Curator's auction "APRIL". End — 5 April 2019
ARTinvestment.RU   03 апреля 2019

Again twenty works selected from private collections. Criteria are the same: quality, collectible level, attractive reserve price

this time we have almost no piping hot. Some of the works for the current release, curator of the auction is written and drawn 45-47 years ago, in the early 1970-х. It turns out, even a little-чуть — and formally, they will be Antiques. However, this is not important. More importantly, they all have a long history of owning, decades pleased previous collectors. And of course, the painting "APRIL" things bear a unique spirit of his time: some — era of hope, the approximation of the Moscow Olympics, the other — alarming change, stagnation and a brief period of calm peaceful development.

Large monochrome pastel "Transparent forms" made 47 years ago, in 1972. Two years later, Sergei Bordachev in volunteers "bulldozer" exhibition — will come to a vacant lot in Belyaevo with his picture in solidarity with the organizers. In the famous photos taken September 15, 1974, he stands on the vacant lot next to Vladimir Nemukhin, Victor and Margarita Tupitsyna. Then there was the Izmailovo exhibition of independent art, the resonance group exhibition in the pavilion "Culture House" on VDNH (1975), the apartment shows — Bordachev was in the thick of things. Since the second half of 1970-х he exhibited in the municipal Committee on Small Georgian in the group "21" (which consisted of Victor Kazarin, Anatoly Zverev, etc.). Bordachev lives in Moscow and continues to work and exhibit. His works are in the collection of Norton Dodge (Zimmerly Museum), other museums and private collections, including the collection of Alexander Kronik. Read more about the artist can be be read here.

Ekspressionistka Galina Bystritskaya freethinking studied at the Moscow Polygraph, was friends with Aron Bukh (some have noted the similarity of their styles) 1990-х remembered by the visitors of exhibitions in Moscow, a powerful energy their work. More than 20 years ago, she was living between Russia and France: in the summer worked under the Pereslavl-Залесским, and in the winter — in Paris. But years place of power of the artist is the Italian Venice, depicted in the painting from the auction. The origins and nature of their experiences related to this city, the artist once described in an interview with these words: "in Venice I was dreaming at first. Then when I got there, I realized that I know this city, I'm with him, their dialogue. I'm not alone in this statement, it sounds even banal, many consider this city their own. But every time there are new discoveries every time he starts to make fun of me — and I completely surrender to him, I trust him. He pokes me nose in a dead end, throws in a depression, it's hard for me to work there, I suffer terribly, — and then comes the pleasure. And then there are gifts. In September, when I was working there, pretty tense, I took of John Ruskin, “the Stones of Venice.” What-то moment when I realized the lyrics, I couldn't, terribly tired, to sit at home, grabbed the camera, ran out into the street and saw Venice, brand new town". So the thing written onfavorite theme, with soul — are usually particularly good.

Leonid Vinogradov — Kostroma painter, original landscape. In his workshop he loved to visit Vladimir Stozharov, many years Vinogradov was friends with Aron Buch. His main source of inspiration remains beauty of Russian nature. The future owner of the lot was lucky. "Cherry blossom" — beautiful picture of the most beautiful season of spring. And the picture even after the screen reports a slight smells that are from the end of April. The works by Leonid Vinogradov are in the collections of the State Russian Museum, the Tretyakov gallery, in many regional museums and in numerous private collections.

Honored artist of the RSFSR Yuri Vnodchenko most of his life he worked in Voronezh. Many of his works are in the Voronezh regional art Museum named after I. N. Kramskoy. It is appreciated for the warm impressionistic landscapes and genre works, filled with respect for people's culture and customs. "The old temple" — is one of the most characteristic of his paintings, the work of the Museum.

the Work of Lucy Raven mid-1980-х imbued with a sense of peace and sometimes sadness. They are cute, calm, a little like a current, yet distinctive and easily recognizable. "A field in the village Anevo" — is one of the inexpensive works of this period, which would be great to have in your collection.

