Open 274-е the Auction
ARTinvestment.RU   16 апреля 2019

Traditional twenty lots of the Auction — is seven paintings, eleven lots of original graphics and two works in mixed media

the fee from buyers is 18 %.

Catalog of the Auction № 274

Selected lots of the Auction No. 274

In our current catalog is dominated by two major sections — the work of Soviet artists and works of the sixties, and in each of them the collected works of the great masters.

1930-ми years dated cardboard "Creek bridge" Aristarkh Vasilievich Lentulov. The expert notes that "during this period, cubist sharpness and contrast "benovolehotska" works by A. V. Lentulov is replaced by a more realistic approach to depiction and a departure from the bright color contrasts in favour of a subdued coloristic developments, built on subtle color nuances".

a Small pencil drawing "Waiting ship" (1936) Alexander Arkadevich Labas refers to his pre-war chart, highly valued by connoisseurs and lovers of the artist, and created, probably, during one of numerous trips around the country. Slim figure very accurately captures the statics of the long wait: though the figures on it — live, not frozen, and is a hidden movement adds to the picture of attractiveness and once again characterizes the author as a remarkable draftsman. Work, importantly, is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by the Foundation of Alexander Labasa.

Pencil drawing in the album "Stockholm" (1956) Dmitri Arkadyevich Nalbandian presents a fast and accurate sketch of the urban landscape of the Swedish capital: the flow of modern machines amid ancient Scandinavian architecture.

In very different aesthetics in 1963, graphite pencil and ink on paper executed dynamic and sharp picture "Loading coal into the steam engine" George G. Nyssa. The expert notes that this work belongs to a series "smallconcise drawings of the artist with the image of planes, trains and ships, amazingly accurate conveying the mood and condition of the motive, plastic and composite faithful and expressive".

Oil "October" (1965) — early work of one of the founders of the severe style, Nikolai Ivanovich Andronov, written obviously in Ferapontovo, in the vicinity of the monastery. Ferapontovo in 1962 to end the life of an artist was for him not only inspiration, but also a place of power and his great love. In 1999, the Museum of Dionysius's frescoes in Ferapontovo, the exhibition "Drawings and watercolors of Nikolai Ivanovich Andronov", in the directory where the Herald Vzdornov wrote about the artist: "Andronov never chased a story as such. A born painter, he valued above all the beginning of the formative art. But he never crossed the line beyond which begins the pointlessness and pure play of forms. He deliberately continued, perhaps the most characteristic feature of Russian art — his attachment to an existing and significant. In his paintings we feel the materiality of things and the certainty of the situations. <...>

Like cézanne all his life who wrote the neighborhood of his native AIX and found in them a never-ending scenic effects, Andronov does not get tired to portray Ferapontovo — forest, water, architecture of the monastery, the peasant huts, boats, and baths, field, moon, village streets, pillars, sheds, dogs, horses, Sochi residents. This Ferapontov Suite lacks, however, any monotonicity, and in each new painting was created in the St Ferapont monastery, Andronov gives a new view of him, where the thought and the idea embodied not so much in plot as in design pattern, lines, color and texture" (source:

Chronologically, the section of creativity of artists completes a large and very beautiful watercolor "Argali" (1967) Alexei Nikanorovich Komarov, one of the most famous and beloved both by children and adults of Russian artists-анималистов.

Section of creative artists-шестидесятников in General is a small collection of non-conformists — not only affects the quantity and composition of names, but offers a work rare and excellent in quality (see, we do not often use such epithets).

we Dispense with chronology for the beginning will talk about the top-лотах this section.

