mid-sized canvas "the Square", has repeatedly appealed to the favored explanation — such as images of tulips, paint brushes, etc. Despite the similarity of motifs, each new job — piece is unique and completely independent, they can not even be combined in series, they are so different in format, composition, colours, mood. Our canvas is made in a recognizable author's technique, is very beautiful and noble. Judging by the four paintings with the same "main character", as reproduced on the website of the artist, Cooper was interested in the motif of the square and have developed it in many of his paintings in 1990-х years, so our work is undated it can be attributed to the same creative period.

the following section presents the work Russian artists of the last quarter of the twentieth — beginning of the XXI century.

Opens the section concise to minimalist figurative canvas "Eggs" (1973) Rudolf A. Konkova — philosophical staged still life.

In 1987, made lithographic sheet No. 5 from the series "Sleepers" the Garifuna of Sharipovich Basyrov. "I work on what interested me, what really fascinates me", — wrote the Garif Basyrov. "He worked in various graphic techniques, such as printing (etching, lithography) and unique (pencil drawings and ink), preferring the latter. He experimented with letters and sign systems, abstract collages and sculptures-ассамбляжами... <...> never marked time by replicating itself, but moving always forward from series to series, from project to project, from figurative to abstract, from graphics to sculpture, living the creative life one after the other" (

Yuri Norstein wrote about Basyrov: "the Artist irradiated time. Graphics Basyrov good cultural context. Looking up on stage and being in them, his characters acquire the massiveness of the sculptured statues. Their stillness what-то akin to the steppe “Scythian women” (not by chance Garik recent years studied sculpture). They haveechoes of Henry Moore" (

a Series of "Sleeping" was one of the most significant in the artist's work for many years, and not coincidentally the same name given to his posthumous personal exhibition held in 2016.

a Late "Landscape" (2004) Aaron Froimovich Buch performed in a recognizable manner. As always, the artist draws attention to the color of the fabric. Boo was a great colorist, in this canvas he used a peculiar technique: the artist managed to combine the cool tones of the upper part of the canvas and warm @the bottom mdas, and make it very harmonious. Interestingly, the frame, apparently made by the author, because it is the paint: it is known that the author often worked on already stretched canvases, and our landscape, obviously, belongs to them.

Traditionally, the complete catalogue of the works contemporary authors.

undated drawing "little Girl in a hat" Rustam Khamdamov U.. The artist has created many such dushevyh portraits of women. His ladies are always elegant, they seem to have gone from the movie posters of the Silver age, but each of them has its own mood, and author's pen a few strokes the artist to the model: love, admiration, delight, warm-natured humor, and sometimes irony almost amounting to sarcasm. Our girl in the hat, wrapped in fur, but not chilly, and rather languidly, she than-то vaguely resembles "Unknown" archaeology, but to Blok's "Stranger" she still far away.

"Children's World" (2003) Of Natta Ivanovna Konysheva. That's where the artist's expanse, that's where a huge number of fun toys, which you can enter in the composition, not limiting themselves within other spaces — rooms, cafes, promenades, flea markets... That's where Konyshev fills virtuoso painting every inch of the canvas, combining scenes, lines, and colors!

Picture "Nice. Promenade des Anglais (Promenade des Anglais)" (2012) famous sculptor Marasovich Paata Merabishvili invites us into one of the most fashionable Spa towns of Europe. Interestingly, the figure of a girl on a bike made in recognizable style and aesthetics of the author's sculptures, but this styling does not interfere, but rather helps to feel the movement of the girl, ease and atmosphere of the graphic composition.

Completes the catalogue "Snag. 500 rubles" Aleksey Viktorovich Barvenko — on Peter and St-Петербургу. Snag — author's favorite genre that always requires the artist not only beautiful craftsmanship, but very accurate selection of still life objects and combining them in the composition. Every element of our dummy is carefully selected, each — talking, and we understand them. I wonder just what does the time on the clock in the upper part of the composition?

at the same time with our staff 329-м AI Auction open 16-й auction of the project "XXI century. Contemporary Russian art". In the Dasha Delaunay, Natalia Zhernovskaya, Marina Demcheva, Yuri Izosimov, Julia Kartoshkin, Dmitry Kedrin, Igor Kislitsyn, Sergei Smurov, Horowski Yuri, Yuri Shabelnikov.

All the best of luck on 330-м AI-Аукционе and XVI the auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"!

Those who are going first to buy a painting or drawing, would be useful to knowno monitor ever authentic will not give works of art. Color, texture, not to mention the aura of a particular work, the impression from the meeting with her, the monitor is not subject. Good thing he can do at least wishy-washy, and not very good, on the contrary, to embellish (the last one we have, but it is fair to say it's worth). In addition, each person sees and feels by-своему.

Fair market price level on the works of the authors represented in the catalog of this auction can be identified in the information database of auction results ARTinvestment.RU.

the auction AI continues to operate a virtual party "Reserve price is not reached". He appears in the final minutes of trading, so that customers have the option to kill the reserve price (for those items where it is). In other words, if you see party "Reserve price is not reached," that is a reason to continue the fight — perhaps the victory is near.

If the latter rate appears accompanied litters "Until reserve was 1 step", it means that making the next bet, you win the auction — unless, of course, who-нибудь, inspired close luck not interrupt your last words. And always a shame when participants traded a few days and especially the last couple of hours excitedly before closing suddenly stop just one step from victory. If you feel that thing — is yours, so take this step!

fee from the buyer is 18 % of the final price of the lot.


We continue to make paintings and drawings (original and lottery) to our regular weekly auctions. About his desire to put the thing on the auction AI write [email protected] or call: 7 (495) 632-16-81. Rules of submission for auction AI can show sdes.


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