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Traditional twenty lots of the Auction — is seven paintings, eight original drawings, three works in mixed media, one porcelain plate and one body composition

the fee from buyers is 18 %.

Catalogue of the Auction № 278

Selected lots of the Auction № 278

Opens the directory a large section of works of Russian artists Abroad.

In the landscape Konstantin Aleksandrovich Veselova "the Cabin in the woods after a snowfall" (1920-30-е), according to the expert, "passed brilliantly the mood and condition of the snowy European landscape where-то near Chamonix. This is one of the most popular scenic landscapes Veselova that is its hallmark".

One of the artistic successes of the remarkable artist Ekaterina Borisovna Serebryakova (representatives of the Benois family — Lancer — Serebryakov, daughter of the artist Zinaida Serebryakova) calls the expert a small landscape "of Calvi. Corsica" (1938). Apparently, this full-scale work, written during a holiday family's Life in Corsica. "Despite the small size of watercolor, only 12.8 ×16.5 cm, the artist brilliantly managed to convey the smallest details of the selected motif, as on a Sunny summer day, gorgeous clouds and the beautiful mountains with a light mist".

"American period" art David Burliuk represents the oil "At the well", dated 2-й half 1950-х — 1960-ми years. "Created at this time numerous genre scenes, the origins of which can be found in Russian folk art, and examples of American colonial architecture and modern Burliuk samples of visual culture, — experts says: — usually differ grotesquely-примитивной style of performance, clear outline, decorative, distinctive, layered texture of the painting surface with dynamic impasto brush strokes and use of palette knife. <...> In the works by Burliuk is always possible to note the echoes of the different art styles and artistic manners of different artists (as, for example, in the "American" period of van Gogh), which the author skillfully fused into a single entity, creating, however, works not only well recognizable but also the original".

a Very beautiful undated gouache "the Rose tree in a pot" party Association "World of art" Dmitri Dmitrievich Busana. Artisthe lived a huge life — exactly one hundred years. Engaged in easel painting (still lifes and landscapes), book graphics, developed drawings of fabrics and patterns of clothes for French fashion houses Patou, Ricci, Lanvin and Lelong in the late 1920-х created the costumes for Anna Pavlova; in exile, wrote mainly in pastel and gouache, small-format paintings of flowers, still lifes, landscapes of France, Italy, especially Venice, scenes from the life of theater and circus, performed sketches of costumes and sets for performances, as designer collaborated with choreographers D. Balanchine, M. Fokine, L. Massine, R. Petit, and in particular with S. levarem. Researchers of creativity of the artist celebrated in his painting style crossing with the art of the XVIII century, seeing in it the motives and techniques of the paintings of Guardi, Canaletto, sèvres porcelain and Venetian glass. Before emigrating to Paris in 1925, Peter served as second Keeper of the Hermitage in the Department of China, and perhaps interest and a deep knowledge of China is partly explained by the astonishing subtlety and grace of floral compositions Busana.

In a recognizable, bright, impasto, bold manner written "still life with pitcher and fruit" Isaak Pailes — artist, whose work during the life of the author gained recognition outside Russia and, fortunately, in recent years is the increased attention and interest of local collectors. Quite small, but the Sunny, festive still life consists of all the local contrast of colour, delineated a clear line of the contour. This technique reminds us of the inlaid stained glass figures or even the aesthetics of Piet Mondrian.

Small oil "the Sleeping Dutch girl" (1966) Marevny — delicate genre picture written in Ealing, a suburb of London, where the artist lived the last few decades of his fantastic life. The name and work of Marevny (this pseudonym she came up with Gorky in 1911) back to our country in the Wake of the enormous interest in the Paris school. In 2004, when one of the three memoir books Marevny, "My life with the artists of the Hive," was published in the Russian language, the State Tretyakov gallery staged the first solo exhibition of the artist in Russia. And in 2011-м her works participated in a luxury exhibition of the Paris school, prepared by the Pushkin Museum. Of A. S. Pushkin.

Speaking about the recognizable manner Marevny, it should be noted that the "applied the technique in which she has worked intensively the last years have left their mark on her artistic language, one might even say, changed him. For decorative and thoroughness in carrying out its work 1920-30-х years compared with needlework: cubist compositional schemes of his paintings she filled out countless spot brush strokes of paint, using the techniques of pointillism. This exotic blend of styles became the hallmark of the artist, and his unique artistic language, she has honed to the maximum level, achieving in the works a clear, pronounced structure of the composition, the transparency of the paint layer and amazingly subtle and complex colors and tones" (Mariya Kuznetsova, AI. Full article "artist of the week: Marevna" read on AI).

Alone in the catalog is landscape "Abramtzevo. Cleaning hay" Peter Petrovich Konchalovsky made in 1911 by Italian pencil. Thing subscription and cataloged: listed (without Fig.) in the section "picture" in the album "Konchalovsky : the artistic heritage" (Moscow : Art, 1964).

the Work of Soviet artists presented two works in the genre of illustration of literary works.

figure Alexander Arkadevich Labas — sheet No. 35 from the series "Illustration based on the novel of Dmitry Furmanova "Mutiny"" — presumably, was made in 1950-е years, but, as pointed out by O. M. Beskin-Лабас to print (along with other drawings of the series) was not adopted. The work is accompanied by a Certificate of authenticity Labas-Фонда.

the Second illustration — "Three men in ambush. Illustration to the tale" (1960) Martiros Sergeyevich Sarian. The format, equipment and construction techniques of this work suggests, according to the expert that it was made "to a certain Armenian folk tale or poem, which illustrated M. S. Saryan great variety. Sarian showed himself at the theatre, and designer periodicals, as book Illustrator so full that still work, researchers are unable to collect a complete list of them is illustrated publications". Our work — is a bright, colorful, colorful, Sunny tempera,-восточному filled with pure local colors.

the Next big section — artists-шестидесятников.

by the Late 1950-х — by early 1960-х years Dating expert. Vladimir G. Weisberg, "Seated Nude model". This gentle and touching picture is sure hand, though he refers to a "the early field work of an artist of great rarity. It is clearly apparent desire of the artist to show restraint, delicacy and refinement in the interpretation of the Nude female models", — said.