In 1949, 25-летний a graduate of Tartu art Institute Hulot-Ильмар Sooster together with a group of fellow students were arrested on monstrous in its artificiality charges and sentenced to 10 years in the camps. Spent 7. Came out in 1956-м. And in the same 1956-м wrote "Landscape" — striking beauty, the colors, the light and joy of life canvas.

a Large oil on canvas "Game of cards on the box" (1967-1968) Vladimir Nikolaevich Nemukhin created in his workshop in his parents ' house in Pryluky, on the Oka. Talking about the creative fracture of the mid-1960-х (our age!) — to depart from "naturalism andunbridled emotion" abstract expressionism and the search for new forms of expression, "understanding of objectivity and at the conceptual level, and constructively", —, the artist wrote: "Gradually, I have developed a special kind of visual geometry. It is based on notpoint, and the surface on which the movement of divergent and convergent lines. A playing card fell to the table surface, becoming not only a part of it, but at the same time a new surface, part of the gaming space, where it forms the same angle, which converge near the line, and it goes without saying that it is this angle, is when the movement of these lines is no more" (source: Vladimir Nemukhin : Paintings, graphics, sculpture, фарфор.— M: Bonfi, 2012. P. 84). In "a Game of cards..." combines several motifs, which the artist would later develop together or separately: card, packing box with inscriptions (which are in complex interaction with the lines of cards), the image of a cock (and that is not the custom of the rooster which many wrote and drew his friends-художники, and the symbol of a gambling card game of the rooster). It remains to add that this work of rare beauty and emotional intensity. And the artist, as if that certifies the inscription on the back: "Priluki"...

a Large sheet of drawing paper on which is written the landscape "Field and clouds" (1970), stores the signature of the student, began to work on it, but on the perimeter it is framed by an inscription of the teacher: "this drawing training — of my student Ushakova but I've treated and so he became mine. I Sitnikov Vasily Yakovlevich 1915 year of birth. Figure oil on paper drawing paper". to Teach, to teach Sitnikov began in 1951 in the "home Academy". In 1998-м the book "Vasily Sitnikov. Lessons", in which the compiler and editor Zana Plavinskaya collected the memories of students and friends Sitnikov along with his "treatise on drawing and painting" in letters. The book tells the details of "home Academy": "In the house Sitnikov at the Lubyanka students with their easels and worked on the landings, and the Teacher coming down from his communal, corrected their work, volkovija picturesque wisdom. This was not in academic workshops, and spat on the stairs of the old Moscow house with butlerovskie mildew stains on the walls, with a slop cats underfoot" (source:,

in this environment, Sitnikov decided artistic goals, which writes in the article "Legacy of the Silver age in the works from the painting section of the Moscow city Committee of graphic artists (1970—1980-е.)" A. K. Florkowska: "In 1930-е. he [Sitnikov] met A. V. Fonvizin, by the artist "Blue rose". Using his advice and studying the paintings of the old masters (an important and picturesque method of the symbolists-голуборозовцев), Sitnikov develops his own artistic system based on the development of light and spatial concepts symbolism. Its cornerstones — understanding of light and form in space. Light was treated & not impressionisticheskie, outdoor, and symbolist, as the light coming to the viewer from the depths of the picture or graphic sheet.

After M. A. Vrubel, V. Y. Sitnikov wean his disciples to see the silhouette of the object: i.e., taught them to see “not spot”, but always round, radiant inner light form. Starting work, the artist has built a deep and bright space with subtle light and shade, rubbing in technique of “dry brush” the paint on the canvas andusing the color of stretch marks — subtle light-цветовые modulation paint. The space was not built "from the horizon" (towards the viewer), and "himself" in the depth of the canvas.

just as in the painting of goluborozovtsev space gave rise to a form, thickening discharged in the space of matter and emotion, V. Y. Sitnikov understood the space: “though not the surface of the canvas in front of you — and the frame and space... it is not a canvas, but a hole, a huge to the horizon. And this work is not mechanical, but emotional as a whole"" (source:

In 1969, written by gouache "Flowers in vase" of Vladimir Igorevich Yakovlev — the expert said, "rare artistic qualities of the artist's work from his amazing cycle of flowers, executed in different techniques. Like Yakovlev's work is distinguished by the expression of dynamics, a kind of plastic. This is a very heartfelt, personal things of the artist, in which he brilliantly manages to convey the fleeting beauty and fragility of flowers. Each such work of this quality is of great value".