Anatoly Guitberg — painter, graphic designer, book Illustrator. "Philosophical air graphics", — were talking about his drawings by poet Vladimir Vishnevsky, author of the famous one line poems. Illustrations of Giberga decorated the publication of the famous book "Vladimir Vishnevsky in super and without." Connoisseurs remember Gutberga for figurative works. And at auction we see the artist in a completely different role. 1975 — period of work with the abstraction, when such things the artists were doing for the most part in the table or only for their own. Thing atmospheric, with the spirit of the time for lovers.

Vladislav Zubarev — is one of the most dedicated disciples and followers of the legendary teacher-новатора Eliya Belyutina, the founder of the Studio "New reality". His work involved in the resonant Taganskaya exhibition and the ensuing "Manezh" exhibition of 1962 (the one where artists excoriated Khrushchev). Zubarev was again actively exhibiting in the second half of 2000-х, stood out at the exhibition "Nonconformists in red Square" and, in fact, was rediscovered by many collectors.

From a collector's point of view, additional special value "Conversation two" what makes this painting published on the cover of the monograph "Alexander Ishin. Hierarchy simplicity : paintings, graphics", published in 2013. Ishin — sixties. He developed his own naive-романтический style, at the junction with the splint. His favorite topics — rural and urban curiosities and wonders. "Two" — particular surreal cycle which will be interesting to find out the new owner.

Natta Konysheva — legendary artist, the master of "reportage painting with elements of dreams." With difficult to understand, it is not a decorative primitivism expressionism, Konyshev, however, relies on a dedicated army of collectors. Her work rarely remain unsold at auction.

She is also shestidesyatye, also from the Studio Eliya Belyutina. Always been on my own. How to recall witnesses of those days, it was not considered until the end of his: "Go to your avant-garde!" — said in Moshe. "Go to your MOSH!" — told in the city Committee schedules. Today the work Konyshev is in the collection of the Russian Museum, the Tretyakov gallery and several other museums. Read more about the work of the artist can be found in here.

Abstractionist Vitaly Kopachev began exhibiting in 1988-м. A year later, at 26, he headed the Moscow exhibition hall "Gallery A3" (a-три) near the Old Arbat and remained head of this area for 28 years. When it "Gallery A3" has become one of the most important and hospitable home for official and unofficial artists in Moscow. It seemed that it moved the spirit closed "Georgian women". Despite the burden of administrative responsibilities, Kopachiv not turned into a functionary, and evolved as an artist, has participated in more than hundred exhibitions in different halls and museums. In 2007 he was nominated for Kandinsky Prize. Canvas from the series "cannot Be" — is one of the youngest contractors in our directory. But the thing is selected, it is typical and convenient for the collection size.

Bob Koshelokhov already familiar to regular participants in our auctions. Many people know in Moscow, although he primarily remained Leningrad "underground". The work is not dated, but I assume 2010-х years:there is already oil on canvas. In 1970-х when he started, "dude" materials to get it was difficult, and Koshelkov their disdain. Wandering philosopher Clovers convinced him that everything you need a true artist, you can find among the rubbish at the bins. Koshelokhov later floated mats, mattress covers and other "poor" materials. Not everyone will agree, but the fact that our "Heartfelt" is written without frills, for the novice collector, rather a plus. Plot — is correct, recognizable, energetic. But that is not the mattress fabric, — I do not expect anything Grand. The work is accompanied by a photograph of the author on her background.

the Most expensive work in this directory. We, honestly, still did not cope with the installation of the individual portrayed. What kind of Reshetnikovo in question will now have to find out the future owner. Perhaps we should look among the friends of his youth the future of the sixties and the wizard "metaphysical still life" Dmitry Krasnopevtsev. Early portrait of the author in the moment of creation was 20 years old. The authenticity of the canvas orally confirmed Alexander Ushakov — the main expert of the artist and compiler of three-volume "Dmitry Krasnopevtsev" (2007).

Vladimir Kurdyukov graduated from the Department of graphics in the art school. Began to exhibit in 1976. Collectors appreciate his expressionist works of abstract expressionism. Many years devoted to training son — artist Nikita Kurdyukova, who is exhibiting under the pseudonym Knikta. Works of Vladimir Kurdyukova are in the Museum of modern art in Moscow, Kolodzey Art Foundation, the Scriabin Museum and numerous private collections.