In 1965 established early graphic work "untitled" one of the brightest representatives of the Leningrad underground, Evgeniy G. mihneva-Войтенко, — example of the complete rejection of the figurative in favor of pure, not constrained by any boundaries of artistic expression that fits into the concept of "abstract expressionism".

Creativity Igor Alexandrovich Vulokh this section presents early (1970), but very recognizable tempera on paper "Winter".

the Only work on porcelain — plate "the Joker" made in decal technique in 1990 by sketch Vladimir Nikolaevich Nemukhin the mid-1970-х. "... the Beginning of the history of porcelain, created by paintings of easel-шестидесятников, lies in the last decade of the twentieth century, First in 1990, in Luxembourg at the factory Villeroy & Boch released a limited edition plates four sketches of Vladimir Nemukhin. <...>

<...> Boards with sketches made Nemukhin in the mid 1970-х years and hanging on the walls of his Studio, saw one of the visitors — the Ambassador of Luxembourg in the USSR. Taking pictures, he organized the production of a series of four plates in the factory Villeroy & Boch, which was released in 1990 in decal technique, faithfully reproducing the sketches, with all their incompleteness. The success of the work wasstunning. Plates "Tambourine", "ACE", "Jack of diamonds" and "the Joker" on projects of Vladimir Nemukhin began in 1990-м face-Villeroy &@Boch semicolon at the famous exhibition of new luxury goods... and immediately dispersed to private collections of Europe" (Victoria Petukhova. Porcelain as nepriglyadnoy art or another facet of nonconformism // Porcelain of the sixties: an Exhibition in Romanov gallery. M : Bonfi, 2012. P. 12). The plot of "JOKER" (Joker) was the third story in the series (story printed on the back of the plate), and it's safe to say that our plate was one of those that started this unique art — porcelain of the sixties. On the reverse of the plate has an inscription by Alexander Glezer (read about it and here) — one of those in terms of total domination of socialist realism punched sixties the road and to the viewer, and the history of art.

Continues in the section field drawing "untitled (Female portrait)" (1967) Anatoly T. Zverev — difficult, stressful way.

Bright, expressive still-life "Lone flower" Victor Semyonovich Kazarin, made by the artist in oil on canvas in 1991, his expression suitable to the border of abstraction.

Two works represent the creativity of artists of the Leningrad underground, whose career began in 1970-х.

Assemblage Leonid Konstantinovich Borisov is called "the Map. ACE" (1990) and dedicated to Vladimir Nikolaevich Nemukhin. The adherent of minimalism and "the pure geometric abstractions without the traditional Leningrad underground philosophical connotations" (Love Gurevich. The Leningrad underground artists : Biographical dictionary. — SPb. Ed-во "Art —" SPB, 2007. P. 26), Borisov finds the most terse and accurate traits for the concise characteristics of his colleagues.

In 2006, the written medium canvas "Meeting" Boris (Bob) Koshelkov. Describing his creative manner, which can be seen in our painting, art Love Gurevich notes, "are becoming increasingly rational and abstract, it evolved from a conventionally picturesque to a relatively graphically, planar and constructive. And shape, and the background are divided into locally and brightly painted plane, similar to sewing pattern. Sometimes the figure is a one of a convex or concave shape, sometimes formed of several irregular surfaces, as from a poorly adjusted to each other details of the designer. Recalling the late Picasso, the artist demonstrates how little you need to figure identifiable as anthropomorphic. Emphasized arbitrary size, a distinguishing mark — circle eyes, a giant ear — can occur anywhere, and where there should be ears, "grow" legs" (ibid. Pp. 79-80).

Concluding the story of the catalog three works of contemporary artists. Each of them filled with original force, energy, and impressive.

In 1995 created a cardboard "Cooking carp" Tamary Aleksandrovny Zinovyeva — is one of the most energetically powerful and brutal, if you will, of the work of our current catalog.

undated pastel "Muscovite" Andrey Nikolaevich Sabianina — amazing beauty and integrity of women image. Regal beauty, a true symbol of the Capital.

for the First time at auction is offered work of a famous modern sculptor Dmitry Alexandrovich Zhukov. His "Composition" (2014) concludes the story of the catalog.

Those who are going first to buy a painting or drawing, would be helpful to know that no monitor ever authentic will not give works of art. Color, texture, not to mention the aura of a particular work, the impression from the meeting with her, the monitor is not subject. Good thing he can do at least wishy-washy, and not very good, on the contrary, to embellish (the last one we have, but it is fair to say it's worth). In addition, each person sees and feels by-своему. So come see all the work with my own eyes we have, Gorokhovsky, 7 (only need to call and make an appointment).

we Wish you all a good bargain and good shopping!

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