Painted in exile is a small watercolor with ink "Parsley" (1975) Mikhail Mikhailovich Shemyakin — are extremely rare in the domestic auction a sample of the original graphics of the artist. In 1974-м Shemyakin showed at the Paris exhibition the watercolor series "Petersburg carnival", and we can assume that our expressive drawing, vivid image of one of the main carnival characters, made in the continuation of this cycle.

a Brilliant, virtuosic performance on painting in watercolor and ink "Oblivion grave fences" (1992) Boris Petrovich Sveshnikov gives its author at a glance: a unique author's style, filigree technique (which, incidentally, really much resembles the technique of filigree), the usual, though without an explicit metaphysics, motif, author's philosophical title — in short, absolutely a collector's item.

In a mixed complex author's technique made Landscape (2008) Yuri Leonidovich Cooper — thing recognizable, elegant, very beautiful and, importantly, small.

Watercolor "untitled (Landscape with river)" (2002) Anatoly Stepanovich slepysheva — wonderful serene rural composition. The panel in the left part of the work is partly akin to the motive numerous kapiszewski walking, but the composition as a whole — original, rich and harmonious. The artist was subservient to the images of the strongest of human emotions — unrestrained joy or unbearable pain, yet he masterfully was able to transfer light and relaxing mood, further demonstrating our work. Great colorist, Slepyshev decided in tranquil green-синей scheme, supported by the variety of colors.

Tushev Small abstract drawing "untitled (Composition)" Lidia Alekseevna Masterkova established in 1971. From the bright and beautiful multi-color abstractions of the first half of 1960-х the artist in the second half of the decade more and more removed in the direction of extremely subdued in color and chart songs, and our work — one of the many monochrome abstractions that drew her in in the early 1970-х.

Women's images in our directory, too, made the sixties. Expressive drawing Igor V. Voroshilov "Withoutnames (Female portrait)" was created in the early 1960-х and can relate to the cycle characteristic of the work of Voroshilov 1960-70-х years fictional, romantic women images, drawn in light and loose improvisational manner. While obviously fictional from the later images, the portrait still has some individual traits of the model, so it's safe to assume that our image is not imaginary, but real.

Watercolor "untitled (Seated Nude with skull)" (2003) — one of the best works the Natta Ivanovna Konysheva of those that appeared on our auction. It all strange: the color and the number of characters, scenes and details, and composition, and manner, but it is absolutely recognizable collectible Konysheva.

In 2005, made of tempera on paper "untitled (Cigarettes)" Lev Alexandrovich of Povzner. It all, on the contrary, correctly a recognizable author's style, elegant graphics, discreet color with bright color accents — and even a mysterious arrangement in the lower part of the work, wonderfully balanced deceptively simple close and scenic elements at the top.

it Remains to mention two paintings by contemporary authors.

an Undated canvas "untitled (Violinist)" belongs to the brush Igor A. Novikov, one of the famous Moscow artists of the squat "Furmanny lane".

Oil on burlap "five minutes Left" Andrei Nikolaevich Sabianina — thing unusual and very beautiful, in a characteristic manner and partly in the style of Lentulova "Ringing...".

Those who are going first to buy a painting or drawing, would be helpful to know that no monitor ever authentic will not give works of art. Color, texture, not to mention the aura of a particular work, the impression from the meeting with her, the monitor is not subject. Good thing he can do at least wishy-washy, and not very good, on the contrary, to embellish (the last one we have, but it is fair to say it's worth). In addition, each person sees and feels by-своему. So come see all the work with my own eyes we have, Gorokhovsky, 7 (only need to call and make an appointment).

we Wish you all a good bargain and good shopping!

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