She is known not only as a painter. Lukashevker was the famous master mosaic decorations of the Moscow metro. In the mid 1970-х had the reputation of "artist for artists" Alexander Lukashevker doctors will forbid to paint. After that, she invented "painting with thread" — will begin to paint "strokes" of stitches. Her still-life, exhibited in our bid, written shortly before these events, in 1974: this is oil on canvas. In 2011 he published the monograph "Alexander Lukashevker", and in the Department of private collections Pushkin Museum held a retrospective of the artist.

Kirill Mamonov right now in the House Ostroukhova exhibition "Benedict Erofeev — "Moscow — cocks" — artist Kirill Mamonov". It shows over 30 paintings and drawings made Mamonov in years 2013-2019 is based on the famous poem in prose. Mamonov — sixties. In 1966, he graduated from the Moscow polygraph, and to participate in exhibitions began in 1961. Collectors appreciate the creativity Mamonov for special, sincere folk language. And exhibited we "Thaw" — is just an example of such art. The work of Kirill Mamonov is stored in the collections of the Tretyakov gallery, the Pushkin, the Russian Museum and in many private collections.

the characteristic of the paintings of the lion of Povzner — of the inherent optical and conceptual illusion. On our "House 4", for example, some viewers will see walking in the yard the dogs and the other — a large portrait. Povzner — representative of the informal post-war art. In 1970-е he exhibited with friends Vladimir Yakovlev and Mikhail Roginsky. His works are kept inThe Tretyakov gallery, the Moscow Museum of modern art, Kolodzei Art Foundation, etc.

Vladislav Ratner — "gorkomovskoy" the artist, exhibited in the halls on Malaya Gruzinskaya street. He is the inventor of a distinctive and very recognizable stylistic variations of Fauvism at the junction with abstraction. In modern works collectors value play of colour, creating the effect of light emitted. And we have at auction a rare thing — genre work, written almost 45 years ago. Let's not be confused by the title "standard-Bearer", the song is infinitely far from the canons of socialist realism. Paintings Ratner represented in the Tretyakov gallery, the Museum "New Jerusalem" and other.

"the girl with the fruits" of our Serov — not with peaches, and pears, grenades, but in high spirits. In 1970-х, when he was in ZNUI, Professor Boris Borisovich was Alexander Lukashevker. Boris Serov took place as a painter of naive expressionism, was exhibited with Katya Medvedeva, and other prominent representatives of this direction. Until 2008 the paintings of Boris Serov repeatedly sold at the Russian auctions. But then there was a long pause. According to AI, "Girl with fruit" — the first picture of Boris Serov, appeared at auction over the past 11 years.

"still life at home with mom's rose" can claim the title of the most spectacular of the lot catalog APRIL. Large, bright, three-dimensional painting. Author — Belarusian artist Natalia Blackheads. It is bright (who-то say shocking) art-деятель and famous people in Brest. At the opening of his exhibition Natalia Blackheads is used to arrange performances, to sing and recite poetry. In painting she is also a passionate man. Her expressionist work and of abstraction emit a powerful positive energy. However what can I say, it is felt even through the monitor. It is interesting that, as Buch, the artist writes Blackheads sometimes just fingers, applying paint without a brush and palette knife.

Nonconformist Evgeny Chubarov — constant participant of our regular curatorial and auction. His drawings, executed in ink, long prized by collectors for concise, powerful expression. We never saw that drawing was not strong enough. But the story is to choose not just. Chubarov did the drawings without regard for commercial appeal. So he go there and fight, and the cemetery, and the fight at the cemetery. And here is the story good — double Nude, female figure, quite a good option for the first collection.

bye For now. Let me remind you that the auction "APRIL" will be completed simultaneously with the regular auction on Friday, 5 April 2019 at 12:00 (plus added time for the stalled bargaining). Those who will buy the first time, suggestto register in advance and make a couple of practice bets to understand how everything works.

good Luck on the upcoming auction!

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